Best Vegan Option Restaurants Near Me

Best vegan option restaurants near me


Vegan pizza: It’s arguably the best culinary creation on the planet.

Best vegan option restaurants near me

And now it just got better at dozens of chains. PETA has been working with businesses to expand their meat- and dairy-free options, and now, we’re thrilled that so many of them now offer vegan cheeses, faux meats, and scrumptious veggies. Here are some great options when you want fresh, tasty pizza without supporting the cruelty of the meat and dairy industries.

Pizza 73

It’s a great week for vegans in Canada, because popular chain Pizza 73 has added a whole bunch of new vegan options to its menu.

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Compassionate customers can customize their animal-free pizzas to include a new vegan cauliflower crust, dairy-free cheese, and two new plant-based protein options: Yves Veggie Cuisine pepperoni and Field Roast spicy sausage crumbles.

These delicious new vegan options are available at all 88 Pizza 73 locations.


PizzaRev has vegan sausage when you’re in the mood for a hearty pizza, and it also offers vegan cheese. Choose either the original or gluten-free crust, which are both vegan, and top it with some veggies.

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Pizza Pizza

Canadian pizza powerhouse Pizza Pizza has partnered with Field Roast and Yves Veggie Cuisine to launch two new tasty vegan toppings: plant-based chorizo crumbles and plant-based pepperoni. Pizza Pizza is becoming a go-to for compassionate Canadian customers, as its classic and whole grain pizza crusts are vegan and it also provides delicious dairy-free cheese from Violife, which can replace cow’s milk mozzarella on any of its pizzas.

Blaze Pizza

Following talks with PETA, Blaze Pizza is spicing up its pizza game and now offers vegan Spicy Chorizo as a topping.

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For those who like cheese pizza, the chain also offers Daiya cheese for no extra charge. Both the traditional and gluten-free crusts are vegan as are the classic red sauce, the spicy red sauce, the BBQ drizzle, and the olive oil drizzle.

Best vegan option restaurants near me


MOD Pizza

Vegan options at MOD Pizza include the dough and a base of red sauce, BBQ sauce or garlic rub (which is reportedly divine).

You can get vegan Daiya cheese at more than 50 locations at no extra charge! Locations

Mellow Mushroom

Not only does Mellow Mushroom offer red sauce, olive oil, or BBQ sauce as a base for its pizza, we’re also in love with plant-based toppings such as tofu, tempeh, and vegan cheese. Locations


Vegan toppings abound at Pieology, as the fast-casual chain offers several vegan meats, including Gardein vegan meatballs, chicken, and Italian sausage!

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Use the gluten-free crust, red sauce, olive oil, or BBQ sauce. Daiya cheese is available as well!

Best vegan option restaurants near me



You can have more than a dozen of the pizzas at this establishment by simply opting for vegan cheese. It’s super-cool interactive online menu tells you how to make your pizza vegan just by checking a box.

Best vegan option restaurants near me

And don’t miss the Beyond Meat sausage! Locations

Buddy’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

Buddy’s offers a delightful Tuscan vegan pizza that comes on a multigrain crust and is topped with Daiya cheese. Locations

Brixx Pizza

Vegan cheese is available at no extra charge!

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That’s what we like to hear. Traditional and whole-wheat dough are vegan as well. Search for locations near you.

Minsky’s Pizza

Savor a slice of Minsky’s gourmet pizza with Daiya vegan cheese.

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Patxi’s Pizza

This pizza place offers Daiya vegan cheese and a homemade sauce, and all of its crusts are vegan. Locations