Best Romance Option Persona 4

Best romance option persona 4

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What's up all you Anime Amino readers? A blog idea that came to mind was Persona 4 romances.

Persona 4 Golden - Consequences of Being a Pimp

Why? No reason at all!

Persona 4, like Persona 3, incorporates a system of strengthening bonds to create strong Persona called social links.

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Each link follows a particular character through self discovery or a huge issue. Females of proper age are able to be whisked away by our protagonist's charm.

You are also allowed to romance multiple females at the same time like we're in an alternate dimension of School Days without the killing.



There are eight interesting characters for prospect with four being party members.

To stay faithful or to catch them all?

Here are some rough (very rough) summaries.

Chie Satonaka

A tomboy who spends most of her free time training in Kung Fu or with Yukiko. Chie is the most outgoing and physical member of the investigation squad.

Her social link revolves around being the hero mixed with lack of feminine behavior.

Yukiko Amagi

Daughter of the Amagi Inn's owner, Yukiko starts off reserved but opens up via story developments.

She suffers from her inability to escape from the inn that pretty much dominates her social life.

List of Persona 4 Characters

Almost like a caged bird.

Naoto Shirogane

An up and coming young detective who moved to Inaba in the guise of a male.

Naoto is extremely smart and deductive. Her issue is whether she should change to fit the world or stay herself.

Rise Kujikawa

The beyond bubbly former idol Risette that decided to quit her career and live the average life.

Best romance option persona 4

She's the clinger of the game/anime. It's hard to express but Rise's link is about some sort of bottled up regret or accepting her decision.

Yumi Ozawa

Star of the drama club and delightfully enthusiastic despite that big ass forehead.

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Yumi faces paternal separation and a great disdain for her father in which you must help resolve.

Ayane Matsunaga

A fantastic loli in the band club who is an extreme pushover with very little talent. Ayane has to confront this timidness with the protagonist and gain experience playing her trumpet.

Ai Ebihara

The initial bitchy delinquent character that could care less if half the school died.

All Persona 5 Romance Options

Surprisingly, Ai may have the most relatable story of all the females. She deals with crush issues and self-esteem. Still the least favored among the fans iirc.


A fellow attendant of the Velvet Room along with Margaret. Marie was added into Golden with a mysterious backstory.

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The protagonist shows her what it means to have friends and all that merry stuff while also figuring out who she is. Tsundere overload.

Romance Events

Despite all the kidnappings and a murderer running lose, there are events with girls depending on if you romanced them or not.

Of course it's Japanese stuff like going to festivals and what not. I thought it was cool enough and pretty appropriate.

Best romance option persona 4

Some of them were New Years, Ski Trip, Christmas, Hanabi and the most important one... Valentine's Day.

Best romance option persona 4

Good lord did Golden hurt my feelings.

Valentine's Day is a deep event in which your desired romance comes to you for a date and talk about the future while mentioning other self-important topics.

The kicker is that if you romanced more than one girl, ALL of them will come to you with sad lines of how they wanted to spend the day with you. Forgot to mention its all fucking voiced.

Hinted Relationships

You know what makes you feel like an asshole?

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Stealing girls from other characters even after the game hints at an obvious relationship. Case and point being Kanji and Naoto. Throughout the game, it's a constant ride of awkwardness and in the beginning you thought Kanji might've been gay.

The anime did this well too. Every chance the game got there's a Kanji x Naoto scene.

Persona 5 Romance Guide – All Girlfriends, Best Dialogue Options, How to

Don't get me started on that bullet necklace in the epilogue.


Persona 4 executed the romances well and better than other games like Danganronpa or even Persona 3 but I liked the girls in those games much more.

The added events in Golden made the decisions more impactful. Damn you Valentine's Day.

Best romance option persona 4

Overall I thought it was cute enough but sometimes I felt like a girlfriend stealer. Obviously Marie became the streamlined girl considering the whole extra act.

Question Time

If you played the game, which girl was your favorite and why?

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Personally, I loved Naoto and Ayane the best. Yukiko grew on me in Golden.

Do you enjoy that there's a consequence to being unfaithful? As some would say: "More than one waifu will ruin your laifu."


Thanks for reading and answer the question above if possible.

Still don't know why I made this blog though!