Best Vpn Option For Canada

Best vpn option for canada

Why use a VPN in Canada?

Quick links to the best VPNs for Canada

Best Canada VPN Highlights

Here we cover the most important aspects that users look at before signing up for a Canada VPN service. You can learn why Express VPN, NordVPN, and Ivacy earn their top spots among the best Canadian providers available.

Some of the most important points covered in the highlights for Canada are VPN servers, privacy, software compatibility and customer service. Furthermore, you can quickly identify which is the best VPN service for Canadian users.

ExpressVPN for Canada

Express VPN a current leader and our Editor’s top choice from all the Canadian VPN service providers.

The Best VPNs for Canada that take your privacy seriously and stop snoopers

It has more than two thousand servers in 94 countries around the world including countries like United States, Canada, Canada, United Kingdom, and even Canada. Canadian ExpressVPN is compatible with all the key devices and operating systems.

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It provides software and mobile apps for Canadian users. Also, it has available browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Furthermore, you can use Canada Express VPN as a MediaStreamer on your PlayStation, Xbox, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Routers and more.

Shortly about VPN

Furthermore, ExpressVPN 256-bit AES encryption provides a full focus on customers’ online privacy; it offers anonymous internet browsing, protection from Canadian government and ISPs. Also, it lets unblock sites and streaming services and offers privacy while torrenting.

Read ExpressVPN full review to find out why it is our top VPN choice for Canada.

NordVPN service for Canada

Nord VPN our second top choice of all the VPNs suitable for Canadian users. Nord VPN has more than 3500 servers in 61 countries including servers in Canada. It provides mobile apps available on the Android and iOS devices.

Also, it has a desktop client on macOS and Windows operating systems, and proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Nord VPN RSA-2048 key encryption provides a full focus on customers’ online privacy.

The Best VPN Services for 2020

It offers anonymous internet browsing and protection from ISPs and government of Canada, lets you access blocked content and services when at home in Canada and while traveling abroad. Moreover, many people choose NordVPN for privacy while torrenting.

IvacyVPN for Canadian users

Ivacy is our third choice from all the top VPN providers for Canada. It has more than 450+ servers in 100+ locations, in 50+ countries, that includes server locations in Canada.

IvacyVPN Canada client has mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Also, it provides software for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Ivacy VPN for Canada provides 256-bit strong encryption with a full focus on customers’ online privacy and anonymity.

Choose to unblock sites and services, and gain online freedom, privacy while torrenting with Canadian Ivacy VPN service provider.

Why you do need VPN in Canada

Although, Virtual Private Network isn’t compulsory tool for internet users.

The best VPN 2020:

However, we highly advise Canadian internet users to consider getting a subscription seriously.

With a Canadian VPN, no third party can get access to your personal data, including metadata, your location data, and even internet browsing history.

Furthermore, you can secure yourself from digital privacy laws in Canada with secure encryption tool.

In censored countries, VPN allows you to bypass restrictions and unblock sites that otherwise would be unavailable.

Also, it works as an unblocking tool when you travel abroad; it lets you access sites and services from all around the world.

Change my IP address to Canada

There are two instances when you may want to get a new IP from Canada.

Best vpn option for canada

First, if you are traveling, then you may not be able to access some sites from your home. Second, you may want to unblock content and services that are unavailable in your location due to geographic restrictions. By changing your IP address to another location, you can bypass any online restrictions and get access to sites that otherwise would be unavailable.

Some of the benefits of having Canadians IP includes the following:

  • Access Canadiens sites and services from abroad.
  • Unblock geographically restricted content.
  • Bypass censorship in Canada.
  • Avoid data retention laws imposed by the Canadian government.
  • Connect to servers that allow torrents and stay protected from Canada ISP and government.

How to get Canada VPN service?

It is relatively simple and straightforward process to get Canadian VPN.

Best vpn option for canada

Follow these six easy steps to sign up and install any of the best VPNs on your device:

  1. Choose a VPN service from a list of best VPNs for Canada.
  2. Open your preferred VPN’s website and click to sign up.
  3. Decide on your preferred pricing plan and make a subscription.
  4. Find installation files on VPN Canada website and download on your devices.
  5. Open the software or app on your device and log in with your credentials.
  6. You’re all set to select a server and stay secure or protected when surfing the web in Canada.

Is it safe to use a VPN in Canada?

Using VPN service in any location including in Canada is safe.

It encrypts internet traffic providing extra security and anonymity to Canadiens internet users. With Virtual Private Network no-one can tell what user is doing online. Therefore, VPN users can feel full internet freedom and do whatever they like when browsing the internet.

Unfortunately, not all providers are created with privacy-focus in mind. Some services, manly free VPNs, log your internet activity and keep the data to sell it to third parties.

Therefore, make sure to read vendor’s privacy policy before getting an account in Canada.

The best VPNs are the ones that don’t log user’s data and provide reliable encryption. All of our service providers for Canadiennes have been selected considering Canada digital privacy laws, level of censorship and surveillance.

What can I do with Canadiens VPN?

Virtual Private Network service for Canadiennes offers several privileges.

The 8 Best VPN Service Providers of 2020

VPN users in Canada can protect their data and unblock sites and services that otherwise would be inaccessible.

Bypassing internet restrictions, censorship and surveillance are some of the leading benefits that Canadians can gain by getting a VPN software.

You can also unblock websites from other countries.

For example, if you are in Canada but want to access blocked sites from the US, then VPN service for Americans is the best tool to have.

Digital privacy in Canada

In the last few years, the online privacy has become more critical to over 80% of Canadians.

Best & The Fastest Free VPN 2019! (Mac & Windows PC) Free Unlimited VPN

It is mainly due to some of the recently passed pro-surveillance legislations like Bill C-11 and Bill C-51.

After these bills were approved and came into effect, more Canada residents started using VPN as they don’t feel right that their government can spy on them.

Bill C-11

This bill is also known as Copyright Modernization Act.

It requires all internet service providers to execute their own customers. If a customer is accused of violating copyright, then the ISP has to monitor and store logs of its online activity for up to six months.

Moreover, after the online data is collected, ISPs are supposed to forward it to the government authorities.

The intent of the Bill C-11 is to fight copyright infringement within Canadian users. However, it also promotes internet surveillance in Canada.

Therefore, a VPN to Canada is the best way to protect yourself while illegal file sharing and torrenting.

Bill C-51

This bill is also known as the Anti-Terrorism Act. The Bill C-51 allows Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) directly obstruct travel plans as well as financial transactions of anyone who is a suspect of terrorism.

Unfortunately, this regulation also allows them to exchange users’ data with other government agencies.

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can find out who you are

Therefore, Canada has gone pro-spy just like some big western nations.

Furthermore, it is the end of the privacy in this “friendly” nation. Now even CSIS wants to know what’s in your mailbox and what you have ordered in the Best Buy.

Take back your online privacy with a VPN for Canada.

Unblock Canadian sites

You may be traveling abroad and wish to access your favorite shows and services on the go, but you find it to be unavailable.

It is known as geographic blocking.

Many services are only available within the specific area. When you leave that area, you are unable to access it.

Best vpn option for canada

However, there are a few methods how you can bypass geo restrictions. And one of the ways is to get a VPN service.

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It lets you change your IP and unblock sites from Canada. It enables you to unblock Netflix Canada, MTV, Show Case, CBC, Sportsnet, Slice and other popular Canadian online services.

Should I get free VPN for Canada?

There are many free VPNs available on the market.

PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can find out who you are

However, most of those services are incredibly insecure for internet users since they sell online user data to third parties.

Primarily purpose of a VPN is to protect user privacy and keep users data private and secure. Therefore, we do not advise to sign up for a service that offers free VPN in Canada.

Only a few free VPNs for Canadian that we recommend.

However, all of those VPNs have some limitations like bandwidth limitations or server availability. Therefore, if you are looking for a free Canadian VPN then by signing up for service with restrictions, then you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

Although free Canada VPN isn’t a great solution for a long-term, it allows getting a quick taste of what paid service would offer.


All the VPNs in this guide have been carefully selected and are perfect for Canada.

Ultimately, the main considerations in VPN selection for Canadians were Bill C-11 and Bill C-51 regulations, censorship, surveillance, and potential to unblock sites and services from abroad.

All of the providers’ ensure full privacy and servers all around the world including in Canada. Also, they offer excellent and easy to use software for all devices and operating systems. Furthermore, they are the most popular and trusted VPNs between Canadian and around the world.


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Best vpn option for canada