Best Pitching Options For Today

Best pitching options for today

Best pitching options for today

Sports Attack Pitching Machine

If you’re looking for the best softball pitching machine to help your travel team, high school, or college players improve their batting game, consider investing in this high-quality pitching machine from Sports Attack.

This manual-feeder pitching machine uses 3 pitching wheels to throw 10” or 11” softballs with increased accuracy and a wide variety of pitch styles.

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Your players will be able to hit just about any type of pitch they might see during a game, including fastballs, changeups, drops, risers, and even left and right-handed screwballs! You can even control the elevation of the pitch, so your players can get used to hitting all over their strike zone! In addition to batting practice, you can also use this to throw grounders, line drives, and even fly balls up to 175 feet.

It’s easy to set up – just roll out the machine with the wheels that come attached to the base, attach the sturdy metal legs, and fire it up!

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Best pitching options for today