Binary Options Signals White Label

Binary options signals white label


Below is the documentation for our XML signal feed.


A valid api key is required before making any requests.


The white label binary options feed is in XML format. Here is a sample:

Accessing the Feed


The following fields will be used in the xml feed:

uid: The uid will be a unique value for each signal generated by our system. This will never be repeated and can be used as a unique value.

asset: The asset will be the name of the asset for this signal.

Binary options signals white label

It can be a currency pair, commodity or index value. You will be responsible for matching our asset with the corresponding asset in your system.

chart: The chart value will be chart time frame the signal is based on.

Binary options signals white label

Possible values are 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

triggered: The triggered value will be the time in GMT that the signal was generated.

expiry: The expiry value will be the date and time in GMT that the signal expires.

This may or may not match an actual expiry time in your system.

direction: The direction will be either a CALL or PUT.

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This may need to be translated to match your system

price: The price will be the entry price for the signal. If it is a CALL then the signal should be traded at or below that price.

Binary options signals white label

If it is a PUT then it should be traded at or above that price.

probability: The probability will be a value from 70 to 92 that indicates the strength of the signal on a 100% scale. So, a 87 will indicate that a trade has a 87% chance of being in the money.


Our standard signals include 22 assets and 3 different time frames.

To receive a list of our current assets and pricing, please contact us today.

Binary options signals white label