Sticker Mule The Best Option

Sticker mule the best option

Sticker Mule is a privately held marketing and advertising firm and sticker production company that creates custom stickers for thousands of individuals, artists, bloggers, startup companies, and various organizations.

Sticker Mule

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York, New York, the sticker printer designed its own backend applications, created its own shipping software, and strives to be the world's fastest high-quality sticker printer, offering super-fast production and guaranteed free 4-day shipping.

In addition to its custom-selected and designed brand stickers, Sticker Mule offers iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and laptop skins, custom labels, magnets, buttons, packaging, and packaging tape, and templates for quick decision-making and ease of use.

Furthermore, Sticker Mule prints all of its products on weather-resistant vinyl that ensures durability for years.

Sticker mule the best option

The company's clients include well-known businesses and brands, such as Amazon, Nike, Google, Twitter, Netflix, Dropbox, GitHub, Facebook, and Microsoft.

As an employer, Sticker Mule employs an entirely distributed team and considers remote work critical to the success of its organization.

The company believes "people make businesses and going remote" is the most efficient way to hire "the best possible people," which are "more productive than local teams." In the past, Sticker Mule jobs have featured full-time and part-time roles with 100% telecommuting flexibility.

Sticker mule the best option

Learn more about flexible work with this remote-friendly company by checking out Sticker Mule's profile!

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