John Hancock 401k Investment Options Aggressive Growth

John hancock 401k investment options aggressive growth

What you should know before investing

The portfolio's performance depends on the advisor's skill in determining asset class allocations, the mix of underlying funds, and the performance of those underlying funds.

John hancock 401k investment options aggressive growth

The portfolio is subject to the same risks as the underlying funds and exchange-traded funds in which it invests: Stocks and bonds can decline due to adverse issuer, market, regulatory, or economic developments; foreign investing, especially in emerging markets, has additional risks, such as currency and market volatility and political and social instability; the securities of small companies are subject to higher volatility than those of larger, more established companies; and high-yield bonds are subject to additional risks, such as increased risk of default.

Liquidity—the extent to which a security may be sold or a derivative position closed without negatively affecting its market value, if at all—may be impaired by reduced trading volume, heightened volatility, rising interest rates, and other market conditions.

Ready to make your plan?

Owning an ETF generally reflects the risks of owning the underlying securities it is designed to track, which may cause lack of liquidity, more volatility, and increased management fees. Hedging and other strategic transactions may increase volatility of a portfolio and could result in a significant loss.

John hancock 401k investment options aggressive growth

The principal value of each portfolio is not guaranteed, and you could lose money at any time.

There is no guarantee that any investment strategy illustrated will be successful or achieve any particular level of results.

401K Investing: (How Should I Invest In my 401K?) Real Example Of 401K Portfolio and Allocations

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be, nor shall it be interpreted or construed as, a recommendation or providing advice, impartial or otherwise, regarding any security, mutual fund, ETF, sector, or index. Investors should consult with their financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

John hancock 401k investment options aggressive growth

Any model performance information included here represents the performance of the John Hancock model portfolios. The performance shown does not reflect the performance of model-based program accounts managed by your investment advisor using John Hancock's nondiscretionary model portfolios.

John hancock 401k investment options aggressive growth

Your investment advisor may or may not add model portfolios in your account. John Hancock is not responsible for determining the suitability or appropriateness of a strategy based on the John Hancock model portfolios.

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John Hancock does not have investment discretion and does not place trade orders for your account. All information and data, including allocations, are subject to change.

John Hancock Investment Management is the nondiscretionary investment advisor, and Manulife Investment Management (US) LLC performs asset allocation for the models and other investment-related services. John Hancock Investment Management and its affiliates do not offer tax advice.

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Investors should consult with their tax advisor regarding their specific situation.

This portfolio is only available through investment professionals. Not all strategies may be available on all platforms, and fees and terms may vary.

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