Short Term Investment Options In Nigeria

Short term investment options in nigeria

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These best investment opportunities in Nigeria are some you should consider if you want to be rich in 2020. Majority of them are high-yield, so if you really want your money to work for you, then you should consider these best Nigeria investment opportunities with low risk and capital.

These financial investment opportunities don’t require your physical presence, so all you need is just invest your cash and watch it grow over a period of time.

How To Invest in Nigeria?

This is the first question on the mind of every potential investor in Nigeria.

In a complex country like this, it is very difficult to get a great blueprint of the investment process in this country. Notwithstanding that any single mistake would ruin your life and your money.

What if I could show you how you can invest in Nigeria and also the best investment in Nigeria that you can tap in and also make money from. Before you put your money anywhere – regardless of the amount, make sure you read this post and digest it.

We have two types of investments in Nigeria basically;

Each of these two investments tenure can also be classified into two

Before you decide to invest your money into any platform, you should also make sure you consider the following points above.

For example, you see an advert on Google that promises you an ROI of “up to about” 40% within 2 weeks if you invest “just” a certain amount of money.

It is very clear that the investment package falls into the following category;

High risk and Short term

How did I know; based on experience, no secured investment (an investment that has no chances for you to lose money) in the world would offer such an outrageous ROI within that short period of time.

One of the best investment opportunities which are Real Estate in Nigeria takes even a longer period of time to be able to get to that ROI.

NB: If you don’t want to lose your money, you should go for investments that have a reasonable ROI within a short period of time (Minimum of 1 year). Other investments can be considered as Risk worth taking.

What to invest in Nigeria

Before you decide on investing in Nigeria, you should consider the best sectors to invest in Nigeria.

It will help you understand where you need to put your money for maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Aside from that, there are also things you need to Know about Investing in Nigeria which are;

  • We have two types of investments in Nigeria – Passive and Active.

Active Investments

These are the investments that require your physical presence – such as setting up a business, becoming a business partner, etc.

Passive Investments

Investments like these don’t need your physical presence; such as buying shares in a company, Treasury bills, Fixed deposits, and etc.

  • The best investments are usually Long Term investments

  • Avoid putting your money in any “popular” non-governmental investment.

But before you select any of the investment plans below, make sure you see the investment mistakes you should avoid, it would help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with low Risk and Capital


Becoming rich fast comes as a result of investing your money.

This means that you focus more on financial investment opportunities that can turn your 100k to 300k without possible risks.

If for example I am paid four hundred thousand Naira as my salary monthly, and I invest just 10% of it monthly, I don’t need to be physically available to watch the money grow and I earn returns.

The advantage of investing in these Nigeria investment opportunities is that you don’t need to know everything about the market to be able to make a massive profit from your little capital.

Before you invest in any of these best investment opportunities, you should determine whether you are doing it for the long term or short.

This would help you determine your next step.

I will be dividing the investment options into three;

  • Short term investments in Nigeria
  • High yield investment in Nigeria
  • Investment with monthly returns in Nigeria

Some of these investments portfolios might come with longer terms because that is one of the secrets of making more money from investments.


Short term investments in Nigeria

These are short term investments that you can make money from as fast as possible.

Short term investment options in nigeria

It spans between 1yr – 3yrs. They are mostly secure investments and offer good ROI for your money. They are;

The Custodian Life Time Harvest

This passive savings investment idea is certainly considered one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for low-income earners.

All you need to do is just to save a small portion of your income either monthly, quarterly, half-year, or yearly.

The benefits of this investment package are;

  • It comes with Insurance (If the breadwinner of the family dies, the family gets compensated with a huge sum of money.

    In the effect of an accident of the investment holder, the person gets medical benefits up to millions Naira.

  • This investment package can be used as a loan collateral
  • Minimum savings of 5,000 Naira monthly
  • Tax deduction (The investment holder is given a tax relief from the government)
  • The payout is done every three years (Minimum of 70% of your money)
  • Capital is safe and secured.
  • An interest of 18%

This is suitable for people who are looking to develop a good savings habit, and people with children looking for family protection.

The ARM Mutual Funds

It is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for low-income earners.

Just in case you wish to invest in mutual funds that have zero risk and great interest potentials, then the ARM mutual funds are for you.

Here are the ranges of ARM mutual fund.

  • ARM Aggressive Growth Fund

Equities: 75% – 100%

Fixed Income Securities: 0% – 25%

Equities: 40% – 75%

Fixed Income Securities: 25% – 60%

Real Estate: 0% – 30%

Cash: 0% – 5%

Equities: 30% – 60%

Real Estate: 10% – 60%

Short-term Government Securities: 25% – 95%


Basic Benefits of the ARM Mutual Funds are;

  • Minimum capital of 5,000 Naira
  • You can add up to your account balance at will (Even for as low as 1000 Naira)
  • The payout is done quarterly every year.
  • An interest of 15.97%

It doesn’t come with insurance.

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So in the eventuality of death of the investor, your account balance is paid out to the indicated next of kin. Nothing extra is added to the balance. This is suitable for those who are looking at short-term goals.

FBN Market Funds

The First Bank Mutual funds are one the safest investment portfolio put together by the bank for those with little or no financial knowledge of how the market works.

This investment plan is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for investors with short-term and medium goals.

It has a low entry cost and high return for investors.

Some of the benefits of this investment plans are;

  • Low capital to start up. You can invest for as little as 5,000 Naira
  • Investors pay no Withholding Tax on capital gains
  • Payout is quarterly
  • No risk of capital loss (You would never lose your capital in this investment)
  • 14.2% interest on capital.
  • High security level

Bank Fixed Deposit

This fixed deposit is an investment account whereby the investor agrees on a specific amount at an agreed tenor with an agreed interest rate.

Once the agreed period is reached, the investment can either be re-invested or returned to the customer (liquidated) with the interest earned.

It has certainly been one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for those who aren’t risk takers.

Features of the fixed deposit account

  • It has a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 360 days for the investment period.
  • The minimum opening balance is 100,000 Naira (It depends on the investment house)
  • It has an attractive interest rate
  • Anyone is free to operate this kind of account

UBA Money Market Deposit


This is one of the best Nigeria investment opportunities that have the ability to earn yields on short investments.

It can come in a secured or non-secured format, depending on the preference of the investor.

The features of this investment scheme are;

  • Tenure: 30, 60, 90, 180 days and occasional annual tenure.
  • It can be open buyback or fixed buyback.
  • It can be secured or non-secured.
  • Funds and securities can be transferred simultaneously by both counterparts.
  • Investors receive collateral.

Benefits of this investment plan

  • It has a high opportunity to earn an increased yield on short-term investments
  • Liquidity can be created to meet short-term obligations
  • It is safe when an investor invests in secured plans and receives collateral.

Some other secured Nigeria investment opportunities with average interest Rates are;

  • Custodian Capital Growth
  • Custodian Edu plan
  • ARM Esusu
  • Royal Exchange Trip Plan

There are several other best investment opportunities in Nigeria with other financial markets, but the above listed are the best for those with little capital and low-risk investors.

I will be listing out other several investment opportunities, but investing would be at your own discretion.

Article comments

Majority of them arrive with high risk in the short term unless you are willing to be a long-term investor.

  • ARM Aggressive Money Growth
  • ARM Discovery Fund
  • Zenith Equity Funds
  • Stanbic Ethical Fund


Note: Treasury Bills are safe but it is meant for investors with very large capital.

As of July 2017, CBN mandated that the Treasury bills come along with an opening sum of 50 Million Naira.

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However, there is an alternative today which works through banks. You could still tap into this investment with as low as 100,000 Naira.



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Top 10 Best Short Term Investment ideas for Beginners in 2020

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The 10 Best Short-Term Investments

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Treasury Bills

This is certainly one of the best investment options in Nigeria that have very little or no risk.

In terms of high-yield, it doesn’t have much interest rate, due to how secured this investment portfolio is. They are short-term investment opportunities issued by the federal government of Nigeria via the Central bank to control the money supply and provide a sort of short-term funding for the government.

The CBN auctions Treasury Bills bi-weekly in tenors ranging from 91 – 364 days.

A secondary market also exists for this secured investment in the money market. The money market comprises of banks and other financial institutions dealing in short-term instruments. When it comes to having a low-risk and high-yield investment option in Nigeria, Treasury Bills are considered the most secured.

How it works

The real value of a treasury bill is given at 10% discount during auctioning. Then when you invest in it, you stand to make the deducted 10% as your interest.

Let’s assume that a treasury bill is worth 10Million Naira.

The 10 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with Zero Risk and Low Capital

During auctions, it would be sold at 9.9 million Naira (10% deduction). When the time period matures, you would be paid the actual 10 Million (the original amount it was worth before).

This means that you gained 10% extra on your investment.

So if you are looking for an investment option that can give you a guaranteed 10% increase on your capital without the fear of losing money, then you should do well to consider investing in the Treasury Bills

Treasury bills remain one of the investment opportunities in Nigeria to grow your income in a secured way.

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It doesn’t really have the high yield, but it should be considered an option.

High yield investments in Nigeria

Most of the investments I mentioned above have a good yield but they can’t be classified as a high yield investment.

Before you start thinking of any high yield investment in Nigeria, you should be aware of the cons of investing in an investment termed high yield.

Just because of the fact that an investment is a high yield doesn’t make it a good investment. Majority of these high yield investments in Nigeria might not be worth it – aside a few that are still okay. But just to go straight into business, I will list out the best high-yield investments in Nigeria.




Do you know that you can become a millionaire in split seconds just by trading FOREX?

If no, then this post should enlighten you about that.

Forex trading is all about trading one currency for another. The rate at which the currency is exchange is what we call forex exchange trading. It is always quoted in pairs like GBP/USD (the Pounds and the US Dollars).

Short term investment options in nigeria

The exchange rate keeps fluctuating due to many economic factors like inflation, a geopolitical event, and industrial production. These are the factors that determine if an investor should buy or sell a currency.

Example of Forex Trading;

The GBP/USD rate represents the number of US dollars one Great Britain Pound can buy.

If you assume that the GBP would increase in rate against the US Dollars, then you buy the GBP with US Dollars. If the exchange rate rises, you will sell the GBP back, and make a profit. It is just as simple as that.

In as much as you see it as simple as that, it is a very high yield investment in Nigeria and all over the world.

Forex is one of the world’s largest markets with about 5.2 trillion US dollars in volume and an almost 24-hour market action.

Before you decide to trade Forex, you should know that it carries a very high amount of risk. Forex has the potential to make you a millionaire in a few minutes and send you down broke in corresponding seconds.

Just before you decide to trade, you should consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk appetite. You can contact an independent financial advisor before you go ahead to invest in this high yield investment in Nigeria.

Real Estate

This is one of the best investments that have a very high yield and also secured.

Real Estate is simply investing in land and other properties anywhere in the world. Due to the growing population in the country, it has become one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Real estate isn’t just considered as one of the best investment opportunities, it is also one of the high yield investments in the world. The idea behind real estate is your ability to buy a cheap but promising piece of real estate and sell at a very high value.

Best Investment Opportunities In Nigeria With Low Risk and High Return

There are procedures that you can use to make this investment boom for you.

Majority of real estate investors are now taking over one of the most promising locations and buying all the lands and houses there.

It is estimated that within the next 2 years, a piece of real estate bought would be sold at 3x the initial price.

This is over 500% increase in profit. Wise investors have seen Real Estate as one of the best high yield investments to multiply your money over a long period of time. The only downside of this high yield investment is that it takes time to mature.

You could also get to purchase real estate from places outside the country, which would even increase your potentials of having a huge cash-cow.

How To Invest Your MONEY Fast In Nigeria 🇳🇬

Unlike most real estate here, you can listings that help you determine the type of real estate to purchase. This listing is a good example of where I go to invest in real estate. You check the listing and see the type of real estate that is available for purchase. Most companies like that help you with all the paperwork and necessary things to get started.

Real Estate is Huge!!!

Go ahead and start investing in Real Estate.




Mini-importation is currently another high yield investment in Nigeria that is making a lot of people millionaires.

What if you can invest 20k Naira into a business and make over 90k Naira profit within 2 weeks? That is exactly the type of profit that mini-importation gives to its investors.

Mini-importation is simply importing simple and hot materials from China for a very low price and selling them at a moderate but expensive price.

Let me show you an example;

Last month I imported 100 pieces of “Breast Enlargement Cream” which was a very good product and was working 100%.

Top 10 Best Short Term Investment ideas for Beginners in 2020

I imported the 100 pieces for about 20,000 Naira and paid other fees which summed up to 30,000 Naira.

I started to sell each of them for 5,000 Naira to my customers.

If you are good with calculations, you will discover that I finally made about 500,000 Naira in gross profit. If I remove my other expenses for advertisement and others, you will see that the next profit was in the region of 400,000 Naira.

I don’t think that any other investment would give you such a huge amount of profit.

Currently, I haven’t seen any business that is currently as profitable as the Mini – importation business.

I have written a guide to help you start this high yield investment in Nigeria, so if you are ready to start, it is sold for just 6k.

10 Best Short Term Investments – Safe & Low-Risk Options

You can hit me up by using my official mail and place a request. Once I see your request, I will show you the next step to start this lucrative business.

FCMB Fixed Deposit Scheme

Recently someone told me about this investment scheme, and I decided to investigate and know about it.

I just found out that this is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria at the moment for those who are looking for high-yield investments.

The FCMB Fixed deposit scheme offers a whooping sum of 8% interest rate on investment for sums about 500k Naira.

So if you are looking for how to save up your money and multiply it, then the FCMB should be one of the investment packages to consider.

Updated Safe Investment Opportunities with Monthly Returns in 2019

Sterling Bank Doubble

I just got a huge call from one of the banks in Nigeria after they released a mega investment package that offers 100% guaranteed investment returns after an agreed period of time.

This would shock you, but it is real. It isn’t a Ponzi scheme or anyhow investment opportunity; it is coming from one of the biggest banks in Nigeria named Sterling Bank.

The name of this investment opportunity for low-income earners or even high-income earners is called the Doubble Nigeria investment package.

Short term investment options in nigeria

This is looking like one of the best investment opportunities for salary earners, students, and low-income earners.

The good news about this is that you can invest either in Naira or Dollars. Moreover, you are guaranteed all returns as soon as time reaches.

How does it work?

  • You open an account with sterling bank
  • You create your Doubble account
  • You start saving money there every month
  • At the end of the agreed period, you are given a 100% interest bonus on the interest accrued over the period of time.

Doesn’t this sound like winning a Jackpot?

Short term investment options in nigeria

Go ahead and check it out yourself!!!

Wema Alat

Here is the latest on the list and this package comes with 3 packages. The include:

  • Stash Goal
  • Fixed Goal
  • Flexi Goal

Each of these goals have one thing in common and the thing in common is the interest rate.

Short term investment options in nigeria

The interest rate is 10% for any of packages. For Stash Goal, you can remove the investment at anytime.

GPS Failed

For Fixed Goal, it functions like fixed deposits and once you withdraw before tenure, the interest crashes. For Flexi Goal, it is almost like the Stash but differs in operational function.

All in all, the ALAT be Wema is the latest addition and you might want to get in here. Lest I forget, I get paid for every referral.

You will also get paid for the referrals you make at any time.

At least 1000 people are signing up daily to earn. There is no need for you to sit back with this sort of investment package available in Nigeria.


As seen here, these are just what you require to make excess money in Nigeria. With your hunger for investments still burning, run these investment packages and get high returns in no time.

Do not trust investments that are not recognized in the country.

I will still be updating this page with more business ideas, so do well to subscribe to my blog posts.

In case of other questions as regard monetary markets to invest in, feel free to ask via the comment section and I will get back to you ASAP.


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Short term investment options in nigeria

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