Tradestation How To Trade Options On 9.5

Tradestation how to trade options on 9.5

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I'm still using TS v9.1 u29. I have a system I built myself in 3/2011: Asus Deluxe mobo, Intel i7 , 16 GB, 4 monitors, 2 nVidia video cards, recently upgraded to a 480 GB SSD.

Getting Started with TradeStation - Trading Platform 9.5

I have 7 charts and 1 RadarScreen. Windows Task Manager shows very low CPU usage 1%-3% for TS total all windows.

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I have 7 orchart.exe's running. View > Chart Analysis Preferences, "Multiple CPU cores" is enabled.

Tradestation how to trade options on 9.5

I don't leave my system running overnight because I don't need to. It would also create too much wear and tear on the 7 fans, too much dust, etc...

I'm actually a little disappointed.

I built this uber powerful system and I'm hardly using any resources.

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I think the total RAM TS is using is less than 1 GB. Keep in mind, even though TS is "only" a 32-bit Windows application, each EXE instance can still access its own block of 4 GB of RAM. Of course, each orchart.exe and even RadarScreen would never actually need 4 GB RAM.

I have never had any memory leaks with TS 9.1.

Tradestation how to trade options on 9.5

TS is usually well behaved and I rarely have problems with it. I will not upgrade to 9.5 because it's still in Beta.

Tradestation how to trade options on 9.5

I suspect 9.5 won't exit Beta until February or March 2015.

Perhaps you have a memory leak because you have a driver problem. You could also be running another program other than TS which is conflicting, such as a utility or anti-virus program.

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Although many claim Norton Internet Security is a resource hog, I have not noticed anything. Try using Sysinternals Process Explorer v16.04, a Microsoft program, to see which programs are using too many resources.

If you're using an AMD CPU or non-nVidia based system, you might want to switch to an Intel/nVidia based system.