Best Option For Money Transfer

Best option for money transfer

1MoneyGramMoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services recognized worldwide as a financial connection to friends and family.

What makes one cryptocurrency better than another more.Visit Website



Paypal is fine unless you have a problem. doesn't matter whether you did anything wrong or not!

Cryptocurrency money laundry solutions

Customer service is terrible with very long waits and the resolve of management is limited if at all.
Another example of big company that no longer cares...what a shame.

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PayPal is the de facto leader in electronic payments. Like Google is to search, the PayPal name has basically become synonymous with the industry in which they operate. They host 100 million active accounts in 25 currencies and were one of the main reasons why auction sites like eBay have had such great success.

When it comes to pay world wide, it always reminds for PayPal.

1. TransferWise

PayPal is a wonderful and fast option for sending and receiving money from many countries. There are some limits with PayPal in India as you can not hold payments or money in your PayPal account.

And on that time it reminds of PerfectMoney. Perfect Money is also a good payment option which helps to send and receive payments from many countries. Perfect Money allows to hold money in your wallet and allows to send payment when needed. Here again Perfect Money is a time taking while it comes to adding money to your US dollar wallet of Perfect Money and it reminds of Top E-Money, The India based Company, which helps to add US dollars to your Perfect Money account within few minutes of time.

Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

So, Buy Perfect Money USD with Top E-Money in India to add money to your wallet of Perfect Money. Also you can sell your Perfect Money to Top E-Money with best price / rate in India.

My idea is to have a system where I could transfer money from my checking account to a PayPal account thus giving my Scotia Bank authority to pay any charges from any of your outlets.

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4Google Pay

5Amazon Pay

It have a very good payment system.

There are many mode for paying off your bill. Does it give cash back on gift vouchers? - FaaastCash


Best option for money transfer

love it better than paypal.

The besat, why would anyone use paypal?

Is to what PayPal is to eBay.


It is really a tremendous and safe website. Definitely recommend for those who wants to send or receive money online. Thanks

I have been using Moneybookers for about 6 months and it's been a great experience.



Backed by American Express, Serve is a newer player in the industry, but they offer a number of features such as physical cards and subaccounts that set them apart.


Founded in 1999, NETELLER is a UK based business that focuses on the gaming industry but also allows for money transfers between individuals.


I have used many services to send money internationally.

And, I personally feel transferwise is good, with which I have done many transfers without any problem at all.

Best option for money transfer

Also, transfers take few days of processing 2-3 and transfer rate is good. Best thing is the exchange rate is same as market rate for the referral I am sharing below. With this you can avail first fee free transfer up to $4500 or £3000 or 4000 euro.

I am not associated / affiliated to them in any way.

Link below is my referral link, which will give you fee free transfer with live currency exchange. i.e no extra money spent on transfer or exchanging currency.

4 Tips for Making an International Money Transfer

Simply Wow!

Enjoy transaction and share with friends - best option all over. Using my referral will be a feedback to this post and will help you and other people get best currency rate and value for their hard earned money.
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Incompetent staff; no information if transfer is delayed; no control over the whole transfer process chain: if the payment does not receive the beneficiary's account, no information is provided for the sender to trace the money; credit risk evaluation of TansferWise and their international partners is not available.

Used regularly to transfer pension payments from UK to Europe with never a problem.

Cheap and reliable.

Best option for money transfer

Highly recommended.

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12Perfect Money

very fast

Now a days Perfect Money is a very good option like Paypal for Money transfer in multiple currencies.

In India, PayPal has many limits like you can not hold money in your account and you can not pay or send money to someone directly from the recived payment in Paypal account.

While Perfect Money allows user to hold money in our accounts and in many currencies.

How to send money: domestic

The only issue I had with Perfect Money was depositing or adding money to perfect money account and withdrawal by bank transfer.

It is also solved now! I found and which is giving very good service to buy Perfect Money in India and also for sell perfect money in India. Now I am using to add money to my PerfectMoney account and also using to withdraw money from my PerfectMoney to my bank.

My orders were cleared within 15 minutes on buying perfect money in india.

Great work by Perfect Money and Top E-Money. Thanks to both of you.


Their customer service sucks. The so called 24/7 email support is nothing to write home about. When you fill out the form online, you don't get any response the first 24 hours. And when you finally get a response, you are sent a pre-formatted email telling you they are awaiting the response of the agent at the recipient side.

This is the email you would repeatedly receive until you call them on the phone.

Power up your workday

After calling, you would be told to wait for the agent response INDEFINITELY.

Worldremit not the best - give you the run around. no one seems to answer ones' question - as for the application for this - complication at its' worse. my advise to anyone and everyone try others'

Never heard of web money? Have heard of world remit!

I send money from my bank acount to mobile money service, its fast I do not need to go to agency/post or bank.

Best option for money transfer

For some countries if the receiver has no mobikemoney service he can go to his nearest bank branch.


I want to know more about subdha



17Allied Wallet


Low cost and easy to set-up, and not intent on taking over the planet.

What else could you ask for? Have had an account for over two years. - ZipserSir


Not a traditional alternative to PayPal, but it is the premier service for big ticket items.

Funds are held in escrow (hence the name) until the purchase has changed hands and both parties have signed off on the transaction.

Best money transfer services

This way, when you buy something expensive and don't get what you expected, you don't have to jump through all the hoops in an attempt to get your money back. The fees are high so it's not a great service for volume purchases, but if you are paying 4-figures on your online purchase, they are totally worth it.

21Jalandoni and Company

Reliable, Dependable, Trustworthy. They don't just help you because its what their business is for, they do it because they love doing it.

The lowest charges, and delivers at the most honest rate.

12 Easy Ways to Send Money to India

I and others can testify to the greatness of these company. Surely we cannot judge a business on how small or big they are.

Best option for money transfer

Jalandoni and Company is a small company compared to others and maybe unknown to many around the globe but that is just for now. These company will one day be the best. I am not exaggerating. They serve with a heart. So why don't you visit their website and be amazed of how they meant when they say "service with personal touch"



I used them recently and the cash was delivered same day.

Their customer service is responsive.

Kenya currently offers money transfer from Canada to Kenya via Mpesa, Airtel money, bank transfers and cash pick ups.

Visit their website at

24Transpay Global


International money transfer from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada to multiple countries online.

Send money overseas & save more on remittance.


Remittances for Asia via breakthrough Blockchain technology.

27ATW Exchange

ATW EXCHANGE is Incredibly Easy and Secure.
The exchange services it offers with ease and convenience to individual and corporate such as foreign visits, business payments, foreign living expenses, e-wallet, utility payments, merchant services are guided by respective central bank rules & regulations.

28WeChat Pay

Used by over 800 million and I would think, the largest by far on the planet.

Best option for money transfer

Why did you not cover We Chat? Just curious and incidentally, We Chat was launched via person to person transfers.

Best ways to send money to friends and family within the US

How does We Chat Pay/Wallet compare to PayPal etc?

29Alevant Financial Services Private Limited

Alevant Financial Advisory Services Private Limited was incorporated in 2015 with a vision to offer online financial services across multiple sectors. Alevant has designed a unique technology platform which provides numerous financial facilities under a single e-wallet.

Their mission is to create India’s largest network of last-mile retail points - of sale, to enable every Indian to benefit from Basic Utility Services, Financial Services, E-Governance Services, Banking and Insurance, Mutual Funds, Pharmacy, Reservation Services, BBPS, AEPS.

They also supply Single Finger/Scanner print device to their retailers on demand. Alevant distributes electronic prepaid company vouchers to their retailers. - Alevantindia

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