Best Treatment Options For Osteoporosis

Best treatment options for osteoporosis

Best treatment options for osteoporosis

There is no single “silver bullet” remedy for osteoporosis. It takes a whole-person approach. Get enough dietary calcium, take vitamin D, participate in regular exercise, fall-proof at home, and avoid smoking and excess alcohol.

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or had a fracture from a fall at standing height, talk with your healthcare provider about medication options.

Choosing the Right Osteoporosis Medication

There are many things to think about when choosing the right osteoporosis medicine.

Best treatment options for osteoporosis

You and your healthcare provider may consider:

Your sex. Some osteoporosis medications are approved for both men and women, while some are approved for women only. Visit our Medications and Treatment Adherence page for further details about which medications are appropriate for women and for men.

Your age. Some medicines are best for younger postmenopausal women while others are best for older women.

Osteoporosis medication is not recommended for healthy premenopausal women.

Best treatment options for osteoporosis

However, young women who take medications or have disorders known to cause bone loss and fractures may benefit from osteoporosis treatment. For example, medication could be right for a premenopausal woman experiencing low-trauma fractures while on long-term high-dose corticosteroids to manage an autoimmune disease such as lupus.

How much bone you’ve lost. Osteoporosis medicines work in different ways.

A person with more severe bone loss or multiple broken bones may be recommended a different medicine than a person with less bone loss or no fractures.

Your overall health.

Osteoporosis treatments for women