Option Trading Course In Kolkata

Option trading course in kolkata

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Bikram’s Stock Market Courses in Kolkata. Stock market trading course live online courses conducted for whole India. Learn stock market day trading, fundamental analysis, technical analysis course, swing or delivery trading, future & option trading courses (F&O) in Kolkata, India.

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Best stock market trading course for the beginners to professionals. Learn how to trade online in Indian Stock market, intraday trading techniques on stock & options, technical analysis of chart, option trading strategies & options greeks, fundamental analysis and more….

Stock Market Courses:

Each of the above share trading courses explained in details below.

In stock market : Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis are two major segments when you are planning to learn stock market courses.

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Fundamental Analysis ( For Investment )

Fundamental analysis is very broad topic and requires a diversified knowledge on economy, sectors, particular company management, its financial positions, balance sheet analysis, profit & loss statement analysis.

Also dependent on global economy.

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Technical Analysis Course

By Technical Analysis you can research the entry and exit point of a trade.

Technical Analysis Course

  • When to buy a stock and when to exit from it.
  • By technical analysis you can assume whether the stock price will rise or fall in near future.
  • Technical Analysis consist of Graphs, Charts (OHLC Bar Chart, Candle Stick Chart), and various indicators like MACD, Moving Average, Stochastic RSI etc.

  • There are lots of technical indicators and different chart types to study in Technical Analysis.
  • Learning Technical Analysis has become a traders tool for long time.

Technical analysis tells us the condition of the trend of a stock.

It tells us whether a stock should be bought or to be sold now.

Is Options Trading Different Than Stock Trading?

It tells us the perfect timing to trade and it is the most important guide to trade stocks.

Technical Analysis Course Content:

  • Trend
  • Support resistance
  • Consolidation patters
  • Trending patterns
  • Graphs
  • Candlestick charts
  • Bar Chart
  • Various technical indicators &
  • ….

    Option trading course in kolkata

    lot more topics are taught in our technical analysis courses in Kolkata & online live coaching on stock market.

Some people thinks Technical Analysis means candle stick charts. That is not true.

Option trading course in kolkata

Candlestick patterns are mainly a special chart pattern indicates a point to sell or buy or hold or wait. It should be accompanied by other technical indicators to confirm.

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Only based on candle stick charts if you trade you should fail most of the time. More about online technical analysis course for India

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Candlestick Chart included in Technical Analysis

  • Bullish Candlestick patterns
  • Bearish candle stick patterns
  • Multiple candlestick chart patterns.
  • Single patterns and ..
  • Different examples on candle stick charts with Live charts.

  • Also we teach candlestick chart analysis, how to read candlestick chart patterns for day trading.

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Intraday Trading Course on Stock Market

How to buy and sell stocks in the same day and book profit. Intraday Trading is helpful when you are in shortage of money, you cannot buy a stock & hold it, because you do not have too much money to buy stocks.

By Intraday Trading you can buy stocks and after few minutes/hours you sell the stocks in the same day & book your profit.

There are two types of Intraday Trading techniques.

Our Motto is to Protect your Capital

(1) Buy & Sell : First you buy the stock and later sell it in the same day. 2) Short Sell : first sell the stock and buy it later in the same day. The second type of trading is called short selling.

In our Intraday Trading Courses in Kolkata we teach how to read charts to trade Intraday, when to sell & when to buy. In our coaching classes after Technical Analysis Course we teach Intraday trading.

Option trading course in kolkata

Click the link to learn more about Intraday trading courses in Kolkata & online courses

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Delivery Trading, Swing or Positional Trading Courses

Delivery trading is the safest type of trading, buy today and sell anytime from tomorrow. Its the mostly used trading scheme.

The most effective trading type, buy stocks , book profit after selling at higher price.

Option trading course in kolkata

It may take few days to few months. Normally considered less than a year time frame.

Swing traders are not investors. They do not hold stocks for few years, rather they buy stocks today, sell tomorrow or after 2-3 days, 7 days, 15 days to few months.

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Swing traders are not investors, rather they want to get the profit of few thousands Rupees or 10-30% return of investment. Sometimes swing traders get 50-100% return of Investment within short time frame. Swing trading is good, & you don’t want to block your money yearlong.

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Options Trading Course (Kolkata) & Online Option Trading Live Class

In our share market courses after Technical Analysis course & Intraday Trading Course we teach Options Trading.

Share trading course in Kolkata,West Bengal in Bengali ,Mob:9163838865, Dumdum

It is a bit risky trading scheme for the beginners. In options trading the trader’s earning potential is huge:

  • Investing 6000 Rs in option trading one share trader can earn 2000-6000 Rs in a day. i.e 30% to 100% return of Investment in a day.
  • In 7 days to 30 days by Options Trading one can earn 200% of ROI.
  • Return is very high and risk also too high.
  • Should be traded in 1 month – 3 months time frame.
  • Options are not like stocks, rather they are traded in LOT SIZE.
  • For more information click the link: Learn Options Trading theory, strategy on Indian stock market

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Futures Trading Course – how to trade in future contract

  • Unlike stock purchase you donot need to pay the whole cash in Futures. Futures are also bought or sold in Lot like options.

    Learn to Make 3-5% Consistent Monthly Income Trading Options & Futures Peacefully

    Not intended for beginners, rather its a professional traders trading instrument.

  • In our stock trading course we also teach how to trade futures in futures market.

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Opening a DMAT account – for online trading

We shall also guide you to open a DMAT account in a popular well known renowned share broking firm, if you do not posses one such account.

Live online stock trading beside learning courses

  • To experience the test of share trading we always advice our students to buy stocks after few initial theory classes.

    This is treated as the practical trading. If classes are conducted on Saturday or Sunday then we show past live examples of trading.

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Forex Trading (currency) Courses in Kolkata India

If you want to trade on various International currency, learn currency trading courses in Kolkata also called Forex Trading.

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You can do forex trading in a very low budget. You can earn a good amount of money in currency trading or forex trading.

Contrary to Stock Trading, Forex trading is like Futures/ Options trading on lot size if you are familiar to futures or options trading on stocks or NIFTY futures.

You need to choose a currency pair, e.g USD/INR to trade.

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You can learn stock market courses from a personal teacher

Online Live Coaching Classes on Stock Market

Online share market courses available for whole India, suitable for the students staying outside Kolkata and located in other states with respect to West Bengal.

We conduct online classes from our share market training center located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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When you can learn stock market trading

You may start share trading after learning a proper share trading course even after passing Higher Secondary Examination or 12th Standard.

Disclaimer : Share trading in Indian stock market are subject to Market Risk.

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Stock price or index price movement in options or future market varies regularly. Our courses are taught to educate our students on share trading, futures and options trading techniques & practical live stock market trading. Each students should follow our terms and conditions, visiting the link given at the bottom of the page.

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