Best Surround Sound Options 2020

Best surround sound options 2020

High End Home Theater Speakers Buying Guide

Your average modern TV is usually made with the design elements leaning towards a great visual resolution rather than the sound, the key reason being that the audio ought to be handled by an amplifier and speaker system.

Even a 2.1 set-up will sound noticeably better than your standard stock TV set.

Best surround sound options 2020

If setting up a surround is new to you it may seem a bit daunting so here is some useful relative info.

What to look for in High-End Home Theater Speakers?

Your key criteria for consideration is used (movies/audio or both?) your room size and power consumption.

The power allowance and indeed channel configuration will be determined by your amplifier abilities.

Many amplifiers have a bit of wiggle room with switchable channel impedance suited to higher or lower watts.

Whether it's 5.1 or 7.1 you are aiming for, you want to source a solid center channel choice.

The center channel loudspeaker is a key component in any system and arguably one of the most important parts as the majority of a soundtrack is handled by it.

It is vital for clear dialogue and because it is central, provides the most directional sound.

It is imperative to have a dedicated woofer or subwoofer to cope with the lower frequencies that really tax the other speakers making your mids far less clear.

Best surround sound options 2020

The middle range frequencies are where most of the details lie and letting a sub relieve them of their lower response makes them far more efficient.

Placement is a very important factor in a smaller space you might want to opt for an in-wall or even an in-ceiling mount. Installation is a lot more straightforward than you might think but there are things to consider, which we go into in more detail in our 10 best in-wall speakers in 2018 article.


There are a host of options available on the current market which work incredibly well in their intended surround fields.

Best Surround Sound Systems in 2019

They are each designed to be a team player and whilst some have capabilities to work alone, as part of a larger set-up is how they perform to the best of their abilities.

Knowing your amplifier capabilities is crucial to your channel selections and where to place them is also of key importance.

Finding the right solution for your needs should be relatively simple and doesn't have to cost the earth in modern times either.

We have reviewed a decent range of home theater models and we hope that will have helped expose the benefits of each kind, the duties demanded of it, and whether or not it is right for you as an individual.

Our suggestions paired with our buyer's guide info should leave you armed with all you need to know before you buy but feel free to browse our other articles for additional reassurance.

Expert Tip

If you are completely new to setting up a surround system we suggest going with a package deal set-up, sometimes referred to as a home theater in a box or HTIB.

They will work seamlessly with one another.

Did you Know

If you like it loud, have an ample amplifier and fancy adding a floor-standing model you might want

Best surround sound options 2020