Best Weapon Options Barbarian

Best weapon options barbarian

Best weapon options barbarian

Dual wield

2 main hand attacks + 1 off-hand attack = 2*(d6+7)+(d6+3), expected value = 27.5

Expected number of criticals is 0.2925 a turn, with +3d6 (ev.=10.5) damage, +3.07 overall.


Assuming you use a greatsword or maul: 2 attacks = 2*(2d6+7), expected value = 28

Expected number of criticals is 0.195 a turn, with +3d6 (ev.=10.5) damage, +2.05 overall.

Assuming you use a greataxe: 2 attacks = 2*(d12+7), expected value = 27

Expected number of criticals is 0.195 a turn, with +3d12 (ev.=19.5) damage, +3.8 overall.

On later levels

On level 16 and 17 you get another Brutal die and +1 to rage damage.

On level 20, you get +2 to your STR modifier. Accounting for this and adding in criticals directly:

\begin{array}{|c|c|} \hline & lv13 & lv17 & lv20\\ \hline 2x\ light& 30.57 & 34.59 & 38.59 \\ \hline g.sword & 30.05 & 32.73 & 36.73\\ \hline g.axe & 30.80 & 34.07 & 38.07\\ \hline \end{array}

So the damage starts similar, but starts to lean towards dual wielding at the end because of the big flat modifiers.

Best weapon options barbarian

But using two weapons will consume your bonus action too. Meaning you cannot use an off-hand attack on the turn you enter your rage.

Best weapon options barbarian

Also, if you are not completely ready for a fight you will need to draw both weapons to get this output. So you will lose an attack on the first turn of any fight.

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That is 13.5 damage + criticals on level 20. For the 0.52 difference in dmg/turn to balance this out you need to attack for over 26 turns after the first one. A battle this long is quite unlikely.

Best weapon options barbarian

For these reasons I am of the opinion that using a greataxe will be better.