Best Option Charging Multiple Phones Office

Best option charging multiple phones office

Wireless charging is a fairly new technological advancement for our devices. It was only first introduced in 2010. It is a technology that means you don’t have to use a charging cable anymore and aren’t creating chaos trying to pull out chargers while you answer your phone or tablet.

Android phones were quick out of the gate to use this technology but now with Apple getting on board it will expand the market substantially.

To make this wireless technology work, your device needs to be installed with the industry-standard hook up called “QI” (chee). This allows the transfer of power through induction over a very small distance (max 1.6”). You place your tablet or smartphone on the charger, and you are set to go. Wireless charging tends to be slower than cable charging, but the pads are becoming faster as their wattage increases. However, buyer beware, not all chargers are created equal.

You need to make sure it is suitable for the make of your device as some have different wireless charging capabilities in regard to wattage.


1Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad (Best Overall)


Belkin is a good tech company that produces accessories for various tech products.

Their wireless charging pads are one of the quality items. The Boost Up Qi series of pads can be used for different phones whether Apple or Android. They offer the 7.5 Watt which is optimized for Apple, but it can also be used for other Qi-enabled devices with or without cases (up to 3mm).

The difference is about 2.5 watts. Apple will be faster at 7.5 with the rest coming in behind at 5.

1. IBIS Wireless 9W Dual Wireless Charger Fast Charging Station

However, Belkin offers other pads that are optimized or Android as well as shrinking the charge time. Whichever you choose, plug it in, put your phone on to charge and you are set to go.

What Reviews Are Saying

People purchasing the BoostUp charger like it for is aesthetics along with its good traction, so your phone doesn’t slip off.

It’s quick and efficient with an LED to let you know when your device is ready. The big plus was no more cords to break, wear out or replace. Be mindful of the generation of the phone you have and the IOS it’s running as early ones will not be Qi-enabled and therefore will not work. Some buyers stated that you need to find a specific spot on the pad (a sweet spot) for some phones. The charger still worked but took a little more effort to place it to make sure it was working.

Key Features

  • Optimized for Apple
  • Can be used for Android
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Can be used for AirPods 2


  • 7.5 Watt
  • 5’ Cord
  • LED light
  • Also has AC adapter


– Faster than 5 watt
– LED for finished charging
– Clean with microfiber cloth
– No more broken cords

– Pricier
– Sometimes need to find the “sweet spot” for charging

2Anker Power 7.5 Fast Wireless Charging Pad (Premium Pick)


This Anker charging pad can charge any phone device up to 7.5 watts.

It comes as a pad or stand depending on the style you prefer. The stand is a little more expensive as it comes with a wall adapter and cable. They both come with protection against overcharging, foreign object recognition and radiation protection.

These particular chargers are said to be able to charge a phone even with a thick case on. The innovative technology that this pad uses is called Wave Boost.

It uses a special cooling system that helps charge devices up to 30% faster.

What Reviews Are Saying

Purchasers like this product as it can charge through almost any case. It’s small in size so doesn’t take up a lot of desk space and charges quickly.

Best option charging multiple phones office

Many complimented its quicker charging  ability due to its cooling system. The people that had problems with this unit found that it was finicky when it came to phone placement. There were also units that stopped working after a short time.

However, in all cases, customer service seemed to step in and help with the issues.

Key Features

  • Charging with case on
  • Anti slip
  • Specialized internal cooling
  • Safety system


  • 7.5 Watt
  • 3.0 wall charger with 12V/1.5A output needed
  • LED light
  • For cases up to 5mm


– Multi device charger
– LED lights when completed
– 18 month warranty

– High cost
– Needs precise placement

3Mophie Wireless Charge Stream


This Mophie product is great not only as a charger but with travel flexibility.

It’s fairly small and sleek in style so it blends in with your desk decor. It has a rubber type finish to it, so your phone won’t slide off when it is charging. Apple has given its thumbs up to this product verifying that it is a quality item. While Apple gave its approval, Android works on it as well. The flexibility of this charger is highlighted with the travel kit that comes with it. It has a mini wireless charger, a car and wall adapter, a micro USB cable and case to keep it all in.

It’s a great gathering of items allowing home and travel charging with ease.

What Reviews Are Saying

Reviewers who liked this product agreed that it was stylish and charges well and they also were pleased it came in white or black.

There were compliments on its speed of charging Apple products and thought it was a quality item.

2. CHOETECH Wireless Charger

The few complaints that were written were about chargers that stopped functioning early on and needed replacing. They also say the charger can be particular about where the phone needs to sit for charging. Some may need to be adjusted for it to work properly.

Key Features

  • Rubber coating
  • Apple approved
  • Travel Kit
  • Stylish


  • 10 Watt
  • 360 non slip
  • 3’ cord
  • For cases up to 3mm


– Optimized for Apple
– Works for Android as well
– Charges quickly

– Higher cost
– Needs proper placement



A good, solid wireless charger that uses 7.5 Watts to charge your phone 50% faster than the older chargers.

This pad comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 outlet adapter fast charge phones that are compatible. This adapter is a great deal since they can add an additional charge to other wireless pads. RAVPower is very attentive to safety as well so has an over-current, high voltage and high-temperature protection systems to make sure your device being charge just gets what it needs and is not stressed. The pad itself is average in size and rubberized to stop devices from sliding.

What Reviews Are Saying

Users are quick to compliment this product not only for its quick charging but for its wonderful customer service.

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Customers were pleased with its solid build and that it was not in any way flimsy. There were people who had products that were glitchy, but the company was fast to be in contact and replace or refund without issues.

Key Features

  • Non-slip coating
  • Special quick charge
  • Safety features
  • Blends with decor


  • 7.5 Watt
  • 3.0outlet adapter
  • 3’ cord
  • For cases up to 3mm


– Optimized for Apple
– Works for Android as well
– Charges quickly

– Higher cost
– Needs proper placement

5TechMatte Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand


This is a solid, basic charger that works well while offering a different style.

It’s a stand,rather than a pad, with front LED that lights up while your device is charging. It is tall enough to charge any phone that has Qi and has two charging coils to make charging simpler.

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It can charge your device straight up or flat across. While Quick Charge highlights Android it will also charge up the iPhone as well.

What Reviews Are Saying

People enjoy the fact that this stand allows you to watch movies or videos on the stand without stopping the devices charging. People who purchase the fast charger as well state that it works well too. The only complaints were about products that didn’t get to a full charge or it stopped working.

However, they often charged with cases on which the product listing suggests not being done. There were compliments on customer service when there were issues with the charger.

Key Features

  • Can charge vertical or horizontal
  • Can watch movies while charging
  • Fast charger option
  • Multi-device charger


  • 7.5 Watt
  • LED indicator
  • 2 charging coils
  • Fast charge option


– Optimized for Android
– Works for Apple too
– Charges quickly

– Needs a QC 2.0 for fast charging
– Need to remove cases due to heat

6Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible Stand


This is a product is a nice looking item that chargers quickly.

It has a leather look finish to make it a little higher scale in the looks department compared to its competitors. It is a convertible charger that can either lie down or stand up to charge. It is specific for the Samsung phones, but it also works for any Qi-compatible phones. This charger has an outlet adapter and a built-in fan to reduce heat while your device is using the fast charging.

It has more than one charging coils and an LED light that will warn you if your device isn’t on the charger properly.

What Reviews Are Saying

There are very few reviews on this product that are not generally positive.

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People love the charger’s style and find it convenient to have both a lie down and stand up option. It charges quickly and seems to work well overall. The main complaint from reviewers seems to be similar to many other wireless chargers, and that is finding the best spot to get it to charge. Certain phones need to be realigned once they are put on to find the internal coils proper spot.

This product has a higher-end look and comes with a price that is a higher-end as well.

Key Features

  • Can charge on 2 planes
  • Quality look
  • Fast charge
  • Internal fan


  • 9 Watt
  • LED light
  • Multiple charging coils


– Optimized for Android
– Works for Apple as well
– Charges quickly

– Can’t always charge in cases
– May be problematic with aligning the device
– High price

7TaoTronics TT-DL050 LED desk lamp with wireless charger (Best Value)


This unique charger by TaoTronics is a great product for your bedside table or desk.

It includes not only a wireless charger but a USB charging port and multiple adjustable settings. The charger itself is included in the base of the lamp with 7.5 Watts of charging ability. It will give you 10 Watts if you have an Android phone. It has a small rubber piece, so your phone won’t slip off the lamp base. The USB port which is in the back gives you the option to charge your phone by cable or do a device by wireless and other by USB port.

A great option for places with multi-devices be it home or business. As a bonus, you get a lamp as well.

Best option charging multiple phones office

It has a touch-sensitive on and off switch and a circle that will adjust the brightness as needed. You can also tap it to get 5 different temperature as well.

You can pick your brightness and blue temp. The light direction is adjustable and can tilt up to 135 degrees and turns up to 180 degrees.

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The arm can be moved as well up to 150 degrees and swivel too. It’s modern-looking and truly usable on many levels.

What Reviews Are Saying

The reviews on this unique lamp charger are almost all positive. People love that it offers multiple options for charging with the main one being fast wireless charging. People submitted pictures of their workstations, its lighting capabilities and charging uses with glowing reviews.

Best option charging multiple phones office

The small number of poor reviews were from items which didn’t work properly or were mislabelled. While this is not ok for those who bought it, it would seem that any product will have a dud here or there.

That being said non-working chargers seem to be far and few between with this particular product.

Key Features

  • Wireless charging
  • USB charging  port
  • Adjustable light level
  • Position adjustable


  • 7.5 Watt
  • Multiple positions
  • Multiple lights
  • USB port


– Multiple uses
– Charge multiple devices at once
– Adjustable light
– Android charges at 10 Watt

– Modern design – not subtle
– Higher price
– Takes up more space than pads


Features to Look for in a Wireless Charger

With wireless chargers being fairly new to the technology world, there are lots to learn when you are looking to purchase one.

The first thing to look at is Watts.

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You have to look at the type of device you want to charge and its power compatibility. These factors will play into how quickly and efficiently your device will charge up. A regular up to date plugin charger works to recharge your device at about 18 Watt.

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Current wireless chargers top out at 15 Watt. However, only some phones can even do about 10 Watts at this point, the rest even less. New Pixels, Galaxy’s and LG can do up to 10 with Apple coming in at 7.5.

Best option charging multiple phones office

Either way choosing a charger with more Watts is the most beneficial as it will charge current phones and probably will be good with the up and coming next generations.

Charger design is another feature to be looked at when you are deciding on a wireless charger. Choosing between a flat or stand is a personal preference as is if you want to get a charger that is more a piece of furniture such as a lamp or bedside table.

If you are charging your device on your desk a stand up might be better as you can see it with a quick glance versus hovering over it, while if it’s beside your bed you may want a flat charger to save your phone from being knocked over in hazy morning wake-ups.

The next feature to look when choosing a charger is who the manufacturer is. Google and Samsung offer their own chargers, but Apple still hasn’t released theirs yet. While it’s not critical that you purchase a wireless charger from your phone’s manufacturer, it does have its benefits in some cases.

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The Pixel Stand, for the Google Pixel, changes your phone into an alarm clock or digital frame while on the charger. If these features aren’t something you need then you are open to choose from a wider market with many options that won’t lock, you into a specific brand.

Differences Between Wireless Phone Chargers

Differences in wireless chargers can be found depending on the features you are looking for.

While the make of the charger is one thing, what Watts it has is the main thing you need to assess. If you are looking for fast charging, you need to look at chargers that range from 7.5 Watt and up.

Older chargers tend to range from 3-5 Watt and are fairly slow when compared to newer ones. The other difference when it comes to Watts and charging speed is if the wireless charger is optimized for Android or Apple. Apple maxes out at 7.5 Watts so if it’s optimized for Android you can get up to 10 Watts.

Other differences you can look for is style.

Do you want flat, stand or furniture type? Is it for work or at home? Do you need multiple ways to charge or just one at a time? All these things are different options for each charger.

Neither is better than the other, but each style will suit a different situation. If you are at work, then perhaps the lamp style or stand is better as it makes the device more accessible whereas at home you will do more charging at night so the inobtrusive flat pad may be the way to go.

The other difference between wireless chargers is found in theirinternal coils. Many chargers just have one which means you need to watch the placement of your phone as its limited to the surface of that one coil.

Whereas, the stand style chargers may have two or more coils which means you have a better chance of hitting the charging coil first off without having to realign the device for proper charging.

FAQS When Choosing aWireless Phone Charger

Can I use a charger for any Qi-enabled device?

In the majority of cases yes.

These charging stations make complex device management easy

Even though many chargers will say they are optimized for Apple or Android, that simply means they will work faster for those particular devices. Qi is a standard technology so it will work for all phones but may just charge them at different rates. It’s best to assess what a particular wireless charger offers so you can choose the highest quality and faster charger for your particular device.

If you are charging over night, the speed and time won’t particularly matter.

Is wireless charging faster than cable charging?

No. Wireless charging of your device is generally slower than cable even if you have a fast charger.

A new Pixel 3 will charge at about 18 Watt whereas the best wireless one tops out at 15. Some Androids can do 15 but Apple lags behind at 7.5 Watts max right now.

This will all change as technology moves forward but after less than a decade of existence, wireless chargingis currently slower than hard-wired charging.

Is wireless charging more convenient than cable charging?


Best option charging multiple phones office

Drop your phone on the pad and go. No climbing under desks, bedside tables or chairs to find your dropped cord. Just place your device and pick it up when you head out the door. As technology advances, so will the hot spots for charging.

As new devices come on the market that is Qi-enabled, more places will have hot spot charging, so you no longer have to carry chargers and blocks and search for elusive outlets when you are outside of the house. Wireless is convenient but will become even more so over the next few years.

  • Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad
  • Anker Power 7.5 Fast Wireless Charging Pad
  • TaoTronics TT-DL050 LED desk lamp with wireless charger
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