Best Surgical Weight Loss Options

Best surgical weight loss options

Due to the shortcomings of diet and exercise approaches, bariatric surgery has become recognized as the most effective solution for long-term weight loss. For many patients, bariatric surgery has produced considerable long-term weight loss.

Gastric Banding at Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery

This weight loss has important medical benefits, including normalizing blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes5, preventing the future development of diabetes6, improving or normalizing blood pressure in patients with hypertension,7,8 improving or eliminating obstructive sleep apnea,9,10,11 decreasing joint pain,12 and improving health-related quality of life13.

However, these surgical options also have many potential complications that must be carefully weighed against the potential benefits. The AspireAssist is a breakthrough minimally-invasive therapy that has been shown to provide similar weight loss results, without many of the serious complications of invasive surgery.


Best surgical weight loss options