Erfahrung Binary Option Robot

Erfahrung binary option robot

These people are very clever scammers

These people are very clever scammers, I started out with an "Oscar Ford" telling that my initial investment of $US250 will be matched by him.

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Less than one week later after he had manipulated the figures in my account to look like i'm winning he said that if i put in $5000 i will get a contract to the effect of being 30% insured, and because he never looses and invests in small amounts my $5000 will be safe.

Plus i could withdraw that money at any time I choose with no issues.

Erfahrung binary option robot

A few days later after he had my account reflecting a further $10,000 in winnings, I was encouraged to put another $5000 towards anther investment. This time my money is 100% insured and again i could withdraw at any time.

Erfahrung binary option robot

My account got to around $26,000 in about 2 weeks and i needed to withdraw as we had agreed that I needed the $10,000 at a particular date. At this time i stopped hearing from him because he had tried to convince me that making a withdrawal takes away the benefit of insurance etc.

Erfahrung binary option robot

I insisted because i needed the money. My account went up again to over $30,000.

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I started to contact support in order to make my withdrawal. After a while they became very rude, the person i was trying to plead with to give Oscar my message told me that i was giving him attitude.

Erfahrung binary option robot

then as i continued to call, Mr Oscar Ford called me back to say he had just came out of an i think 9 hrs meeting and was fired because he had lost a client's $3000,000. It was a total made up story and I knew it.

Erfahrung binary option robot

Before the conversation, my account was over $30,000. By the end of the conversation when i checked again it was suddenly down to $1.00.
This is a well laid out scam of a company and my hope here is to help others to not be caught up in their lies like I did.thanks to Mr Patrick George for the total recovery of my asset.
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Patrick George if you have issues in any trading aspect he is more than reliable and trusted.