Option Trading Tactics Course Book

Option trading tactics course book

As CEO of Velez Capital Management, and cofounder of Pristine.com, Oliver Velez has dedicated his life to spreading the message that you, too, can make a living as a trader.

Traders often attend his educational seminars multiple times in order to take-in the vast amount of information this legendary trader discloses.

We've found that the combination of written word and visual presentation is the best way for you to master a subject.

Option trading tactics course book

That's why this unique DVD/Course Book package is the perfect way to maximize your trading skills. It includes a full-length DVD of Velez's famed Options Trading Seminar, as well as a Course Book, where every ounce of information from the lecture has been translated into an easy-to-read, classic textbook form.

Small Account Options Strategies

You also get access to online self tests to make sure you absorb every bit of valuable information.

Master the exciting, profitable niche of options trading. With this course, you'll learn:

  • Option Trading Tactics: See how Velez uses various strategies to maximize returns, minimize risk, hedge, and speculate.
  • Predict Price Movement Accurately: Know what stocks may do in the upcoming days and weeks.

    This is they only way you will make money in options.

  • Market Analysis Strategies: Velez will show you why technical analysis is the key to options success and how to use this knowledge to take advantage of marketplace imperfections.
  • A New Approach to Trading Psychology and Discipline: Discover the Pristine Method of "core trading" and Velez's ground breaking explanation of how the stock market works today.
  • Develop Your Own Strategy: Create then follow a strict trading plan-one that will allow you to play the market without burning through cash!

Use Option Trading Tactics Course Book, and, within no time, you'll be a more confident and profitable options trader than you ever thought possible.

Option trading tactics course book