Financial Backing Options Trading

Financial backing options trading

Beginner's Options Trading - Vertical Spreads

Belvedere Trading offers customizable financial backing packages for experienced traders who wish to manage their own products, but with the benefits of operating within a large, established trading firm. We are seeking traders, or teams of traders, who are able to commit their own capital and leverage their returns by implementing scalable strategies.

Benefits at Belvedere Trading

  • Great trading splits based off capital needs
  • Excellent execution and clearing rates
  • Diligent risk, compliance and finance management  
  • Access to exclusive Technology, HR and Recruiting services to help grow your business
  • Flexible payout options
  • 401(k), health insurance and other competitive benefit plans available

What you’ll need

  • 3+ years of trading experience with a proven track record of success
  • A detailed business plan that describes your trading strategy and capital needs

Important Notes

  • Sponsorship is not available for this position
  • No third-party recruiters

Financial backing options trading