Gmod Jailbreak Best Options

Gmod jailbreak best options

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JailBreak Garrys Mod Server List

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Fun Games to play with prisoners
This is a fun part of being warden making prisoners play fun games.

Don't make the games too boring or the prisoners won't really like you.

Fun Games:
Simon Says Board
Disco Game
Duck Hunt (Pool Game)
Sharks and Minos (pool game)
Weapon Scanner toss (kinda like gun toss)
Basketball (with weapon scanner)
Jokes (Prisoners can refuse)
Salty Spitoon - How tough are you?

(Prisoners can refuse)
Salty Spoon - How Salty is your spoon?

Gmod jailbreak best options

(Prisoners can refuse)
Many more but I wont list them!

Controls for wardens and some / commands.

Undo Key (Default 'z') = Place Point like a waypoint.
MOUSE1 = Shoot
MOUSE2 = Aiming

/roll = Roll the dice used for deathroll and luck based games.
/idea = Just gives you ideas.

To become warden, you'll need to become a guard.

On LifePunch Jailbreak, you have to play 5 hours of Prisoner and then you can unlock the almighty guard.

Once you have mastered your prisoner skills for five hours or more, Press F1. This will bring you to the main menu, with all your menus. Press F2 or press on swaplist.

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When you are on the swaplist menu, press join swaplist. This will put you on the swaplist for guards, so if a guard wants to swap back to prisoner, they will swap their team place with you.

Promote your server

Sometimes if there is not alot of guards on, you will be instantly changed to guard once the new round begins. Otherwise, you will have to wait until a guard wants to swap.

Great! Now you are a guard, it's a pretty hard job to keep the prisoners in line, but you'll get used to it.

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I recommend you play a little bit of guard, and focus on the warden and get some ideas for when you become warden.

Alright, so you think you are ready to go warden. First of all, you'll need a microphone to be warden, you can't just type your commands, no-no!

Gmod jailbreak best options

Make sure you've got your mic set up with Garry's Mod and it's working loud and clear!

Now, you can't just become warden mid-round. You have until 7:00 to become warden, or else it will be a free-day, unless someone else goes warden. What you gotta do is one simple command:
That's right, just that command and boom!

Gmod jailbreak best options

You are now warden for the rest of the round! No one on the guard team can take your spot as warden for the next 7 minutes.

If you don't want to type the command everytime you want to go warden, you can bind it to a key.
Go to console by pressing ~ and type this command:
bind k say "/warden"
You can replace K with any key you want.

These are commands that you would use for in-cell commands.

The main commands you would use is freeze or afk freeze.

Options Menu

Now if you don't know what they mean then read the glossary with /help.

In-cell commands:
All Prisoners AFK Freeze touching and facing your cell door.
All Prisoners Freeze touching and facing your cell door.

There is props in the room of your cell so you can tell them to afk freeze touching and facing them
Example: All Prisoners AFK freeze touching and facing your cell bed.

Last Reaction/First Reaction:
This game is a basic game but don't keep on using it heaps of times because the prisoners find it a bit boring so don't last reaction or first reaction too much.
How this works is that you would say Last Reaction [insert order here] then afk freeze or freeze.
Last Reaction = Last Personto do the order will die.
First Reaction = First Person to do the order will die (Prisoners wont do anything so don't kill anyone.

Well kill the first person to jump tho)

Now this is a rule that you need to know for some games. This means this game requires a opinion for a player to win. So guards or the warden has to vote/pick who wins the game and gets a prize.

Players may refuse this due to a rule of favourtism.

So what you will have to do is place a waypoint down and say "We are going to play [insert Opinionated game here] if you refuse step on point [letter]"

You have read all of my guide now you know the basics of being a Warden on jailbreak.

Other jailbreak servers may have different rules.

PRISON ESCAPE THROUGH THE VENTS - Gmod PrisonRP (The Best Prison Break Plan)

The server this guide is based off is LifePunch Jailbreak.

Thanks for reading my guide! Goodbye!