Best Sound Option For Projector

Best sound option for projector

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The times when you had to carry a bulky projector with you are now gone as the technology got better and many manufacturers flooded the market with small enough products that can fit almost anywhere, even in your pocket.

If you are looking for a small device that covers all your video projecting needs efficiently then try this list of the best portable projectors on the market. You might also be interested in our articles about the best 4k projector, best hdmi switch and best instant cameras.

Encompassing a vast range of features, it’s not an easy decision when it comes to choosing the best portable projector out there.

The 10 Best Portable Projectors in 2020

People have different needs and budgets so in this list the primary focus was finding the most cost-effective options. Without any further introduction, let’s see what’s the fuss about these interesting devices.

Best Buy Portable Projector

1. DBPOWER T22 LCD Mini Portable Projector Multimedia Home Theater Video Support 1080P

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The DBPOWER T22 is one of the most cost-effective options on the market if you need quality video projecting on the go.

It has many advanced features for creating an amazing watching experience and lots of performance upgrades over the previous version, like the innovative cooling system and the fan noise suppression. This device represents a great bargain for a portable LED projector.

Thanks to the upgraded LED source technology, the T22 is capable of projecting a crisp image without creating optical harm similarly to a TV or computer screen.

Therefore, this technology protects your eyes while you enjoy your favorite media. One of the main reasons why this model is very reliable is the extended lamp life.

It was designed to last approximately 50,000 hours if you watch on average a two-hour movie every day. You can rest easy because you won’t need a replacement for many years to come.

Another great feature of this portable projector is the low fan noise.

They integrated a double tube cooling technology which disperses the heat more efficiently and, as a consequence, cuts in half the noise from the fan. The device has pretty strong noise suppression capabilities comparing to other basic LED ones.

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The projector ships complete with a remote and cables and the unit feels well built despite the low weight. There are many input sources accepted by the T22, including USB, HDMI, SD cards and more . The optical keystone is not very precise but it’s good for challenging positioning situations.

Considering its abilities, this portable projector is good value for the money. For those wishing to save some space, it is a perfect solution thanks to the compact size.

Although the T22 is not exactly recommended for business presentations, it’s an excellent device for home entertainment. DBPOWER also has a very responsive customer support so this is definitely a reliable product overall.

Key Features:

  • 2400 Lumen
  • HDMI Cable included
  • Low Fan Noise
  • Projection image size: 30″-176″
  • Projection distance: 1.1m-5m
  • 50000 hours lamp life


RAGU Z498 1600 Luminous Efficiency Portable Home Entertainment LED Projector

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Mini video projectors have become more and more popular these days as the technology now permits quality entertainment in a smaller package and a good example of that is the RAGU Z498.

Besides being very convenient to carry around, this projector delivers great performance when it comes to watching videos on any walls. The battery lasts quite a long time, a feature that’s absolutely essential for a portable device.

It is a very powerful projector in terms of light, delivering 100 ANSI lumens of brightness which is acceptable for movie nights though not really ideal for presentations in a well-lit room.

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It has a generous projecting distance managing high-resolution images to create a truly big screen experience. The dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1 is quite decent, the colors looking very natural in darker environments.

It has a strong cooling system with innovative materials applied which also help for lowering the noise from the fan.

One of the most powerful aspects is the flexible connectivity options. Besides the HDMI port, it has a USB port, an AV/TV one, as well as an SD card slot and a 3.5 mm audio jack. Enhancing your entertainment is a breeze when you have so many options.

RAGU promises around 50,000 hours of continuous LED lamp usage before it needs a replacement.

This means quite some years of the quality image projecting. This is a very compact mini projector, resembling an iPad Mini in terms of size. Learning how to use this model is very easy, making the right adjustments is also very practical with the help of the optical keystone.

Taking into account everything about this portable projector, the final verdict is a positive one.

For a reasonable price, you can get a performant device that’s very easy to operate and ready to project virtually anywhere you have a big wall available.

Your home theater system isn't complete without one

If you’re looking to enjoy a portable movie theater wherever you go, the RAGU Z498 will amaze you with its stunning image quality.

Key Features:

  • 100 ANSI lumen
  • 2.2 pounds weight
  • Projection size: 28 – 180 inches
  • Projection Distance: 5 – 16 ft

Best Portable Projector for Movies


Meyoung TC80 Video Projector Support 1080P for TV Home Cinema Theater

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The Meyoung TC80 is one of the best choices for projecting your favorite media anywhere you like. This model is a very portable projector that can connect with ease to any HDMI-enabled device including smartphones (if you get the right adapter).

As a home theater unit, this one is highly recommended due to its vivid colors, many inputs, and the powerful built-in speaker.

For a perfect full HD experience with beautiful visuals, the projector has been upgraded in terms of luminous efficiency.

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It supports movies and video games projected on a 50~130 inches big screen in HD. This one is an excellent high-performance device for creating a cinematic movie experience at home. The resolution, although satisfactory for entertainment purposes is not precise enough to display text well and for this reason, this model is not recommended for PowerPoint presentations.

The TC80 plays well with USB flash drives, portable HDDs and supports SD cards.

Best sound option for projector

Hooking up your devices is a breeze and the functions of the projector are quite simple to manipulate and adjust. The quality of the projections is not amazing but extremely satisfactory for this price. You’ll need a very dark room to be able to see the full potential of this projector.

An excellent choice especially for outdoor movie nights, it offers a lot for the money.

The built-in speaker, although a nice addition, it’s not meant to be one of the highlights of this projector.

Best Laser Projector for 2020

In terms of image quality, it really stands out and can deliver surprisingly crisp colors even on improvised screens. A solid investment, all things considered.

Key Features:

  • 1200 luminous efficiency
  • 50~130 inches projection size
  • USB Flash Drive, Mobile HDD, SD Card Compatible
  • Throw Distance: 4.9 – 13.12 feet
  • 1080p max resolution

Best Pocket Projector


RIF6 CUBE Pico with 120 Inch Display 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector

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In case you are trying to find the best portable solution to your video projecting needs, the RIF6 CUBE could be a suitable choice as it’s so small that it can fit well into your pocket.

Best sound option for projector

Don’t let the size fool you though, as it is capable of making a big impression with its projecting features. Sharing your various media on the go is now possible with this mini projector.

The CUBE is built from a single piece of aluminum and the casing feels very solid and durable. This metal finish gives the projector a very modern design and doesn’t really add a lot to the weight as the device weighs only 1.76 lbs.

Engineered for portability, it is also a powerhouse for its size.

It will definitely marvel anyone as it can quickly transform any screen into a vivid, 120-inch display which projects virtually anywhere giving you a whole new view.

With a native resolution of 854×480, the image quality is quite impressive for the size. Coupled with the latest advances in LED and optical technologies, the CUBE can provide stunning colors and clarity in such a small package.

The battery keeps the CUBE charged for almost 2 hours and the LED bulb with 50 lumens packs somewhere around 20,000 hours of playtime. Perfect for a varied range of entertainment purposes like games or a slideshow of pictures, the mini projector from RIF6 can also connect to lots of smart devices and to a computer.

You can hook it up to a laptop with minimal effort and enjoy a quality movie experience on the go.

In the package for this amazing little projector, you can discover a remote control, a HDMI cable and a flexible tripod to get you started.
Priced considerably higher than other options in this list, the RIF6 pocket-sized projector is geared towards those who value portability above all else. It has a decent image quality, but keep in mind that you have to be in a really dark environment as this one doesn’t work well in low light conditions.

All in all, it is a pleasant surprise when it comes to its features and overall performance.

Key Features:

  • Full HD 1080p compatible
  • 20,000 hours LED lamp life
  • 50 lumens image brightness
  • Reduced size and lightweight
  • Quality single-piece aluminum case

Best Portable Projector for Business


Epson PowerLite 1781W WXGA 3LCD Portable Projector

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If you are after a travel-friendly companion that offers powerful video projecting capabilities, the Epson PowerLite 1781W is a more expensive option that comes with many premium features.

Besides sharper images thanks to a bigger resolution, the most attractive characteristic of this device is the high color brightness which is ideal for business presentations in well-lit rooms.

Weighing only 4 lbs, the PowerLite is very easy to carry and with a thinness resembling a laptop, it can fit nicely in your bag. It seems Epson dedicated a lot of their efforts on creating a slim design for this projector but there haven’t been made any compromises on performance.

With 3200 lumens, it is bright enough for making your presentations a pleasure for everyone to watch even in well-lit rooms.

The WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) makes a difference when it comes to the text and the overall image clarity.

The projections are sharper and the colors are very accurate. Image adjustments can be done quickly using the horizontal and vertical keystone correction and the Screen Fit feature which will place the image correctly if the projector is not centered.

An interesting feature of this projector is the ability to project wirelessly from a laptop or smartphone.

You can move freely around without the need for plugging any cords. The wireless setup can be done very quickly if you scan the on-screen QR code. The sharing of media files can be done directly using Chromecast via HDMI.

Epson has proven that you can obtain great projecting results without sacrificing too much space from your workspace.

The PowerLite 1781W is intended for bigger budgets and can fit well in more professional environments that require a better image quality and brightness. The fact that you can project wirelessly is another nice touch and for all these reasons, this projector is a very smart investment.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & thin
  • 3,200 lumens Color Brightness
  • WXGA resolution (1280 x 800)
  • High-speed LAN module for wireless connectivity
  • Supports MHL-enabled devices

Best Projector For Gaming


Our Top Picks

Video Projector Portable CiBest GP90 LCD HD 1080p LED Multimedia Home Cinema Theater

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A great portable projector for lots of entertainment purposes, including gaming, is the CiBest GP90. Despite the compact size of the device, it packs a serious punch in terms of image quality. It supports full HD 1080p videos with generous luminous efficiency brighter than most basic projectors.

They added multiple inputs and stereo speakers to complete the home theater experience.

The GP90 has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 offering support for 1080 Full HD videos.

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The upgraded LED source technology seems promising as it projects a clear image without tiring your eyes. It creates a brighter image allowing you to fully enjoy big screen entertainment. Movies, TV, and games look so much better hugely projected thanks to the 3200 lumens. With a high contrast ratio, the image looks considerably better in dark environments.

The built-in HiFi stereo audio system has a strong amplifier chip and can work well if you don’t have any other sound sources.

I would still recommend connecting a higher quality external speaker for a more cinematic experience. The built-in LED bulb is also very energy-efficient as it will save up to 70% and the lamp’s life is projected to last more than 30,000 hours to ensure an extended period of quality projections.

Portability is also a good factor to count on this projector.

It’s a relatively compact device that won’t take too much space in your home. The noise may be its weak point as it can be pretty loud especially if it’s a silent room but it’s normal for any projector to make some noise so you can get used to it.

With a decent price, the CiBest GP90 is an excellent option for gamers and those who wish to watch their movies on a big screen.

The integrated speakers are good if you don’t have speakers, though a better surround sound setup is recommended. The high contrast ratio will really make a difference and deliver a crisp image quality with vivid colors, which is especially nice for gaming.

Key Features:

  • Supports FULL 1080P HD Video
  • Native Resolution of 1280×800
  • 3200 Lumes
  • Multiple inputs
  • 5W speakers
  • Contrast ratio of 3000:1


iDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Video Multimedia Mini Portable Projector

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Another interesting projector in a portable package is the iDG-787W which is set to enhance your movie nights and gaming sessions.

Best sound option for projector

This one should fit well even tighter budgets to create a pleasant home theater experience to be enjoyed together with friends and family. The high performance is kept under control thanks to the two ball bearing fans.

Enjoying a breathtaking cinema experience from the comfort of your home is possible thanks to the iDG-787W which delivers a quality image with rich colors.

The huge size projection looks very clear and sharp for the size of the device. This is a very reliable home video system that allows you to take full advantage of any wall to create a memorable movie night together with friends and family.

An upgraded LED source display technology permits for a brighter and colorful experience when watching your favorite media.

At 1500 lumens, you get a decently bright image though it’s still not ideal for lit rooms. The projection size of 30″-100″ coupled with the projection distance of 3-10ft make achieving a huge cinematic screen a breeze.

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Both video games and movies can benefit from this projector.

The two ball bearing fans combined with a cutting-edge cooling system should leave all your noise and heating worries behind. As a consequence of this, the projector can last more years in your service. Maintaining it is also much easier due to the lamp life of 20,000 hours which contributes to this fact as it increases the operating life and the high soft brightness is designed to protect your eyes.

Working flawlessly right out of the box and promising an effortless operation, it is a recommended option for a portable projector.

In terms of quality it delivers exactly how you’d expect at this price point, nothing amazing but still quite decent. If you distance it correctly and make some fine adjustments, the final result can be extremely satisfying.

Key Features:

  • 1500 lumens
  • Image size: 30″-100″
  • Built-in speakers
  • HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV inputs
  • Advanced cooling system

Best Affordable Portable Projector


DBPOWER RD-810 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector

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Carrying around a heavy projector with you is very impractical so it’s no surprise to find so many capable ones portable enough to take with you more easily.

The RD-810 from DBPOWER seems very promising in terms of value for money.

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A highly versatile projector, it can play videos and display pictures from many devices with HDMI capabilities. With many improvements in the fan and cooling department, the noise is significantly reduced compared to other models but it has many interesting features to check out.

It offers 1200 lumens which are great for home entertainment though not that good for business presentations.

Best sound option for projector

A very versatile projector, this model can play music or display videos from any connected HDMI-enabled device including laptops, tablets and blue-ray DVD players. Smartphones need a separate cable that it’s not included.

The projecting distance of 1.5-5m is decent and the projector is capable of creating an image with a size of 50″ to 150”.

The RD-810 can deliver a solid viewing experience with nice looking colors but keep in mind that you have to be in a very dark room to fully take advantage of its capabilities.

The native resolution of 800 x 480 is not very impressive but considering that this is an affordable device, it’s completely understandable to see that DBPOWER cut some corners on quality. The fan noise is at an acceptable level and the keystone function works quite reliably to adjust the image.

In the package of this device, you’ll discover a handy remote control but no HDMI cable, unfortunately.

If you’re on a budget but you still wish to have a theater-quality movie experience everywhere you go, the DBPOWER RD-810 is an ideal choice. With a truly exceptional picture and thanks to the ability to max out at approximately 150″, it rightfully earns a spot on this list.

The small size can come in handy in many situations and helps with a more easy wall mounting process.

Key Features:

  • 1200 lumens
  • Throw distance: 4.9-13.12 feet
  • Throw ratio: 1.4:1
  • Reduced fan noise
  • 1920×1080 pixels resolution


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VisualGreat GP80 Projector Portable Size Top Game Video Entertainment

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With a slim design and a very portable size, the VisualGreat GP80 is easy to bring anywhere in a briefcase or small bag. It can be connected to the PC to project on a large screen all your favorite media but it’s not only limited to that.

You can also plug and play using the integrated USB port all your movies and pictures. With a solid brightness level for the money, this one is a very good investment.

The GP80 is capable of achieving 1800 lumens, a decent level of brightness, especially when considering the price.

This projector’s pure LED lamp is good at displaying natural and rich colors and is estimated to last a considerably long time, up to 30,000 hours.

It should work well in dark environments though it’s not the best projector you can use for presentations in well-lit rooms.

With a maximum supported resolution of 1920 x 1080, it should satisfy most home users looking to transform their wall into a big screen and watch together a movie with more ease. The wired support is quite varied as it can connect to a vast range of devices including console gaming rigs and smartphones (with the right accessories).

Something that’s really impressive about the GP80 is the rather strong dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 that will make your videos more pleasant to watch.

The portability is another solid point in favor of this product, as the device is pretty light and slim. It can be handled with ease and carried pretty much anywhere. Movie nights with friends can become a hundred times more fun thanks to this sleek and compact projector.

Easy to navigate and set up, this gadget represents a nice value bundle if you are interested to buy a performant portable projector.

Affordably priced, it offers good picture quality in a dimly lit room but it works best in complete darkness.

If you aren’t very pretentious, this video projector can offer a solid level of entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • 1800 lumens
  • 30,000 hours lamp life
  • Image Size of 28 – 180 inches
  • Projection Distance: 1.2 – 5.5 m
  • 5W speaker


Magnasonic Wi-Fi Mini Video Projector Wireless for Android Devices DLP 100 ANSI Lumens

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This mini video projector is loaded with attractive features despite the incredibly small size.

It is using LED wireless technology that supports 1080 p HD videos. The rechargeable battery promises a long lasting experience of approximately 1.5 hours on a single charge.

With so many uses, this device is a very practical solution to many of your entertainment needs.

It works as a great HD pocket projector as it supports 1080 p videos and projects images up to 120 inches.

Best sound option for projector

Besides gaming and movies, it’s a suitable choice for presentations, studying or outdoor projections. The integrated speakers offer only mediocre audio quality so don’t try to count on them for a powerful sound.

The Magnasonic can project wirelessly with a brightness level of up to 100 lumens. Although it’s great as a home theater projector, the real strength of this device lays in its portable size.

To maintain this level of portability more efficiently, they equipped this device with a powerful built-in battery that can deliver 1.5 hours of energy on just a single charge for bringing amazing projection capabilities wherever you go.

Balanced both in terms of price and size, this mini pocket projector is the perfect solution to your new big screen home theater.

But here’s the interesting part, you can enjoy this experience almost anywhere as it is such a small and light device. Considering the performance and nice extra Android features, this one is a valuable asset for everyone looking into buying a very portable video projector.

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable battery approx 1.5 hours of projections
  • 1080P HD video play
  • Up to 80 inches image projections