Binary Options Account With Echeck Funding And Withdraw

Binary options account with echeck funding and withdraw

Binary options account with echeck funding and withdraw

Is the Broker Dishonest?

Of course, there are situations in which the broker is refusing to allow you to withdraw from your binary option accoubt. Unfortunately, we have seen this quite often and in many cases there is no right for them to refuse it.

One of the cases in which the broker tries to make it incredibly difficult is to request more and more documents from the client.

We have heard of situations in which the client has sent all of the required documents and the broker has still made up some excuse as to why they are not compliant.

Fsa regulated binary option brokers

These could be excuses such as legibility or legitimacy. It is true that the documents have to be clearly legible and they have to be a clear photo with all the edges shown.

Binary options account with echeck funding and withdraw

Yet, if this is the case and the broker is still complaining then they are being dishonest.

Brokers may say that they require another form of ID. For those unfortunate traders who do not have another identity document, this could be incredibly burdensome.

Binary options account with echeck funding and withdraw

ID documents also usually take a lot of time to attain and the binary option brokers are aware of this.

Another tactic that we have indeed heard of is the case when a broker arbitrarily applies the broker bonus without a request from the client. This is also a brazen move that attempts to lock the client in with the broker and restrict the withdrawal.

Eventually, the broker will simply become unresponsive and stop responding to clients.

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They do this in the hope that the trader will grow tired of chasing the broker and eventually stop contacting them. Although many traders keep up the good fight, there are a number who do indeed give up which is a real travesty.