Options Trading Paid Service

Options trading paid service


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Every time I compare Goldmans weekly option newsletters performance with your newsletters, looks like you are mostly outperforming them..I have never seen a guy like you...- Shiv  

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Essential Options Trading Guide

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Sold EMC calls for 106% Gaim and Visa (V) calls for 151% Gain Great picks Joe- Jeremy

I just made $8400 on MCX Apr 67-55 in less than 5 mins.

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Bought STRI at 26.47 this morning and ive already paid for 3 months of your MAX service. Will officiallybecome member in a couple days.

Options trading paid service

You Rock.-Rodg3r

Joe you rock! Got in MYL Now 19call for 0.26, got out at 0.49;)- Ayan

Thanks Joe..I bought CMG 350 puts on Friday for $670...after watching you mention it...took it off at the highs for $12..already paid for 2 months of your most excellent service.-Lisa

I bought CIE Feb 17.5 calls at $1.10 and sold today at $1.80.

There is so much value and actionable information shared in the trading hub I don think I can go without it.

Options trading paid service

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Options trading paid service

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Options trading paid service

I was with OptionMonster Pro for 3 years, thought Id give this service a try, saw you on twitter, well, I just quit OptionMonster, the info here is ridiculous!! and one more thing, your service is $200 a month cheaper!


more of a social site, with some content, but the content here is insane and much more businesslike, I love it... - Kevin

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I have been a premium member off and on for years now.

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 I have been a premium member off and on for years now. Your service is top notch, second to none.

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