Trafalgar Best Of Italy Optional Excursions

Trafalgar best of italy optional excursions

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On every itinerary, you can customise your vacation with a range of Optional Excursions that allow you to enhance your experience should you so choose. Optional Excursions offer unforgettable highlights of each destination at the most competitive prices.

Trafalgar best of italy optional excursions

Payment for these, are made to your Trafalagr Travel Director by credit card or cash (in the local currency). Here are a few of the excursions you could enjoy:

Canyon Cowboys Jeep Tour, Sedona
Your Red Rock Western Guide takes you through a scenic wonderland surrounded by seven majestic canyons into historic Dry Creek Basin.

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Relive Sedona's early cowboy days with tales of murder and moonshine, where only select jeep tour companies are permitted to travel.

Palace and Gardens Excursion, Versailles
Leave the bustle of Paris for the splendor of Versailles. Created by the ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV, the palace became the envy of all European rulers.

Trafalgar best of italy optional excursions

Take a guided tour through the State apartments, including the famous Hall of Mirrors and enjoy a stroll through the symmetrical tree-lined gardens.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight, Arizona
Experience the magnitude of the Grand Canyon and its splendor of ever-changing color in a perspective incomparable to any other method of seeing this "Wonder of the World." Your tour takes you over the deepest portion of the Grand Canyon, through the Dragon Corridor, and continues to the North Rim, where you view the incredible geological differences between the North and South Rims.

Lagoon Lunch Cruise, Venice
Take a cruise by private boat to nearby islands in the Venetian Lagoon. See the island of Murano and the Hermitage of San Francesco del Deserto. And enjoy lunch with drinks at the ‘island of the fisherman’ – Burano – a photographer’s paradise.

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Pompeii Excursion, Naples
Enjoy a guided tour of the excavations of Pompeii, the perfectly preserved Roman town which was engulfed by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. A unique opportunity to glimpse a moment of Roman everyday life, frozen for over 2000 years.

You can find a full list of Optional Excursions in each individual itinerary.

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Save 10% on Trafalgar Vacations

Trafalgar best of italy optional excursions