Best Smsf Investment Options

Best smsf investment options

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Xpress Super is excited to offer Peer-Peer-Lending under our platform and have partnered with Rate Setter. With more lenders than any other platform, RateSetter is one of Australia’s leading peer-to-peer lenders.

They connect investors who want a better return on their money with creditworthy Australian-resident borrowers who want a simple, competitive loan.

Traditionally, investing in consumer and small business credit has been an option only available to a privileged few, including large wholesale investors and the banks.

By connecting investors and creditworthy borrowers directly, RateSetter provides retail and SMSF investors a new option to access this attractive, established asset class.

Best smsf investment options

Strong, stable returns – Generate strong, stable cash returns by investing in loans to creditworthy borrowers.

If you are looking to invest in an asset class this isn’t listed above, please get in touch with us on 1300 216 890.