Best Of Co Optional Podcast

Best of co optional podcast

Best of co optional podcast

Episode 14, where the trio go live together for the first time in the series' run, has a lot of funny moments, but one of the best is when TB discovers that the Jaffa cakes shipped to Jesse has the expiry date of '1272' on the boxafter they literally fed one to Dodger for a taste test.

Hilarity Ensues as the trio go through confusion, amusement and denial.

Jesse: I think what we're about to find out is that we've killed Dodger live on air.

TB: 'Best Before: 1272.' No, I'm actually deadly serious.

Best of co optional podcast

*shows the box to Jesse* Look, see?

Jesse:*takes a look* Oh my god! *cracks up* No way!

TB bursts out laughing and doesn't stop for a good while

Dodger:Wait.*takes a look at the box and then drops it as she shakes in silent laughter*

Jesse: I feel like we should be pouring out this [champagne] for our soon-to-be dead homie.

Best of co optional podcast

I'm so sorry.

Dodger: Those are some seriously old Jaffa cakes, dude.

Then TB calls for a break because the three are laughing so hard, and when we come back they're still laughing.

Jesse: Wait, that can't be right!

Funny TGS Podcast 3 Highlights (Jesse Cox, Myndflame, TotalBiscuit, Dodger)

*sends TB into laughter again as he checks the box*

TB: Oh, you don't think it's from the 13th century?!

Jesse: 'Best Before, 1272.' But it has the new stuff, so it can't be that old.

Maybe it means, like— *beat* No, it says 1272.