Reviews Of Davis Martin Options Trades

Reviews of davis martin options trades

Daily Profit Planner Review With Jeff Williams and Davis Martin


Welcome to my Daily Profit Planner review about the options and penny stock trading alerts service that Jeff Williams and Davis Martin run.

Jeff Williams and Davis Martin are experts in both penny stocks and options trading (respectively).

PennyPro Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Be sure to read this Daily Profit Planner review to find out if the service might benefit you.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


Here is a GREAT FREE EBOOK written by Davis Martin that can help you learn to trade SPY options!

Or, if you are more interested in learning how to trade penny stocks and grow a small trading account quickly – HERE IS A FREE WEBINAR from Jeff Williams all about his penny stock trading strategy that makes him millions of dollars a year!



Maybe you have heard of Davis Martin or Jeff Williams ?

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If not, here is a brief bio for them both.


Davis Martin Bio

Davis Martin is a millionaire options trader.

He is well-known for swing trading and SPY options trades that make BANK!

Davis has a great track record and he brings some brilliant options trading strategies to Daily Profit Planner.

Reviews of davis martin options trades

Davis runs Daily Profit Machine at where he shows his students why trading SPY options is a great idea.

SPY options requires great swing trading ability and Davis provides this skill in buckets.

You can read more about Davis Martin’s options trading services here.


Jeff Williams Bio

Jeff Williams is a multi-millionaire penny stock trader.

He has over 20 years of experience in the markets.

Davis Martin Path to Profits Ebook

Jeff is the guy to follow if you want to build a small trading account as quickly as possible by day trading small cap penny stocks.

Jeff has multiple services including The Profit Prism. Jeff has a great FREE WEBINAR that explains his strategy in more detail.

The Profit Prism is a sub-program of Jeff’s Penny Pro service at

With all of Jeff Williams services, you will receive his highest conviction trades— that occur at the end of the day… these are the stocks most likely to gap up the next morning.

Jeff Williams trades this way so he has time for other things in his life… entering trades at the end of each day, then he just wakes up and grabs his overnight profits…

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way… but you can check the stats… Jeff WINS a lot more than he loses.

Take a look at his results from the last small account challenge he ran:

In just 4 months, Jeff took a $3k account and turned it into over $30k!


Who is the Daily Profit Planner for?

I guess this Daily Profit Planner wouldn’t be very useful if I didn’t give you some information on the actual program – not just the expert traders that run it!

Basically, Daily Profit Planner combines PennyPro (Jeff Williams service) and Daily Profit Machine (Davis Martin’s service).

Combining penny stocks and swing trading is a recipe for huge profits.

It is how I have made most of my money trading over the last few years. Davis and Jeff provide a huge amount of education and alerts to their Daily Profit Planner subscribers.

So, if you want to grow a small account as quickly as possible with penny stock trading, then Daily Profit Planner might be for you.

In addition, both of the services can be used no matter what you already know about these specialized types of trading.


Here are a couple of links that you can check out the individual services in the Daily Profit Planner service.

Penny Pro Review

Daily Profit Machine Review

Daily Profit Planner Review: What Do You Get?

What do you actually get for your money with Daily Profit Planner?

Well, here are the different products explained because the Daily Profit Planner is a package of BOTH of Davis Martins and Jeff Williams programs.

Each product is available independently and provides a great education in themselves.

Ok, let’s get started with Davis Martins Daily Profit Machine.


Davis Martin Daily Profit Machine


The Daily Profit Machine gives you access to a plethora of valuable information and tools, including:


Stock Alerts via text message and email.

Reviews of davis martin options trades

These alerts get sent to you as quickly as possible and include the purchase price, selling price and some due diligence on why the trade is being executed. You can sometimes ‘piggy back’ on these trades.

Reviews of davis martin options trades

This is not encouraged though unless you can get in the stock at a similar price to Davis Martin.

Daily Swing Trading Watch List. You get sent a daily watch list of all the potential trades for the day.

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You can use this independently to trade stocks you think are most likely to do well.

Education via video learning: Everything that you could possibly want to know about swing trading. These video lessons will take you from a novice to competent swing trader.

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Davis Martin adds new video lessons when they are produced.

Still not convinced that Daily Profit Machine is worth paying for? Fair enough!

Here is Davis Martins free eBook (Path to Profits) to help you improve your trading. Enjoy!

Jeff Williams Penny Pro Service

Jeff Williams Penny Pro stock alerts service is the second half of the Daily Profit Planner.

Here is what is included in Penny Pro:

Penny stock alerts sent via email, text message and in the chatroom. Volatile penny stock day trades are hard to follow when a stock alert arrives informing you of Jeff’s buy or sell.

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I highly recommend approaching the alerts with caution. The price of the stock often moves quickly after Jeff’s buy/sell alert. This is a common problem with day trading penny stock alerts services.

Daily Penny Stock Watch Lists. Jeff Williams supplies a daily watch list that is sent via email to you every morning.

Usually there is 5-10 potential trades for that day.

Lots and lots of Education. Jeff supplies 1000’s of video lessons and keeps adding them to the extensive library. Seriously, anything that you need to know about growing a small account exponentially with penny stocks is in this library.

Chatroom access:With Penny Pro you get access to a very useful chatroom where you can exchange ideas and learn from other traders.

Jeff Williams Penny Pro founder has a great free eBook package that you can use to learn some of his basic strategy.

It is called The Stock Trading Starter kit and you can download it for FREE HERE.


Both Penny Pro and Daily Profit Machine are industry leaders in the stock trading educational niche.

Davis Martin Traders Council

Daily Profit Planner is a package of both of these services! However, it might not be available by the time that you read this…..

Combining penny stocks and swing trading can be a really profitable trading strategy.

Reviews of davis martin options trades

Daily Profit Planner is exactly that!

Davis Martin and Jeff Williams have several other stock alerts and educational services that you might be interested in.

You can find links to some of these in the related articles below.

Good Luck!



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Davis Martin and Jeff Williams Traders Council, Penny Pro, Daily Profit Machine, Profit Prism and Daily Profit Planner services can really help you to become a more profitable trader!



Not too shabby for a former elementary school teacher from upstate New York.

That’s 900% in 4 Months… if you can beat that, go ahead and stop reading.


Daily Profit Machine Traders Tip: My Favorite Chart Patterns, Which Options to Choose

I call it rinse and repeat… Jeff takes a small amount of money, flip it many times over for massive returns. Then he just starts over and does it all again.

For example, Jeff’s previous 4 small account challenges provided returns to the tune of 275%, 220%, and 600%… and of course the last one at 900%.

And he is just not stopping… it’s been about 2 weeks since starting his newest challenge and he is up a whopping 248%…

Starting with just $3,000, Jeff Williams account currently sits at $10,449.54


I’m sure you’re wondering, are Jeff William’s clients having any success following his system?

Here’s what some have been saying:

“Today feels like I am starting to put the training together into action.

Jason Bond Picks Review – The Pros and Cons

Got 20% on AVGR and sold into strength at 1.55 for a nice $135 for my small account. Thank you Jeff!!!” ~ Kim G.

Hey Jeff on a side note, thank you for being here day in and day out doing your lessons.

Reviews of davis martin options trades

I started with RB a while back with multiple services and you are the only one here every day . Thank you for your enthusiasm and perseverance making us better traders. ~ Paul G.

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