Best Rb 2 Options

Best rb 2 options

Best rb 2 options

I both...
- like Drennen the most, think he's the best on that list

- also think his skill set lends itself to our scheme, and earlier reps in our scheme.


Best rb 2 options

for what we need, his the most familiar/furtherest along.

Note (to self?

ContiGo! vs TKV 11/TKV 12 vs RB 2/K 112 vs ContiClassicAttack Technical Explanation

nah): assume any recruit [at skill position] that wants you to be all in, asks to be the only recruit at that position, or won't trade visit for visit (you don't go visit ______, we won't go in-home with _____) is going to play you and recruit his replacement non-stop.

I wish we had had, at this time, a deeper/closer relationship with Gibbs or Drennen.

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