Reverse Martingale Binary Options

Reverse martingale binary options

Reverse & Standard Martingale

Demystifying Roulette Systems

Welcome to, which is all about roulette systems, with a focus on our favourite: The Reverse Martingale.

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The standard Martingale is one of the most popular systems used by players. It's a "double-up" system, in which you double your bets (x2) after a loss in an attempt to claw back any losses and make a profit.

To be Treated With Maximum Respect!

The Reverse Martingale is the exact opposite.

Best Casinos for Reverse Martingale bets


Royal Vegas
Get CA$/€/$ 1200 multiple match bonus at Royal Vegas. Play the Roulette Martingale on Roulette Premier Diamond 


Reverse martingale binary options

Paddy Power
A good range of roulette, both virtual and live games.

Which Casinos Allow you to Play the Reverse Martingale or The Martingale?
We recommend "Premium Roulette" at either Royal Vegas or Ladbrokes which has a special "Double Up" Betting option. Try it for FREE here (Full Screen). If you are playing from the US, we'd recommend the Club World Group of casinos who have a strong reputation for treating their customers well.

Or try these other safe and secure online casinos:

This system is also known as the Anti-Martingale or The Paroli.

The Reverse Martingale, as the name suggests, is the complete opposite to the standard Martingale.

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You still double up your bets, but after a win. The aim is to accelerate wins during a winning streak.

This is also known as the Anti Martingale.

Reverse martingale binary options

The approach is to increases bets after wins, and reduce them after a loss. This is akin to stock market traders or forex traders following the trend.

It's similar to "Letting it Ride" or a "Parlay Bet", except on the Reverse Martingale, you don't need to keep your money on the same bet.

You go for the best that you believe will come in.

Test The Reverse Martingale - Free Premium Roulette Game

One of our favourite variants for playing Martingale systems is the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

You can also test out the Reverse Martingale on our free game below.

The Martingale Method

(Desktop Only, not available on mobiles).

Test the Reverse Martingale Below on European Roulette Below For Free.
Max bet on inside bets $1000, outside bets:  $100
Hit the black "Registration" button at the top left of the game to bet for real.


Positive Progression Systems

The key problem with positive progression roulette systems like the Reverse Martingale or Anti Martingale, is that, by the law of averages, you are going to lose a bet at some point.

Now, if you are doubling up your bets after a win, you are going to wipe out all of your profits in one foul swoop if you are not very disciplined and pull out. So, this betting system requires you to stick to strict money management practices.

Reverse martingale binary options

You need to bank your profits along the way, and reset your entry bet levels. Then it all comes down to whether you hit a winning streak, and whether you can acurately predict how long that streak is.

Remember, the longer you go on, the more profit you are going to wipe out after a loss, so don't get greedy.


No system will improve the fundamental odds you get at the roulette table.

But playing a system like the Reverse Martingale might help you get your money out when you are in profit- so that's no bad thing.

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If you are going to use this system, here are a few tips: 

Limit yourself to short streaks of 3 or 4, stop, and then play another streak starting at your (lower starter) bet. in this way, you can try and grind out a succession of profitable streaks.

Take a break every now and then and come back fresh.

Limit your overall session- and break it down into mini-sesions.

Remember, the Paroli system aims to significantly boost profits when your luck is in andminimise losses when you are not going though a purple patch.

If you are having an unlucky day, you can always pull short your session!

Binary Options: How To Trade Binary Options Using Martingale Strategy

There's a good roulette video here that explains how to play the Reverse Martingale system.

Doubling Up

The good thing about The Reverse Martingale, is that you are increasing your bet with money that you have already won off the casino, as opposed to the Straight Martingale or the Super Martingale (even scarier), in which you are risking your own money to fund losing streaks, in the hope that you can claw back all of your winnings before you hit the table maximum betting limits.

It's altogether a lower risk system, but that also means that the return is often lower and you may even find yourself betting for a long session and coming out of it where you started (except for the fact that you have lost your original bet)!

And, you have lost time, I suppose.

Reverse Martingale

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