Gta 5 Best Launch Options Steam

Gta 5 best launch options steam

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Gta 5 best launch options steam

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Gta 5 best launch options steam

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GTA 5 Performance optimization
1)Each time you start the game, you will have to open the task manager and change a few things as it follows: put the Gta.exe on High priority, Terminate the Gta launcher process, and set both all the Steam and the Social Club processes to Low priority.

2) Crank down ALL the graphics to the minimum by the in-game menu, leaving only the resolution maxed out to the highest one.

This means disabling all the things that can be disabled entirely and set everything else to the lowest possible parameter. Also, from the audio settings tab, turn OFF Auto-scan for music. Another thing that you must do is to set the Mouse input method on Direct Input, from the Keyboard/Mouse settings tab, instead of Raw Input.

GTA V PC, Steam launch Options?

3) Right click computer, properties, advanced, on the advanced tab go to performance and disable everything except for the desktop composition, the crystal effect, the fonts correction and the visual styles for windows and buttons.

Also, from the performance section, increase the memory allocation on your pagefile. You can easily scout the web on how to do this.

4) Disable completely additional things that couldn't be touched via the in-game menu.

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5) Use specific settings for your Gta.exe with your video graphic card control panel to furtherly increase performance.

This step is described assuming that you've got an Nvidia Gpu, but I'm pretty sure you'll find the very same options within the panel even if you've got another video graphic card.

Note: if you can't access your video graphic card control panel by clicking on its icon(s), its processes/services are probably disabled.

You can easily activate them by typing msconfig and press enter in your search field by the start button. Within the window that'd appear, choose the "Services" tab, then check on the box saying "Hide all Microsoft services". Search for your video graphic card control panel's service and check it on.

Apply and give the Ok. You now need to restart your computer. Restart. Et voilà.

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Right Click on the desktop and select "Nvidia Control Panel".

Go to "Manage 3D Settings" and click on "Program Setting".
Select a program called "Grand Theft Auto V (gta5.exe)", NOT the (Grand Theft Auto V launcher). (If you can't find it, just click the "Add" Button next to it and find "Grand Theft Auto V (gta5.exe)".

Now here's the tricky part: Go to "Maximum pre-rendered frames" and change it to "1".

Next, go to "Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration" and change it to "Single Display Performance Mode".

Steam Launch Options : Steam Set Launch Options

After that, go to "Power Management mode" and change it to "Prefer maximum performance"

Go to "Shader Cache"and turn it "OFF".

Go to "Texture filtering-Quality" and change it to "Performance".

Gta 5 best launch options steam

Go to "Threaded optimisation" and turn it "ON".

After you changed that, go to "Vertical Sync" and turn it "OFF" for best performance. (It doesn't really do anything in the game, so turn it off.)

Put all the remaining settings to be using the maximum performance, always.

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Some of them needs you to choose the maximum performance priority selection, others needs to be activated, others needs to be disabled. Just read the description section when passing the mouse right above each one of the names of the settings.

Click Apply and Close it.

Gta 5 best launch options steam

6) Right click GTA V from your games list on Steam and select properties. On the General tab, uncheck the Steam overlay feature, then click on 'SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..' then copy and paste these commands into the field

-scOfflineOnly -memrestrict 188743680

Click 'OK' and close the window.

Steam Set Launch Options and Full List

The first command line would start the game in offline mode, making it possible to save more additional resources. When -scOfflineOnly is active, never choose Gta Online when you click on the Play button, nor enter the Online from the in-game menu. If you want to go Online remember to erase -scOfflineOnly from the field and give the OK.

If you don't have the Steam version of the game you'd have to add the command lines to your GTA V commandline file (called commandline.txt).

You can easily search Google to learn how to do this.

This step is pretty much easy, and probably the most influent too.

7) Consider adding mods that will increase your performance.

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You need the OpenIV tool to apply them. Brief installation steps on how to install the mods are usually provided within the mod's description from the author.

Steam Support

However, OpenIV is quite spreaded among users, and you can find in-depth infos about its own installation/usage and about the mod's installation/usage on the web.

I recommend these ones:

Notice: each time Gta updates new online contents, it'll revert your modded files to their original status, so you have to reinstall the mods each time that happens.

Makes me think we very much need that 'Disable updates for this game' button while still being in online mode.

Conclusions and Sidenotes (Important)
With the combined efforts of all these tweaks I have gathered from the web and reunited under a simple-modest guide, you should be able to enjoy GTA V in fluid gameplay with an older rig most of the time.

In the past this issue derived from bad memory usage (memory leak). I'm not too sure if it's still happening for some users but it really depends on the version of your game files. I know that the very first builds of the game used to run just fine for many people and that the ones which came right after ruined it. Latest updates seemingly reduced the issues of bad optimization, wheter it's memory leak or other stuff.

However, in order to gain significant benefits from these tweaks, you'd need at least an i5, a Gpu with 2gb of Ram (go for a 3gb one if you can, all the better), and 16gb of Ram.

Yes, 16 gigs of Ram are very much needed.

🔧 Grand Theft Auto 5: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup! BIG UPDATE 2019

If you don't have a total of 16gigs on your motherboard it would still stutter.

There's no need to run games at high graphics and stress your computer EVEN if it can afford the weight. Always strive towards performance, eye-candy glimmers are secondary. Usually, I only keep the resolution as high as my monitor can go (never exceed your monitor maximum resolution!) and I'm settled.

If a game isn't badly-optimized you might want to go for some antialiasing and other options too if you're into the suggested requirements for that game, but for the maximum possible perfomance gain, never use memory drainers like shadows and all those others graphical effects even on those games who aren't badly-optimized and you can run, unless a game is old enough to don't represent a stress (even if not a big one) for your machine.