Cavs Best Trade Options

Cavs best trade options

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We’re now into February, and with the trade deadline just a few weeks away, the front offices of NBA teams are more active than any other time in the year.

Cavs best trade options

While the Cavaliers have made their fair share of trades in early January, where they acquired J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert from the New York Knicks and Timofey Mozgov from the Denver Nuggets, many feel that the Cavaliers are a simple point guard away from a very good chance at a championship. With Cleveland being basically two-deep at every position, we count down the top trade/ acquisition options for the Cavs that would put them over the top.

Cavs best trade options

We start with number 5:

5. Jameer Nelson

Although unlikely, Cleveland could attempt to bring in Jameer Nelson from the Denver Nuggets.

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HE signed with the Mavericks as the starting point guard on a championship contending team, but was traded for Rajon Rondo, leaving him on a weak Celtics’ squad. That tenure didn’t last too long as he was quickly shipped to Denver in a trade that has allowed him some playing.

Cavs best trade options

Despite Nelson being 32 years old, he has always been able to run the offense as well as score the basketball at will. Bringing Nelson to Cleveland would be a welcome addition to the lineup.

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