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For all those who were in the live trading room earlier, here are the indicators I said I would drop for you guys to play around with.


Remember if you want to import them, do not extract these ZIP files simply download the zip and then in Ninjatrader go to: File -> Utilities -> Import Ninjascript


Alright here are the ones I have found online and are very interesting and great to use!



Price Action Swing Indicator -   59.19KB   292 downloads



Harmonics   15.17KB   300 downloads



Volume Spike MA   5.55KB   161 downloads


Market Profile   14.2KB   141 downloads


Value Charts  ValueCharts (2).zip   34.08KB   141 downloads


Super Trend   3.95KB   149 downloads


High Low Activator   4.09KB   116 downloads


ANA Better Volume   10.14KB   129 downloads


MACD Universal   58.42KB   139 downloads


BBands2 (Really Nice For Hits)   6.75KB   174 downloads


Time Zone Colors   3.79KB   129 downloads


Current Price Line   1.66KB   117 downloads

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Day Trading Indicator: Omni Bar Timer for Ninjatrader