Good Operations Investment Bank Exit Options

Good operations investment bank exit options

Good operations investment bank exit options

Here's the truth:

Most people in ops stay in ops, even if they don't want to. Most ops jobs are very manual, very basic, and could be done by someone with a high school degree - and at some firms are.

The ops career path goes a few ways:

1) You work in ops for a few years, learn the back end of the business, go to b-school and make a career shift.
2) You work in a group that deals with products, has exposure to investment management, get lucky, and a front office type takes you on.
3) You work in ops for the next few decades, make a decent but not amazing living, have easier hours, and sit at the bottom of the food chain with no real opportunities to move anywhere but another ops role in another group/firm.

You, like many people who want finance but did not do the requisite work to get the good jobs, want to believe #2 is the most likely outcome for you.

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It's not, period. Odds are you'll fall into 1 or 3, and 1 is not always a hit because admissions folks know that ops isn't looked upon favorably by FO and it makes you harder to place.

Ops is easier to get into than any other role at a finance firm.

Good operations investment bank exit options

So, people think "hey, if I can get into ops I can show them how good I really am and they'll promote me!" It's like backdooring into an Ivy. Some people do it, sure, but most can't and end up staying at Evergreen State.