Rust Best Launch Options 2020

Rust best launch options 2020

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Rust best launch options 2020

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Isn't this just a copy of other guides?

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I have read countless guides that talk about fps improvements and I have noticed that none of them touch on things that I noticed improve fps 30-40 fps and since I want to make this a general guide that touches on all the points I will borrow from other guides and just put it all into one guide. This is focused on the new Rust and while some things might work on Legacy, it isn't focused on that.

🔧RUST: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup! 2019 UPDATE

There's a link to another guide that talks about the best graphics to fps configuration. You can use it in combination with this guide to get the best fps to graphics ratio that Rust can offer.

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Anti-Virus (Windows 10 only)
Uninstall any other free anti-virus that you have, windows 10 comes with "Windows Defender" that is capable of doing the same thing that any of those free anti-viruses can. But, being a Microsoft product, it runs much better than the other anti-viruses on your PC.

If you do have a paid anti-virus, then keep it, the performance boost isn't worth it.

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"Hidden" Visual Settings
All the guides focus on the graphics settings, but there's also post-processing effects (known as "Image effects" in-game) that hog up your processor's power.

All these settings are either put you at a disadvantage or hog up graphics processing power with little useful graphics gain so you can disable all of them (keep Anti-Aliasing if you are on lower than 1080p resolution).

Nvidia settings (Nvidia only (duh))
You can set some options specifically from the graphics card drivers, these control the graphics card directly and are great for optimising the graphics processing in a game.

Open "Nvidia Control Panel" and go to "3D Settings":

Find these 2 options and set them to the shown settings in the image:

Open the "Control Panel" and select the "Power Options".

In the power options window open "Show Additional Plans"

and select "High Performance".

This will make your pc run faster, but also hotter, so keep that in mind.

Razer Cortex:[]

This program automatically disables all the useless processes when you launch a game.

Rust best launch options 2020

This improves the performace for all the games you run, but does require a razer account to use. The "Gamecaster" can be disabled in the game settings (comment if you need help with disabling it completley i.e. not just game by game).

Rust best launch options 2020