Best Salesforce Option For Small Buisness

Best salesforce option for small buisness


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This article has been updated with the most recent 2020 customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions to provide you an overview of the latest tools and systems for small businesses.

What is the best CRM for small business?

The best CRM for small business is Hubspot CRM, a free cloud-hosted solution designed to help sales teams close more deals with less work.

The platform helps organize and track every aspect of the sales pipeline, consolidate all customer data and information from all digital channels. Besides, HubSpot CRM supports up to a million contacts and provides unlimited storage.

Are you a small business trying to make sense of all the customer information coming from different sources?

Is your sales team struggling to retain customers and sustain sales growth? If so, you need a robust CRM software. This will enable you to build strong customer relationships and manage all relevant customer information and data.

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It will also allow you to collect, process, and analyze data coming from various interaction channels. Likewise, CRM software helps you adopt inbound marketing best practices to generate more leads.

The market is filled with dozens of CRM products.

The only question now is, how do you know which is right for you? Of course, we are here to help. From our database, we’ve picked the ten best CRM software for small business based on their user-friendly features, functionalities, capabilities, benefits, affordability, and unique attributes. This way, you can zero in on the ideal platform for your small business.

What are the benefits of CRM software?

Any business can gain the benefits of CRM software.

There are plenty of vendors today that offer various features that will suit your needs – regardless of your business size or industry. These software has been available for years, but recent technological advancements have made them more accessible to all sizes of businesses, including SMBs. By eliminating the complex hardware setup process and extensive training, today’s CRM systems are more scalable, affordable, compact, and less bulky.

Many businesses enjoy CRM benefits that include the following:

  1. Increase sales. A CRM software gives you insights that you can use to increase your sales, identify your loyal customers, and engage them with rewards, promos, and discounts.

    It also lets you nurture quality leads and spot potential prospects. Additionally, you can follow up with repeat customers, re-engage dormant ones, and seize upsell opportunities.

  2. Make data-driven decisions. Making decisions is not only driven by data but is also empowered with quick response time.

    You can improve your business workflows and operation with access to comprehensive insights in real-time. This can help you enhance your current strategies and resolve ineffective ones.

    If there’s a potential issue, you will be prepared with the software’s forecasting capability based on trends and patterns.

  3. Improve productivity. The processes across your organization are streamlined and automated to avoid mistakes and repeating work.

    Best CRM Software for Enterprise

    It supports admin tasks, so your staff is freed to do more important work, like focusing on serving customers and responding to their concerns quickly. Since most of CRM solutions are integrated, you can align projects, events, products, and contracts to accelerate the turnaround of your deliverables. Such is true even in the case of sales automation solutions for big businesses.

  4. Utilize mobile solutions. Using CRM solutions with mobile apps enable your field and remote teams to stay connected at any time, anywhere.

    Right from their mobile device, they can access customer, product, and purchase information even on the go.

    Best salesforce option for small buisness

    This accelerates approval and enhances efficiency. What’s even better about them is you can create your own mobile CRM strategy.

  5. Strengthen data security. CRM software provides a centralized hub for your sensitive customer and business information. Since it lives on one platform, you only have one tool to secure using your resources, capital infrastructure, and budget, instead of dealing with multiple, disconnected systems. It gives you control of access permissions to make sure only the right people have access to certain information.

You should know the critical features to look for, and weigh your needs, and learn all the tips to pick the right CRM solution.

But before we dive into our ten leading small business CRM solutions, let’s get a refresher on CRM software and the industry.

Overview of the CRM industry

CRM first started in the early 70s when annual surveys were used to gauge customer satisfaction. It has evolved over the decades and, in recent years, has become a thriving sector experiencing continued growth, eventually paving the way for the mobile SaaS industry.

The expansion of the CRM software industry has been pushed mainly by cloud technology, facilitating the adoption of the software as a cost-effective SaaS platform. Since 2010, the CRM market has been on a continued upswing, growing at an average of 27% year over year.

The latest forecast saw the CRM market reaching $80 billion in 2025.

To give you an idea of how CRM has become an indispensable tool in today’s business, here are some CRM statistics culled from various sources:

  • ROI on CRM is approximately $5 to every $1 invested (Baseline)
  • 79% of leads fail to convert without CRM (Pardot)
  • 30% of all leads fail as a result of bad data sources (Cyber Sphere)
  • 26% is the recorded adoption rate for CRM (Salesforce)
  • 65% boost in sales quotas is realized by businesses with CRM (Innopple Technologies)
  • 41% revenue increase is attained with CRM (Trackvia)
  • 60% of the time, CRM is used for email marketing by small businesses (
  • 47% of the time, leads nurtured in a CRM system are converted (Annuitas Group)
  • 300% improvement in conversion rates with CRM in place (Cloudswave)
  • 40% improvement in average purchase value with CRM (Cloudswave)
  • 23% reduction in lead cost with CRM (Cloudswave)
  • 47% improvement in customer service with CRM (Capterra)
  • 26% improvement in retention via Social CRM (Nucleus Research)
  • 74% of businesses using CRM report better customer relationships (Software Advice)

Best CRM Software for Small Business


HubSpot CRM

Cloud-based CRM software HubSpot CRM is a leading tool designed for small and complex sales teams.

CRM for Small Business - 7 Tips on Choosing the Right Platform

You can monitor and control your market performance, keep an eye on all of your transactions, see your lapses and where to improve, and build a healthy relationship with your prospects and customers.

This smart and easy-to-use tool is capable of carrying out the necessary features expected from a CRM, and you no longer have to burden yourself with the complexities that come with integration and adoption.

Additionally, HubSpot CRM is free, and the software is a certified and recommended partner of Google. It has a customizable interface that makes it suitable for all industries.

If you want to investigate the features closely, you can easily do so when you sign up for HubSpot CRM free trial.

What is unique about HubSpot CRM?

  1. It is absolutely free. HubSpot offers the most lightweight and end-to-end CRM, with its fully-featured functions offered for free.

    HubSpot CRM is integrated with well-liked business systems and applications. Additionally, HubSpot doesn’t require contracts or credit card information. All you need to do is sign up and go.

  2. A built-in interface. With HubSpot CRM, no expensive and complex installations are needed since everything is deployed on the cloud. Its main working interface is closely similar to that of a common email provider.

    Salesforce: Best for larger sales teams

    It takes only a few minutes to learn navigation. You can interact with customers through the software and keep records of every interaction.

  3. Putting all marketing information in one place. HubSpot CRM is capable of monitoring and controlling calls, emails, meetings, and even notes from one interface.

    You can track all your deals, scheduled appointments, and contacts.

  4. Efficient. Due to its standardized features, HubSpot CRM effectively assists businesses in closing more deals in a timely fashion. You can consolidate and manage leads in one platform.
  5. No restrictions. HubSpot CRM offers no limitations to the number of contacts or users you can save. You can save more than 1, 000, 000 contacts and make these readily accessible to all team members.
  6. Flexibility.

    HubSpot CRM can meet the requirements of every individual as well as B2B and B2C businesses. It serves the retail, real estate, construction, or any other industry.

  7. Communicate easily with customers in real-time. With HubSpot CRM, you can build stronger relationships with your peers, prospects, and customers through personalized, one-on-one conversations.

    HubSpot CRM comes with free tools for live chat, team email, and bots, including a universal inbox where your marketing, sales, and customer service teams can view, manage, and reply to all conversations—regardless of the messaging channel the customers used.


Salesforce CRM

Sales CRM software Salesforce CRM is an extensive sales and marketing solution with separate systems for cloud-based analytics, marketing, service, and community. It allows sales representatives to underline top leads and identify wins and losses regarding customer transactions.

Key Salesforce CRM features include lead management, marketing automation, sales data, and partner management tools that allow you to convert and follow leads through recorded customer information and interactions, all in one centralized platform.

Salesforce CRM can also increase the sales team’s overall productivity through an AppExchange feature.

Teams can efficiently create critical reports, forecast sales, and accomplish territory models with ease. With Salesforce CRM, you can easily grow revenues simply by tracking all your sales activity.

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You learn more about your leads, their interests, pain points, and gain the insight you need to drive the business forward.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set, you can easily sign up for Salesforce free trial here.

Fully cloud-deployed, you can access the software wherever and whenever you go.

What is unique about Salesforce CRM?

  1. Close more deals.

    Salesforce provides diverse functions that allow you to increase your sales rating. Get insights and opportunities using Opportunity Management. Get access to a customer’s activity history, communications, discussions, and social mentions using Contact Management. With the Sales Collaboration module, you can track and verify sales information.

    Lastly, you can set metrics-based goals and amplify winning performances of sales representatives using Sales Performance Management to motivate your sales teams.

  2. Manage leads with ease. Features such as lead management, marketing automation, sales data, and partner management allow you to create a systematic and efficient pipeline from lead to conversion.

    Automate the whole process to discover and produce quality leads.

  3. Enhanced productivity. Log calls, reply to in-demand leads, and work real-time using Salesforce CRM’s mobile app available in Android and IOS mobiles.

    Drag-and-drop business processes quickly using its Visual Workflow module. You can even share and sync files and allow track changes for smoother and quicker service delivery.

  4. Get useful and helpful insights. Reports and dashboards offer a collection of data for detailed reporting and analysis.
  5. Flexibility.

    Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates with external business solutions and services like, TeamSupport, LeacExec, FinancialForce ERP, Ambassador, Zuora, Zendesk, and other major CRM, sales, and accounting solutions.

  6. Customer satisfaction. The software gives you the capability to provide an effective, worthwhile experience to every one of your clients.
  7. Efficient cloud-based system.

    Salesforce CRM’s cloud feature allows you to utilize it to its maximum potential without the need for complex, time-consuming setup procedures.

    Everything is available to you—accounts and contacts, leads and opportunities, marketing forecasts, analytics, contact management, notifications, etc.—providing you an effective workflow built on the App Cloud.

3. Freshsales

Next, let us get into Freshsales details.

CRM software Freshsales is a quality solution designed to provide the necessary tools for dependable lead capture. Sales teams recognize it as a single contact management hub where they can direct and monitor thousands of leads. Currently, it is one of the more widely-utilized CRM applications.

Freshsales offers a simple and easy-to-navigate interface combined with robust functions.

This enables you to streamline diverse aspects of the sales process and minimize the number of tools you use to manage your business. Freshsales focuses on improving sales, prioritizing pipeline opportunities, and surfacing crucial business insights. This makes Freshsales a powerful and efficient system for quick-working sales teams.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost.

Best salesforce option for small buisness

You can sign up for Freshsales free trial here.

With Freshsales, there are no substantial and complicated setup procedures. A wide array of integrations are at your full disposal. Freshsales also helps you determine where leads come from. With a lead capturing feature, the system can distribute, nurture, score, divide, and verify leads using multiple channels of communication.

Find your perfect match.

Freshsales also provides a set of advanced functions, including auto-dialers, call recording, call routing, and affiliate management. And with an over-the-top analytics feature, all relevant sources and metrics are consolidated into one report.

Freshsales is also relatively affordable and accessible.

Small teams can use the service for free, while midmarket businesses and corporations can avail of a paid package for a relatively low price.

What is unique about Freshsales?

  1. Lead Management.

    Freshsales monitors customers as leads and categorizes them based on their interests and activities on your website. The system is capable of sorting these leads into context to better qualify prospects or recognize trends and patterns.

  2. Effective analytics and reporting.

    Best salesforce option for small buisness

    Freshsales offers powerful reporting capabilities through default reports (pipeline, territory, email reports, etc.). You can create custom reports for every contact, deal, or opportunity. Additionally, these reports can be accessed at any point in time.

  3. Quality calls from your CRM.

    Freshsales allows direct calls without requiring complex hardware installations. It provides features such as auto-dialer, call routing, personalized welcoming messages, and ID recognition.

  4. Email and event tracking. Sales reps and agents can see who has opened their emails and who has ignored them, letting them know who is interested in a product so they can plan and act accordingly.

    Freshsales is also capable of displaying history for each customer. You can see their engagement, information, interests, and preferences.

  5. Sales management. Freshsales gives you full visibility over all stages of the sales process. This system can be used to sort and track deals, filter close dates, distinguish bestsellers, make changes for all actions, customize follow-ups, analyze wins and losses, identify trends, or distinguish performance bottlenecks.
  6. Outstanding customer support.

    Freshsales support is not limited to a particular plan. The software boasts of excellent support to help you get accustomed to the system and its processes.


NetSuite CRM

Customer relationship management software NetSuite CRM is an innovative, cloud-based solution designed to help SMBs manage the entire customer lifecycle. Boasting powerful CRM capabilities, the platform automates lead-to-cash processes, allowing businesses to be agile and highly responsive to the needs of their customers.

This way, it boosts customer service and ultimately helps increase customer satisfaction levels. 

Some of NetSuite CRM’s key features include Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, order management, sales performance management, partner management, integrated e-commerce tools, and more. The platform offers a real-time, 360-degree view of the customers and facilitates a seamless flow of information across the facets of the lead-to-cash cycle. Besides, businesses leverage the upsell, forecasting, and commission management capabilities to improve sales performance. 

If you want to investigate the features closely, you can easily do so when you sign up for NetSuite CRM free trial here.

What is unique about NetSuite CRM?

  1. Efficient customer service and support. NetSuite CRM offers robust call center features that enable businesses to deliver exceptional customer service.

    Besides, with a 360-degree customer view, companies can drive service consistency and improve performance across the organization.  

  2. Powerful Sales Force automation (SFA). SFA streamlines the entire sales process and provides unprecedented visibility into the critical aspects of customer relationships.  
  3. Advanced sales forecasting.

    NetSuite CRM supports probability-based forecasting, which eliminates the guesswork often associated with forecasts. In doing so, it increases sales predictability and helps curtail sales rep sandbagging and erroneous sales process probability logic.  

  4. Mobile access. NetSuite CRM is designed to extend productivity and collaboration beyond the walls of the physical office. With support for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices, the platform gives the mobile workforce access to business information anytime, anywhere. 
  5. Partner relationship management.

    Also, beyond traditional CRM tools, NetSuite provides effective partner relationship management tools. These enhance visibility into the partnering process, allowing you to establish thriving relationships with your partners. 

  6. Realtime reporting.

    Even better, NetSuite CRM provides built-in, role-based dashboards for marketing, sales, and service teams. The dashboards provide real-time access to the latest reports and personalized KPIs. 

  7. Marketing automation. Moreover, integrated marketing automation software makes it easy to create and run marketing campaigns to capture highly qualified leads.



CRM tool Pipedrive is designed by salespeople. The software organizes your business leads by providing excellent sales overviews, which allow you to focus on more critical deals.

The app is simple and fast due to it being fully mobile-optimized. It is well-integrated with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and other Google apps and third-party business applications.

With Pipedrive, you can get a solution capable of managing your sales pipeline to distinguish important and useful information to develop over-the-top and simple sales processes.

Additionally, it is a universally applicable system that allows you to manipulate all your workflows, regardless of the complexities.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for Pipedrive free trial here.

To ensure that all companies can find a package suitable for their budget, the vendor offers a flexible pricing plan.

What is unique about Pipedrive?

  1. Simple but effective sales management.

    Pipedrive provides a clear overview of your sales pipeline so that you know where to focus and what steps are needed to increase productivity.

  2. Easy scheduling and consistent follow-ups. You can plan events and appoint meetings with no risk of double entries in your calendar. Pipedrive provides you with activity reminder emails, auto-alerts, and notifications.
  3. Well-organized contact configuration and lead process.

    The system collects contact information that can be placed on your website or newsletter.

    4 of the Best Options for Small Business CRM

    You can then use these for contact integrations to import leaders from other systems.

  4. Everything is customizable. You can set Pipedrive to fit your sales process, from pipeline stages to custom fields.
  5. Standardized statistics. Everything can be presented statistically to better understand critical metrics such as agent performance, deals, and lead history.

    Critical comparisons are empowered through recent improvements in the system.

  6. Top-notch reporting. Pipedrive can store all conversations in a centralized database where you can follow detailed summaries like wins, losses, people, activities, and other performance metrics.
  7. Mobile optimization.

    Everything is accessible from any device.

6. Zoho CRM

CRM software Zoho CRM helps you attract, retain, and satisfy customers to further your bottom line.

Core Zoho CRM functionalities include lead and contact management, sales pipeline management, and purchase control. These features are considered top-notch, especially when placed in an easy-to-use interface like Zoho CRM.

The software can automate daily business activities, track sales, and engage clients in different platforms.

Additionally, its mobile app lets you take CRM anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about getting updates in real-time. You can close deals anytime and from anywhere.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for Zoho CRM free trial here.

Another interesting feature of Zoho CRM is that it can extend its functionality and integrate with other popular applications, including main Zoho products, Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, ConstantConnect, Google Apps, OneSaas and CloudWork.

What is unique about Zoho CRM?

  1. Zia.

    An AI feature named Zia is integrated into Zoho CRM. This AI learns about your business and your team. It is capable of interacting with clients, including call and chat, and analysis of interactions according to tone.

  2. Automated sales operations. Zoho CRM is capable of saving time by automatically completing routine tasks, so you can focus on closing more deals faster. You can use workflows and macros to perform tasks faster and more efficiently.
  3. Multi-channel features.

    You can connect real-time with customers and prospects through email, phone, live chat, and social media. Reaching out to prospects has never been easier.

  4. Pipeline management. With Zoho CRM, you can identify quality leads, get real-time customer insights, close more deals in less time, and enable effective account management.
  5. Available on mobile.

    Best salesforce option for small buisness

     Zoho CRM provides a native app for Android and iOS users, which helps you stay in control and interact with customers even while on the go.

  6. Customizable for easy navigation. You have total control overviews, filters, and fields. You can even decide what data you will see. You also have total freedom over primary modules and dashboards and see it the way you want it.
  7. Performance and analytics.

    Zoho CRM has real-time reporting, trend analyzers, accurate marketing forecasts, and territory management to measure the performance of every sales activity and divide quotas into achievable targets.

  8. Security. Zoho CRM is capable of providing you with high-level security. With comprehensive data security features, you can control employees’ access to information to strike the right balance between protecting your clients’ data and giving employees the freedom they need to get their work done.



Customer service management software vCita grants SMBs and professionals with an integrated solution for calendar and schedule management, client portal and management, billing and invoicing, lead generation and email, and SMS campaigns.

It streamlines and centralizes in one solution all your needs for communication and collaboration, marketing, CRM, workflow, and online payments.

The vCita client management module boosts productivity and nurtures and sustains customer relationships.

A client portal serves as a one-stop-shop for clients to schedule, pay, transact, and collaborate. Automated reminders ensure a reduction in grunt work and lost productivity by putting you on the loop 24/7.

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A custom follow-up capability ensures that you convert potential clients.

Its client portal is also intuitive, creative, and fresh. Users can easily tailor the portal’s look and can build a unique branding identity through customization features. The portal is also consistent in look and servicing capability, whether it be on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature, set you can easily sign up for vCita free trial here.

Moreover, vCita also gives you a compact and well-designed business calendar you can manage, create, and adjust.

Calendars can be easily synchronized, and for each offering you present to your customers, you can indicate the location, duration, and pricing packages. Recurring or one-time events can also be created. Clients can easily book appointments and services from any device.

You also get a landing page builder that is mobile-responsive and intuitive at the same time. Services and user-experience can be made consistently adaptable and effective through this feature and could also cut costs on your part.

What is unique about vCita?

  1. Integrated CRM solution. vCita covers all your CRM bases through a complete suite of tools for CRM, workflow and scheduling, payments, and marketing.
  2. Client portal module. Among its key propositions is a client portal where transactions and relationships are nurtured and leads generated.
  3. Payments centralization. Payments can be made online quickly.

    It even has a customizable invoice template.

  4. Marketing capabilities. Create engaging and effective email marketing campaigns to capture your customers and drive them towards conversion.

    6 Best Free CRM Software for 2019

    Emails can be sent out through any devices and are tracked through a reporting module.

  5. Robust lead capturing. vCita proactively documents all prospects and equips you with a dynamic suite of tools for building stronger relationships and striking engaging conversations.



Sales CRM software PipelineDeals is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses track, organize, and manage the entire sales management process.

Built to foster a culture of transparency and accountability, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of powerful CRM and sales engagement features. Moreover, it exhibits ease of use and customizability, allowing sales teams to put their best foot forward and deliver an exceptional experience to win customers over. 

PipelineDeals core features include lead management, sales pipeline management, sales team management, and contact management.

Together, these tools enable sales teams to generate and qualify leads and manage their contacts and deals – all from one program. Moreover, the software provides unlimited dashboards. It also allows business owners to create powerful reports to derive the insights they need to make data-driven business decisions. 

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

You can sign up for PipelineDeals free trial here.

What is unique about PipelineDeals?

  1. Robust lead capturing.

    PipelineDeals provides all the tools you need to communicate better and respond quicker to delight your leads. It also offers organized information, allowing sales teams to segment and pursue leads more strategically. 

  2. Manage contacts with ease.

    Moreover, the solution provides a central hub that enables sales teams to manage contacts, respond to emails, and track leads with ease. 

  3. Powerful reporting.

    Additionally, PipelineDeals allows you to generate reports that can be shared across the sales team. The reports unearth vital team performance data and deals metrics that power data-driven decisions. 

  4. Team management tools.

    What’s more, the solution provides all the tools you need to manage your team without a struggle. It offers features like account permissions, realtime notifications, goal tracking, and team reports.

    The tools make it easy to manage your team and inspire members to move in one direction. 

  5. Sales automation. Also, PipelineDeals automates the sales workflows with tools to streamline pipelines, share updates, and manage recurring deals.

    This way, the platform removes hurdles associated with manual tasks, saving time, allowing sales reps to focus on tasks that drive business growth.

  6. Powerful customization. PipelineDeals can be customized to suit the unique needs of your business.

9. Avochato

Cloud-based messaging platform Avochato is an innovation software predominantly designed for sales, operations, and customer support teams.

The solution caters to the needs of delivery services, logistics companies, realtors, insurance, ecommerce businesses, and more. Fundamentally, Avochato enables businesses of all sizes to manage all conversations, from phone calls to text messages from a simple, intuitive app. 

Support teams can leverage Avochato’s shared inbox to streamline service delivery.

The inbox centralizes all customer communications and makes it easy to route them to the relevant department. On the other hand, the platform provides a customizable Live Inbox that enables sales teams to promptly respond to inbound text and calls with ease.

Best salesforce option for small buisness

Other notable features include campaigns, surveys, template messages, MMS, and one-to-many messaging. 

You can easily sign up for Avochato free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment. 

What is unique about Avochato?

  1. Communicate better.

    Primarily, Avochato provides tools like shared inbox, live inbox, multimedia messaging,  and one-to-many message. These features help businesses improve communication to forge lasting relationships with customers. 

  2. Flexible tags.

    Most importantly, the platform offers flexible tags that are meant to simplify contact organization and management. The automated tags allow you to segment customers based on where they are coming from so you can send personalized campaigns.

  3. Automated response. With message templates, support teams can craft quick responses that are in line with the organization’s culture, goals, and habits.  
  4. Surveys and keyword. Moreover, support teams can utilize Avochato surveys to pinpoint the most commonly asked questions.

    Using the insights, they can create automated responses to these questions to facilitate faster issue resolution. 

  5. Integrations. Better still, Avochato integrates seamlessly with popular business apps, including Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft suite, and Zapier. 


Best salesforce option for small buisness

Zengine by WizeHive

Grant management software Zengine by WizeHive is a cloud-based solution designed primarily for foundations, nonprofits, universities, and other mission-based organizations.

The platform streamlines the grants, fellowships, and scholarship lifecycle management. It helps deliver an outstanding application experience to boost applicant engagement. 

On the other hand, it lightens the invaluable job of reviewers, allowing them to make decisions easier and quicker.

Ease of Use

You can create a unique scoring rubric to help reviewers view applications side-by-side. Most importantly, the solution allows reviewers to share their insights with ease, thus, expediting decision making.

What’s unique about Zengine by WizeHive is its unmatched flexibility and customizability. The solution can be tailored to the unique needs, goals, and processes of your organization.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set, you can easily sign up for Zengine by WizeHive free demo here.

What is unique about Zengine by WizeHive?

  1. Easy-to-follow application experience.

    One of Zengine’s amazing features is the intuitive submission portal. The portal provides tools such as eligibility quiz, deadline, countdowns, and word limits. The tools work in unison to simplify the application process and to ensure each applicant is accorded the best experience possible. 

  2. Powerful review portal. Once the applications are submitted, Zengine by WizeHive makes light the work of reviewers. Basically, when reviewers log in to the review portal, they can review the applications without any struggle.
  3. Centralized administrative hub.

    Better still, the platform provides a centralized view of all team activities through its administrative hub. Managers can view data collected from reviews and sift through applications to quickly check their status.

  4. Easy to use. Zengine by WizeHive offers a flat learning curve and can be used right out-of-the-box to streamline grant and scholarship applications.

  5. Highly configurable. Most importantly, Zengine by WizeHive is a highly configurable platform that can be customized to match the organization’s branding.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Nimble. Nimble is an insightful and simple customer relationship manager that aims to help professionals and businesses build better work relationships in a multi-channel and noisy world.

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    It has a smart and quick way to monitor, engage, and nurture business contacts—providing much-needed context to conversations.

  2. Nutshell. This is an intuitive CRM platform designed to help your sales team to boost their performance by helping them successfully adopt the use of CRM and related technologies in the performance of their tasks and in meeting sales targets.

    Nutshell integrates with the software small businesses already use, including Google G Suite/Gmail and Microsoft Office/Outlook.

  3. Copper. Copper, previously known as ProsperWorks, is a professional online CRM platform for Google Apps users, designed with usability in mind.

    The platform takes little to no time to improve interaction with your customers, and thus enhances the effects of your digital activity.

  4. FyNCRM. Feature-rich CRM application FyNCRM was created primarily for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Community Edition. It is designed to enable sales and support teams to have quick and immediate access to CRM data anytime and anywhere.

    With FyNCRM, users can easily look, create, and edit SuiteCRM modules, including accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, leads, calls, and meetings without any difficulty or issue.

  5. YeriForce CRM. A completely free to use open-source CRM, YetiForce CRM provides users with a great degree of flexibility and customization to suit one’s specific requirements. It features a modular approach for tailoring the platform to your needs, allowing you to capture leads, contact clients through email, seize opportunities, set permission settings, generate detailed graphs, and more.

    Being an open-source platform, you can benefit from its active community that strives to continuously bring new features and software improvements.

Spanish version of this article “Guía de las Mejores Soluciones de Software CRM Gratis para Considerar en 2020” is also available.

Should You Invest in a Mobile CRM?

At the moment, we’re experiencing a growing shift to mobile CRM solutions, with more and more businesses deciding to choose a CRM capable of supporting a wide range of mobile devices.

Studies confirm that adopting such tools contributes to an increase in sales productivity by 14.6% on average.

Go With CRM Trends and Be Competitive

As a small business, you need all the tools and means to get that edge over your competitors.

Primarily, the purpose of CRM is to retain customers and get new ones. But as you’ve noticed, CRM solutions are keeping pace with technology. You should be able to leverage your CRM to ride with the trends or get one that can accommodate new features.

For example, many of the leading CRMs today come with native Android and iOS apps to give your team mobile capabilities and further improve efficiency.

Some CRMs also utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to sort through and analyze tons of customer data, giving you valuable insights on customer behavior. One of the best optimization techniques for getting the most our your CRM is to automate tasks and workflows. Fortunately, automation is becoming a standard feature in CRMs to streamline manual processes. In other words, to keep your business in the running, you should go with innovations that are shaping CRM.

Quando e ipo e quando e ipertiroidismo

With 91% of companies (those with 10 or more employees) now using CRM, you have to be on top of your game by maximizing CRM’s mobile, automation, AI, and collaboration capabilities.

Put your small business in the right direction and be ahead of the pack – embrace innovation and get the most capable CRM.

One such CRM solution that can future-proof your business happens to be our top CRM product, which you can use right now as it costs nothing. With it, you get access to a wide variety of features in an easy-to-use interface.

To learn more about it, be sure to sign up for HubSpot CRM free trial here.

Ease of useSchedule managementAbility to get a clear snapshot

Ease of use (65%)Schedule management (27%)Ability to get a clear snapshot (18%)


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By Jenny Chang

Senior writer at FinancesOnline who writes about a wide range of SaaS and B2B products, including trends and issues on e-commerce, accounting and customer service software.

She’s also covered a wide range of topics in business, science, and technology for websites in the U.S., Australia and Singapore, keeping tabs on edge tech like 3D printed health monitoring tattoos and SpaceX’s exploration plans.