Best Options For Solar Panels Buy Or Lease

Best options for solar panels buy or lease

The world of solar energy and solar panels besides to giving you various options to adjust the system in your home, also presents the possibility of buying or leasing it.

When you want to buy the solar panels, the process is simple, you must invest in the materials for their installation and the associated expenses, in this way you have solar energy for the electricity that your structure needs and the complete control over the solar energy system.

Regardless, leasing is also an option that is setting a trend today, the process to acquire solar panels through this way consists in paying the installation in a financed way, since there are stipulated terms to settle the debt, these terms can be fixed or equivalent to saving electricity that the home has once the panels are installed.The advantage of leasing is that the user does not pay the full debt for the installation but in installments agreed with the company that makes the lease.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), conducted a study that explains that people who decide to buy solar panels making the investment in the beginning, manage to save 30%, compared to users who purchase the system through leasing.

However, leasing the solar panels also has certain advantages, the maintenance of the system is on behalf of the company that rents, in addition that generally at the end of the leasing contract people have the possibility of buying the equipment at a lower price according to the depreciated value in the market.

When people buy solar panels the value of their property tends to rise by 3% or 4%, but the biggest attraction is that they forget the electricity bill because they save 99% in it, this means enjoying all the comforts of home without thinking about how much it will affect the electricity bill.

The reality is that having solar panels impacts positively the houses because they save a lot of money in electricity, besides helping the planet because it is a renewable and inexhaustible energy system.

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Whatever the decision of the people, buy or lease, the investment in solar energy is the action that prompt to the future.

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