Best Option For A Majin Characters

Best option for a majin characters

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Best option for a majin characters

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Recommended Awoken Skills
As a Female Majin, you have 3 choices for an Awoken skill, Kaioken, Unleash Potential, and Purification.

Here is a rundown on what they do and when to use them.

Unleash Potential
Costs 500 ki
Duration = Until your KOed.
Gives you 15% damage, reduces damage taken by 5%, and gives you +30% ki when attacking/being attacked compared to base form.

This should be used when you just want a balanced transformation and don't want to have to worry about any drawbacks.

Neko Majin Z

This or Kaioken are thw two you usually use.

Costs 300, 400, 500 ki for 1x, 3x, or 20x.
Duration = Until you run out of stamina.
Stamina Drain = 11/22/33 sec
Increases damage dealt by 2.5%/7.5%/15%
Increases damage taken by 0/10%/30% depending on level
Kaioken 3x reduces the cost of Z vanish to 1 ki bar.
Kaioken 20x makes all stamina costs that aren't evasive moves free.

Kaioken should be used when you want to go on a beatdown spree and also want a way to stamina break yourself.

Due to how x20 works, you'll be able to Z vanish as long as your in it, making it so you'll win a vanish fight. Just remember while this destroys COMs, vs players they can just snap step away from you until your Kaioken runs out. But unlike other races, it doesn't matter as much when you get stamina broken due to a skill explained in the Strategy section called Ill Bomber as well as the fact female majin recover from being stamina broken twice as fast as the other races.
Just be careful as you take more damage while in Kaioken.

But Female Majin are the best users of it due to their inherant speed and racial.

Costs 300 Ki
Duration = Until you run out of stamina
Stamina Drain = 20/sec
Increase damage by 15%
Turns you into Kid Buu.

Now this is probably the worst option of the 3, but its not as bad as people say if your using it to stamina break yourself.

It gives you access to Quick Sleep if you want to use that for a bit of healing, guard breaking moves and dashes, and Kid Buu's combos and skillsets which aren't bad, but aren't your CaC.

Phoebe Buffay — "Friends"

Really the best use is to manage your stamina in a cheaper manner than Kaioken and have a bit of a mixup game to your opponent.

Stats and Suggested Attribute Spread/QQ bang
Racial Stats

Here are all the racial modifiers for a Female Majin, using in-game data numbers.

All stats calculated at 80.

Racial Passive
Female Majin recover from being Stamina Broken twice as fast as other races.

(As fast as the COM)

Damage Modifiers

Numbers taken from the game data. Base damage = 1.0.

Attack: 7.5x
Ki: 7.5x
Strike: 8x
KiSuper: 7x

Note: These numbers aren't very signficant even if they are a bit under the 1.0 base.

Only humans seem to be closer to a total 1.0 on each stat and they have really bad racials. Additionally due to how damage is calculated, unlike in XV1, a 7.5% here = about a 1 or 2% damage reduction compared to a human.

Because of this, Female Majin can be used as a Strike or Ki user. And unlike the other races, they have some of the best and most important speed stats and racials (Seen Below).

Movement Speed Modifiers

Using Hieght option 3 (100% base speed)
Weight does NOT affect Speed.

You gain an additional 30% dragon dash speed when locked onto and dashing towards something.

Ground speed (Running Speed)
Majin Female (1.02) (1st best)

Air speed (Non Dragon Dashing flying speed)
Majin Female (0.737) (6th best)

Boost Dash speed (Dragon Dash Speed) IMPORTANT STAT
Majin Female (0.9) (2nd best)

Step Dash (distance) IMPORTANT STAT (PvP)
Majin Female (1.06) (1st best)

Meanwhile Speed stats as shown below are much more signfiicant as you can't change them via gear, stats, or level and need to use Super Souls/Height/Buffs to increase them, and there are MUCH larger differences in Speed than damage.

Best option for a majin characters

(Worst Dash speed for example is 0.69 for Male Majin.)

Boost Dash and Step Dash are two of the most important speed stats in PvP and PvE. And due to how a female Majin does their combos, they can do a dash infinite combo if using the shortest slider due to their insane dash speed.

Meanwhile their Step Dash (LT + A + a direction) is the best in the game. You know, that vanishing thing you see people use when not near you that makes it so you can't hit them.

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And due to its insane range, if you step dash backwards, you can outrange some Namekian and Majin combos, who are the races with the greatest reach out of all of them.

Height and Weight sliders

While you can choose any weight you want, its recommended you chose the smallest option for height so you get an additional 10% speed to make your dash combos easier.

I do not know if you can do your dash infinite as the tallest female Majin, but I'd assume you can, it would just be much harder.

Suggested Attribute spread

Due to how Attributes work in this game, besides Ki and Stamina, they aren't as strong as they were in XV1.

You'll see about a 12-14% damage increase between having 0 and 125 in a damage stat.

Every 42 points of Stamina and Ki equals 1 bar.

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Every point in health = ~0.015% of your health bar. You'll see roughly an 18% increae in health with all 125 points into health.

With this in mind, and a Female Majin's racial passive being as strong as it is, as well as Stamina being the biggest deciding factor in PvP, you can go with a stat build like this for maximum effectiveness.

Health: Dump leftover points into here.
Ki: 0, 42, or 84 depending on how much Ki you want to use.

Uusally 0 as 7 ki bars will be enough if you have a +5 ki QQ bang.
Stamina: 84 or 125, depending if you want 9 or 10 Stamina bars.
Basic: 76
Strike/Ki Super: 80 (if hybrid), 124 (If single)

Why 76/124 in attack stats?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 All Character Creation Options! Majin, Earthlings, Saiyan, Namekian & Frieza

Because thats the point when attack stats reach their soft cap, and the remaining 45 points will only be a 3.5% increase in damage instead of the 5% increase they normally should be due to how they interact with QQ bangs. As for strike/ki, that last point gives virtually no damage over 124 due to the hard cap on supers/ultimates.

Best QQ bang stats

Undeinably if you manage to somehow get a +5 to all QQ bang, its the best.

Otherwise here are the QQ bang sttats you should shoot for.

Health: Can be any stat
Ki: +5 (I guess it can be 0 if you want a strike/ki super hybrid build)
Basic Can be any stat
Strike or Ki Super: +5 in the stat which you allocated points to.

Other one can be any stat.

QQ bangs reduce or increase damage by roughly 1.5% per arrow, as well as increase/decrease health by 1.5% per arrow. Meanwhile a +5 QQ bang in stamina or ki gives you TWO bars over the base 5 bars at lvl 80.

Best option for a majin characters

Which makes them absolutely critical as they are worth about 84 stat points, while the other ones are worth about 50 stat points at 5 arrows.

How to play a Female Majin
OK this section is very subjective, due to Female Majin being easily the most flexible of all the races. You can go with a hybrid build, a ki build, a strike build, or whatever you want.

But that all being said, there are a few things that tend to be about the same no matter the playstyle.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Race Comparison

Combo strings. Learn them, learn how to go into them, and learn how to mix them up. While in its own section I list how to get to your infinite strings, your skills to use ki/strike supers to followup on, or your stamina breaks, sometimes you may have to end a combo early and rush your opponent with a vanish step and continue the combo like other races would just to make your opponent be unsure where to Z step your combo.


Neko Majin Z

Get good at backhitting and reading your opponent. If your great at back hitting, you'll scare a lot of your opponents and be able to go into the more optimal combo strings instead of less optimal ones where you need to vanish step to continue it.


Get good at Just Guard (Perfect Guard), its a tricky thing to get good at, but once you get it down, you can stamina break someone by just Just Guarding their entire ult or combo.

Best option for a majin characters

Plus you can block almost all stamina break moves using it as most races can't combo into them very well, and it lets you punish someone who is trying to punish you when you use Ill Bomber.


Have Ill Bomber and use it when your stamina broken.

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Its a skill that uses 100 Ki that turns you invincible like Whis's escape move. Due to your racial, you will be back at full stamina when you reform.

5. Don't be afraid to stamina break yourself using stamina spending moves like Kaioken.

If you follow that up with Ill Bomber, you wont have any time when your stamina broken, and be at full stamina when you reform.

Carlton Banks — "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Just make sure you stamina break yourself when you have very low stamina.

There is more, but they're more specialized move combos that you'll have to figure out for yourself.

+Female Majin have the best combo strings and can dash or standing combo into a light or heavy stamina break, a Ki Super, or a Strike Super including GoD's Anger.
+Female Majin have very balanced stats and can be played anyway you want.
+Best Racial bonus effect.

(+100% stamina regeneration when stamina broken compared to everyone else.)
+2nd best or best when it comes to movement speed.
+Great racial skils like Ill Bomber, Candy Beam, ext...
+Great reach on most of their combo moves.

-Not AS much damage as a human, but not by much.
-Racial Awoken skill is very bad.
-Can't use Searing Blade

Basically Female Majin have almost no downsides while having quite a lot of upsides.

They were drastically overhauled from the first game.

Best option for a majin characters

Female Majin have the absolute best combo strings. They can go from any light based combo opener into either their launcher, light, or heavy stamina break. Additionally they can back hit at any point in the combo minus the very end before the launcher or during the launcher, but those tend to bring the female majin out of reach of some races.

Now a trick to female Majin is that you will not finish your combos very often as you can infinite in various ways when you don't finish them, while if you DO finish them, you'll need to use a stamina bar to continue the combo making you very easy to read.
In addition you can do other basic combos such as vanish dash and the like if you finish your combo strings to mix it up or use any other heavy launcher that isn't the 'ball'.

Also remember to read your opponent and back hit when they vanish in behind of you or continue your combo if they vanish in front of you.

And remember to feel out when it might be best to fill in a strike super or ult like Justice Combination as a mixup.

Female Majin have a difficult time landing their Heavy Stamina Break on other shortest Female Majin.

With that out of the way, here are the combo strings.

X = Light, Y = Heavy, A = Vanish, B = Ki blast (Xbox controls)

From Standing

Stamina Break

X > X > X > X > X > Light Stamina Break
(X x5 > forward+X)
Be careful, this wont hit shorter people than you very often and has a very tight frame window.

X > X > X > X > X > X > Y > Light Stamina Break
(X x6 > Y > Forward+X)
(Y should be a spinning Shryuken)

X > X > X > X > X > X > Y > X > Y > Heavy Stamina Break, Light Stamina Break or Strike Super
(X x6 > Y > X > Y > Forward+Y)
(Y should be a spinning Shryuken, followed by an axe kick to the ground, followed by a teleport kick to the back which has LOTS of hitstun.)


Y > Y > Y > Y > Y > X > X > X > Dragon Dash or Ki Super > (Continue to Dash Infinite) or Ki Super

X x8 > Dragon Dash or Ki Super > (Continue to Dash Infinite)

From Dash

If you want to combo form a dash, always start with X.

Only start with Y if you want to knock them away as you can't combo from it.

Stamina Break

X > X > Y > X > Light Stamina break
(Y should be a spinning Shryuken)

X > X > Y > X > Y > Heavy Stamina Break, Light Stamina Break or Strike Super
(Y should be a spinning Shryuken, followed by an axe kick to the ground, followed by a teleport kick to the back which has LOTS of hitstun.)


X > X > X > X > Dragon Dash or Ki Super > (Continue to Dash Infinite)

X > Y > Y > Y > X > Dragon Dash or Ki Super > (Continue to Dash Infinite)

Recommended Supers

Now you can use any super moves you want.

Daily Character Discussion - Majin Buu

But there are a few outliners that you absolutely need. They are...

God of Destruction Anger (Or any easy to connect stamina break super.

I use this one myself)
Ill Bomber

I know this uses up half your super slots, but down below is why I say they are the best.

For Ultimates, you can use whatever ones you are most comfortable using as since its so easy to combo into stamina breaks for a female Majin they can kinda use almost any of them.

God of Destruction Anger (GoDs Anger)
Gotten from Training with Beerus.
This is a move everyone needs as it is a ranged laser stamina break.

Female Majin can combo into it fairly reliably if you use the 'ball' launcher or the standing/dashing infinite combos, but instead of dragon dashing into them and continuing it, you use GoD's Anger.

And since it'll stamina break them, you can follow with whatever you want, usually an ult.
Note that it wont hit targets that are smaller than you and that are falling at a weird angle due to how it tracks, but it will usually hit otherwise.

Ill Bomber
Gotten from PQ 90.
This skill is a Majin only skill and is why you can have such a huge stamina bar.

Its a 1 bar ki move that blows you up, making you immune to damage and dropping your opponent's target. on you, causing them to need to re-lock on.

The invincibility is long enough to let you regenerate your entire stamina bar if your stamina broken, which is why you sometimes try to stamina break yourself with a stamina skill, then follow up with this so you can come out of it with a full stamina bar.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and let me know if there is something I should add.