Best Romance Options Assassin& 39

Best romance options assassin& 39

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               The familiar weight of the staff shifted on her back as she hopped from one rooftop to another. After centuries of practice, her form was perfect and she reached her destination in record time, no one the wiser. Settling into the darkness, she spotted the target’s window in the building across from her and began setting up a tripod before fitting her phone on it.

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Looking at her watch indicated she was a couple minutes early, she looked up at the stars and breathed in the cool night air.

               She missed the days where the stars were crystal clear even on the brightest of nights.

Don’t be mistaken, there are places even now where she could almost feel as though she was home again, where if she closed her eyes, the last millennia could just be a dream.

Best romance options assassin& 39

It’s the closest she can get now, and she cherishes every moment of it. Sometimes, though, it just isn’t enough, but she’s learned that those times are just the price she pays for the completing her journey, her destiny.

               Her watch buzzed, indicating her time for stargazing and reminiscing is over. She looked toward the window, and her target appears, exactly on time.

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She can tell that they’re male, and has a decent build, probably barely shorter than she was, not unlikely considering she towers well over most of the population, regardless of the time period.

               Realizing that her phone camera lens still is good enough, she fitted it with an enhanced pair of lens attachment to get a clearer view.

For someone who was barely remembered in history as a demigod, she certainly could’ve used better vision.

               The target has his back towards the window and was fiddling with something on the bed.

Best romance options assassin& 39

She just needed a picture of him, simple in and out gig and she’ll be able to get a glass of wine to ease the tension she could already feel forming on her shoulders.

Unfortunately, they either knew that she was there – highly unlikely – or they just didn’t like facing windows as after fiddling spending and obscene amount of time fiddling with whatever was on the bed, they moved away from the window. Sighing and cursing in her mother tongue, she shifted her weight to try to ease the knot in her back.

               It was probably a few more minutes before they moved back to the bed, this time with a drink in one hand.

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With their return, she returned her focus on to her phone screen, monitoring his every move, waiting for a chance to capture his face. With the better view now, she could tell he was dark skinned with neatly styled dark brown hair and the suit he’s wearing seemed custom made as it fitted his frame very well.

Best romance options assassin& 39

Something about all seemed oddly familiar to her, but she brushed the thought away, she’s seen so many humans in her extended lifetime that it’s only natural it would happen.

               She could see his shoulders slumped lower with every mouthful of his drink, looking increasingly defeated, and she could barely contain her sudden urge to comfort this stranger.

Eventually he sighed and picked up a few sheets of papers from the bed, and she could see that they were pictures of a beautiful woman, obviously discreetly photographed from a distance, not unlike what she was doing. She took a few pictures of this, perhaps finding out who this mystery woman was could help their cause.

               With the last swig of his drink followed by another, larger sigh, he placed the glass down on the bedside table and ran his hands through his hair, messing it up and simultaneously stirring something in her belly.

Considering she just had an exquisite beauty that could rival Athena in her bed last night, she frowned at her body’s reaction to a man on a screen, who doesn’t even know she was observing him.

               When she finally got her head out of the gutter, she noticed he was facing the window now.


Instead of taking a picture that she’s been waiting for almost an hour for however, all she could do was stare at her screen, at the man that was woefully looking at the view out the window.

She could feel her pulse quicken and her breathing getting increasingly erratic.

“Impossible, it’s impossible.

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It can’t be. You can’t exist.

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Not like this, not right now.” She mumbled out loud as she ignored the tears threatening to paint her cheeks with her grief, grief that she has long put to rest, grief that had no right to exist anymore.

                The man on the screen pinched the bridge of his nose before turning around, picking up the cocktail glass and going out of frame of her limited view into the room.

This allowed her to snap out of her trance, push back the tears, and bury all the emotions that had no place in this life of hers.

               Doing her best to just flow through the memories that flooded her mind’s eye while remaining passive was something, even after a millennium, she could not do, especially when it concerned him.

The one person she had allowed herself to love, to imagine a life with, to settle and leave her past for. The person who was once, her home.

               So, she allowed herself to mourn her loss again, for the millionth time, because that’s all she could – she should – do. Mourn for someone who is gone. Gone and never to return.

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Someone who was probably in a different afterlife that she would head to when it all ends. Someone she has accepted she would never meet again.

               This man is not, and will not be, him.

Best romance options assassin& 39

He may share his face, his rare and beautiful yellow eyes, his smooth chocolate skin, but he was not him. He is a Templar, her enemy, an obstacle in her journey, and part of an Order hellbent on destroying her.

               Yet when he returned with another drink in hand, sipping it while staring out the window, she could not help the little skip her heart did, she could not find it in her heart to crush the hope that was slowly building up beneath all the pain.

She slowly traced every line of his face with her eyes, drinking in the very sight of him. With stares lingering a little too long on his lips every time he opened it to take a sip, she could feel the stirring of heat deep in her lower belly as it reminded her of where those lips have been.

               ‘Where those lips have been?’ She was suddenly jolted out of her moment of dreaming, ‘Those lips have never been anywhere near me, that is not him, snap out of it!’ She angrily thought to herself as she shook her head to clear it.

               Pressing her finger to the screen she took a couple pictures of him and then turned the screen off.

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After taking a deep breath to hopefully further clear her mind, she packed everything into her small knapsack before slinging it on her back, over the staff her father had given her.

               Leaving the cover of darkness, she spared one more look at the man by the window, ignoring the pull at her heart strings at the similarity even now, and turned to leave.

However, as she stepped on the ledge of the rooftop and prepared herself to launch across, she suddenly felt something…wrong, in the air.

               Someone else was here with her, which meant they were probably after the same target.

Best romance options assassin& 39

As panic rose through her gut, she turned and rushed to the other ledge where she saw the man right before hearing a click somewhere in the next building ring across the air.

               Then, all she could see was that night on the beach in Achaia, where she wept as she knelt over his body, begging him to open his eyes again.

Before she knew it, her body had began moving and was rushing across rooftops to get there, to get to him.

               ‘I’m coming, Natakas, I’m coming.

Don’t you die on me again.”