Best Option Veiwing 2020 Pro Football

Best option veiwing 2020 pro football

The best TV for watching sports is the LG B8 OLED.

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Just like all OLEDs, it has exceptional wide viewing angles and is great for watching the big game with a group of friends, since everyone will experience the same accurate image no matter where they sit. Fast-action sports look great with almost no blur trail behind the ball thanks to the nearly instantaneous response time. Also, the very good uniformity and very little dirty screen effect ensure that what you see on your screen is how the real field looks, without TV-created artificial shades or spots.

Unfortunately, like most OLEDs, this TV can't get very bright, so it's not a great choice for a very bright room. Also, as an OLED TV, it has the risk of experiencing permanent burn-in or temporary image retention, although we don't expect this to be an issue for most people.

Overall, this is an outstanding TV that should keep most sports viewers happy.

Best option veiwing 2020 pro football

If you're looking for better speakers or a different design, the LG E8 OLED or LG C8 OLED are equally good choices.

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