Fantasy Baseball Yahoo Best Socring Options

Fantasy baseball yahoo best socring options

Re: The best Fantasy basketball scoring system(Opinions) 

Post#3 » by Apollo » Wed Oct 7, 2015 3:37 am

I have ran a league for the past three years that has used a custom scoring system that aims to accurately reflect player value without over representing any position/skillset.

Fantasy baseball yahoo best socring options

One thing you will find with rebounds scored above 1, is that bigs will inevitably be over represented in the top 50. For instance players like Tyson Chandler who are efficient, but low volume will end up in the top 20 by putting back 3 shots, hitting 2/3 assisted baskets and grabbing 10 boards in the process because they experience very little drawback. You did however manage to avoid many of the pitfalls of standard scoring such as over scoring blocks and double doubles (which inevitably come with rebounds and therefore size + minutes).

Our system is as follows:
Points (PTS) 1
3 Pointer made (3pm): 0.5
Blocks (BLK) 2
Steals (STL) 2
Assists (AST) 1.5
Rebounds (REB) 1(drb) 1.25(orbd)
Turnovers (TO) -1.66
Field Goals Missed (FGMI) -1
Free Throws Missed (FTMI) -1.25
Double Doubles (DD) 2
Triple Doubles (TD) 5

We also give 1 pt for a team win, 1 for a tech, and -1 for a flagrant which are more for fun than consequential.

The big differences you'll see are the FT missed and TO.

Fantasy baseball yahoo best socring options

The FT penalty works out to rewarding players for shooting over 70% and having an assist:TO above 1.5. Stars still dominate, but your match-up will not be decided by ONLY stars from each team with late rounders scoring nothing.

The best way to see if you like a system is to plug it in to your league and check out how the player avg's fall for 2015.

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