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If its backwards compatible by disk and not just games in the store I will be so happy.

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I have several niche games from ps1 and ps2 that I've never been able to get rid of for nostalgia's sake

They need to include an extra laser for reading CDs. We'll see.

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However with current technology, they could just have a virtual ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 in it they emulate and the disc readers should be the least of the issues.
No no.

I mean just a laser on the disc drive. It will all obviously be emulated.

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As you know the ps4 doesn't read CDs.

Oh, interesting. Actually I didn't know that, i'm not sure what the purpose of my CD's then is.
To install the game onto your hard drive and then acts as a sort of DRM to make sure you can't install and then sell the disc.

Wait, so my PS4 could play the games I own despite its drive no longer working?

I have several games I stopped playing because I either had to buy a new digital copy, repair the disc reader, or buy an all-new system...

Yeah this really doesn’t make sense it’s stupid as fuck.

A scratch should be irrelevant if the game is installed to the HDD. I had this problem with my copy of Advanced Warfare.

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Keeps ending the game due to a small scratch... even though the damn game is installed to the HDD.

Side loading pirate firmware, basically a jailbreak but its risky business.

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You'll lose online features, if that's vital to you then dont jailbreak.
I'll probably end up doing it to mine.

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Someone stole my account and these pricks won't give it back so it's better than being a doorstop. I'll get to continue to play the games I purchased and they literally assisted in stopping me from retrieving, even after I said I was willing to prove my identity via picture IDs and the serial from the PS4.

Those games will be playable for me one way or another, if Sony doesn't like it, they shouldn't be making it easy for this type of digital fraud to be allowed to happen and give little recourse to the victims.

OP said PS4 doesn't read CDs. It obviously reads Blu-Rays.
PS1 games are on CD's, PS2 games are on CD's and DVD's, PS3 and PS4 games are on blu-ray discs.

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It reads bluray discs, CD is the ps1's format. If you put a music disc in the ps4 it just wont read it.
My xbx works fine with non bluray stuff (never tried audio cause spotify but dvd's work fine)
CDs and DVDs are quite different so that's not the case.

Would have to be 'triple laser' for it to read all three formats as they each operate on a different wavelength.

PlayStation 3

The first model of the PS3 played PS2 games with actual hardware. The last model to play PS2 games was the one in the MGS bundle and it used software emulation, which arguably wasn't as good but still functional. Then they shit-canned it for no reason.

They got rid of it cause it was driving up the prices for the PS3, the removal of the emotion engine is the reason the PS3 became so much cheaper
There was no purpose to not using the software emulation they had.

There are models that have no emotion engine chip that play PS2 games.

I assume they thought the software emulation wasn’t good enough, and cut it out

Full software PS2 emulation is only used on PS3 for PS2 classics from PSN. The emulator is not good enough to run every game and games need individual tweaks to run.

Early PS3 models had all the PS2 hardware inside for perfect BC. Later BC models like the MGS4 bundle only include the PS2's GPU.


You are correct that there was no emotion engine and it was handled by software, but not that there was no PS2 hardware inside.

From the psdevwiki: Emulation of Playstation 2 is currently handled by 3 kind of emulators.

CECH-A/B models use ps2_emu.self able to use built-in PS2 hardware (EE/GS/Rambus memory), and have best compatibility.

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CECH-C/E use ps2_gxemu, this emulator use physical Graphic Synthesizer found in this ps3 model, but Emotion Engine is fully emulated here, also there is no Rambus memory.

All other models emulate PS2 thru fully software based ps2_netemu used for ps2 classics, and hacked now to use decrypted ISO files.

I've been using the ps2_netemu and if you play a compatible game it does work indeed (on a slim ps3)
I got the 60GB launch model and it still works.

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I have a ton of games I could play but not a lot of free time. New games I want to play come out frequently enough to suck up what time I do have.

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I hope they do... Remember audio CDs? Ancient tech I know but it nice being able to play your collection of antique CDs on the talkie box.

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Honestly, if I can't insert floppy discs then I ain't buying shit
Hells yeah.

I mean, all that drive space would be impossible to fill up!