Best Video Rendering Options For Facebook 2020

Best video rendering options for facebook 2020


Compromising on your motherboard for video editing and VFX purposes can have severe consequences, for obvious reasons.

It is sensible to invest in a good motherboard even if it costs you an arm and a leg to do so, however, that may not be necessary.

Given that there are so many options in the market, how does one know which motherboard is ideal and works for their needs?

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We’ve reviewed some of the best motherboards available in the market so we could get you a step closer to finding the perfect option for you.


Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi


With ATX form factor, the Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi is arguably one of the best motherboards in the market. An Intel product, the Aorus is reasonably priced and packed with such amazing features that would ideally take your video editing capacity to the next level.

Some of the highlights include reinforced PCIe slots, RGB lighting.

Best video rendering options for facebook 2020

It accommodates only 8th and 9th-gen LGA 1151 socket with 4 DIMM sockets of up to 64GB capacity.


  • If you’re searching for a motherboard that can support multiple graphics processing unit, then the Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi should be one of your considerations.
  • Not many motherboards have cooling abilities as good as this one. The motherboard has a smart five cooler that can let you interchange cooling headers and reflect different thermal sensors at various positions on the motherboard.
  • It has some solid aesthetics.
  • It is equipped with a USB Type-C panel control header for USB 3.1


  • Could use more M.2 slots.


Best video rendering options for facebook 2020

Asus ROG Maximus XI Code Z390 Gaming


Albeit targeted for the gaming crowd, this motherboard is designed for Intel Coffee Lake Refresh processors and you if you are in that headspace where you want to pick a motherboard blindly without putting in any thought effort.

This motherboard is everything you would ever want we are even willing to give it the best motherboard in the market title. The ASUS ROG Maximus features two PCIe M.2 (Key M) slots, improved power delivery, and dedicated water-cooling pump headers.

The Key Engines of Editing: CPU and Memory

It works by optimizing speed and connectivity for better DRAM overclocking stability.


• It comes with a pre-installed input/output shield that ensures streamlined installation and represents ROG’s attention to detail.
• Its features are all the rave. You can tell that ASUS put a lot of thought into creating this motherboard and did not compromise on quality, components or design.


  • It does not come cheap.
  • The WiFi on the ROG Maximus could be faster


Gigabyte Z390 UD


The Gigabyte Z390 UD (Ultra Durable) is an ATX motherboard for when you are on a budget.

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It features up to 4,000MHz memory, software-controlled case fans, a 1 x PCIe M.2 (Key M) slot and 8 and 4-pin 12V ATX power inputs, six USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a pair of PS/2 ports for a keyboard and mouse and an HDMI video output.


  • It a Thunderbolt 3 port which is great considering how essential this port is for video editors.
  • Retailing at roughly $120, the Gigabyte Z390 UD is affordable.


  • You have to compromise on some things such as extra M.2 and SLI slots.


ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I


Users of ITX form factor motherboards are few and far between which is why the ROG Strix is categorized as a boutique motherboard. Some of the features of the ROG Strix include an upgraded Intel 9560 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi, dual PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 slots, Intel v219 Ethernet, and an ALC1220A audio codec supported by isolated circuitry and headphone amp.

2. Asus ROG Maximus XI Code Z390 Gaming

One would mistakenly think that the features of the Strix would affect the design of the motherboard, but it doesn’t. It does, however, make it slightly bulkier in comparison to the previous version.

The ROG Strix provides excellent performance for video editing boasting an overclock speeds of 5GHz with the help of several memory speeds and a 3600MHz tweak. Graphics card speeds on this motherboard exceeded or matched a lot of the Z390 ATX factor form boards.

The most important thing when using this motherboard is to remember to install the bottom mounted M.2 drive before anything else.


  • The performance and overclocking speeds of this motherboard are fantastic.

    The overclocking is done intelligently based on smart prediction and thermal telemetry.

  • It has dual M.2 SSD slots.
  • The memory capacity is incredible.


  • The input/output shield slot is very bulky
  • While the dual M.2 SSD slots are great, one of the slots is under the motherboard which is very inconveniencing.
  • It is pricey just like most Z390 motherboards


MSI X470 Gaming Plus


An ATX form factor motherboard, the MSI X470 is a low budget motherboard that seeks to carve a niche for itself by delivering quality at a reasonable cost.

1. Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi

It is suitable for MD RYZEN Series Processors and 7th Gen A-series/ Athlon processors and can support up to 64GB of RAM. With a 2.933 Megahertz overclock speed the performance of this motherboard is relatively average but given the price point, it is not too shabby.

Some of the features on the MSI X470 include; DDR4-RAM up to 3.466 MHz, dual M.2 slot PCIe 3.0 x4 / 6x SATA 6G, two USB 3.1 / 8x USB 3.0 / 6x USB 2.0 and two PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16/x8) for high-end graphics cards.


  • The RGB lighting can be controlled from your laptop.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • The casing of this motherboard is too small


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MSI Arsenal Z270 Gaming Plus


This ATX Motherboard from MSI was created for Intel’s 6th- and 7th-gen processors and outfitted with one PCIe 3.0 x16, one PCIe 3.0 x4, and four PCIe 3.0 x1 slots so you can install Wi-Fi adapters, graphics cards, and other variations of the PCI cards.

It also includes Gigabit Ethernet, VGA, DVI-D, and DisplayPort outputs on the back panel.

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We appreciate that the Arsenal Z270 has such great performance that it can handle Kaby Lake Systems without any difficulty.


  • For the value that this motherboard offers the price is quite reasonable.
  • MSI’s Arsenal Z270 supports high-speed memory which is exactly what you need for video editing.


  • The motherboard is equipped with old Realtek ALC892 audio which is not the best for video editing.

    • Video editing requires that sound to be top notch so you can produce quality videos.

      Best video rendering options for facebook 2020

      The Realtek Audio on this motherboard would compromise the audio you reproduce for your videos.

  • The processor overclocking on the Arsenal Z270 is unexceptional.

7. ASRock X399 Professional Gaming sTR4


The ASRock X399 is an excellent motherboard especially if you are not on a budget and have money to spend. There aren’t that many motherboards designed explicitly for the Ryzen Threadripper processors and even though the processor itself one of the best you quickly begin to understand the beauty of the ASRock X399 if you are multitasking on your device.

Best video rendering options for facebook 2020

The motherboard is so good that it can support up to 128GB of DDR4 memory and it includes 4-way SLI or Crossfire configurations.


  • It offers Crossfire or 4-way SLI support


Final thoughts

When deciding on which motherboard will serve you best for your video editing, there are a couple of things in the form of motherboard features you should think about before making the purchase.

Firstly, when you think about the graphics card, especially if you intend on having multiple ones in your machine, you should consider getting a motherboard that is compatible with Crossfire for NVIDIA and SLI for AMD.

Another point of consideration has to be the M.2 slots for your solid-state drive. Finally, the processor that comes with your machine is also critical; this is because depending on whether it is an AMD Ryzen processor or an Intel processor you will require different chipsets, i.e., the X470 and Z390 respectively.

Best video rendering options for facebook 2020

Remember motherboards come in several form factors such as the common mini E-ATX and ITX or the more common Micro ATX and ATX. Typically, most machines support multiple form factors, so you do not have to worry about knowing which one to purchase.

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However, you should be cautious about the motherboard sockets that your processor adheres with so that you are not caught unaware.

Also, take note that some of the best motherboards in the market are designed for gaming and gamers and just because something is cheap it not necessarily translates to poor quality. Do not be afraid to make a purchase just because after reading reviews and doing your research you find that the motherboards have the word game or gaming on the package.