Best Mixer Option For Bubble Hash

Best mixer option for bubble hash

Bubble hash is a form of cannabis extract, and it’s a super potent substance. By isolating trichomes from the marijuana flowers, you’ll be able to extract a clean form of hash, also known as bubble hash.

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This amazingly potent and THC-rich cannabis concentrate can be made easily if you have the right equipment. In this article, you’ll learn what bubble hash is, how to make and consume it, and what are the best bubble hash machines available on the market these days.

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a high-quality cannabis concentrate, which is made without any solvents.

With some ice and ice-cold water you can easily get this extra-potent product.

How To Make Live Rosin From Full Melt Ice Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is becoming more and more popular nowadays, as this concentrate is clean and very potent, which means it’s safe for medical marijuana patients, who shouldn’t consume any solvents or chemicals. Thanks to so many advantages of bubble hash over other marijuana extracts, it becomes a particularly interesting concentrate to explore.

If you’re growing your weed at home, it’s essential to get the most of your cannabis plant, which means you should make use of your trim that is basically any part of your plant that you remove in order to shape your buds.

Super Easy Way To Make Bubble Hash

However, it’s recommended to keep these parts for later, as you may use them for making bubble hash. You shouldn’t smoke the less potent parts of the marijuana flower, so it’s best to use your trim for making a cannabis concentrate.

How To Make Bubble Hash?

If you’re into home-producing  extra potent marijuana concentrates, you should try your hand at bubble hash.

Best mixer option for bubble hash

In order to prepare it, you’ll need some ice and ice-cold water, your buds or trichome-covered trim, and the right equipment. By agitating the trichomes off of your marijuana plant parts, you will be able to make bubble hash. In order to strain the hash through, you’ll need to purchase special bubble bags and a five-gallon bucket.

The secret behind bubble hash

Don’t forget to prepare a large wooden paddle for hand-washing or a drill with a paint mixer attachment.

To begin with, start by lining your bucket with bubble bags starting with the largest one and ending with the one that has the smallest screen. Now, add the cold water to the bucket and add your marijuana buds or trim before you put a layer of ice on it. Once you’re done with this stage of production, add more water and stir the mixture slowly for about 15 minutes with your paint mixer attachment or by using a wooden paddle.

Keep in mind not to rush anything, as it will impact the purity of your extract.

After 15 minutes of the agitation process, it’s time to leave the mixture for about half an hour before you stir it once again. Strain all the bubble bags so you can set your contents and let it dry on a parchment paper sheet.

How To Consume Bubble Hash?

When it comes to consuming bubble hash, it all depends on the quality of your product.

If you have an extra-potent and very pure bubble hash, you should dab it to get the most of its potential. Remember not to use super high temperatures to avoid ruining the great flavor of your marijuana hash.

How To Consume Bubble Hash?

If, somehow, you’re not lucky enough to have the best quality bubble hash, you can smoke it in a joint, spliff or in a bowl, depending on your preferences. Whatever you choose, remember that bubble hash is a really potent and THC-rich substance that will give you a flying sky high.

Best Bubble Hash Machines

Before you decide on the method of making bubble hash and choose the best machine for the job, you should understand the agitation process that is crucial for making this extra-potent substance.

Basically, the process of agitation is all about breaking off and harvesting trichomes from the marijuana plant, and it’s the most effective if you’re freezing your buds before the agitation process.

There are many bubble hash machines available on the market, which is great for novices.

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The washing machine agitates trichomes, allowing you to focus on something else. However, some marijuana enthusiasts transform their household washing machines into a DIY hash separation tool in order to make bubble hash using ice cold water.

Speaking of best bubble hash machines, there are products that are particularly worth attention.

For instance, 5 Gallon Bubble Magic Extraction Machine is one of the most advanced products you can get at this price range.

The bubble hash machine comes with a 5-gallon Bubble Magic 220-micron bag. This product is renowned for minimal water and electricity consumption, not to mention that the Bubble Magic Extraction Machine is really intuitive and user-friendly.

Moreover, the manufacturer has a whole kit in his offer, which means you can purchase a 5 Gallon Bubble Magic Washing Machine Kit along with a set of 5 ice hash extraction bags.

Best Bubble Hash Machines

The whole kit also includes one 25-microns pressing screen and a 5 gallon 220-micron bag. It means you can have a complete system for your herbal concentrates and extracts for less than $300.

Bubble Magic 20 Gallon Extraction Washing Machine is another very advanced unit that comes with a 20 gallon 220-micron bag.

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Upon the purchase, the manufacturer ensures a 1-year warranty against any defects and flaws. Using the Bubble Magic 20 Gallon Extraction Washing Machine is a child’s play, let alone its light weight and portability, which makes it perfect for making your bubble hash at home.

Bubble Hash Machine or a Normal Washing Machine?

As I mentioned before, some people use their household washing machine to make bubble hash.

However, there are some things you should focus on when considering your options.

Best mixer option for bubble hash

First of all, if you want to use a household washing machine to make this extra potent concentrate, it’s recommended to use a brand new equipment and dedicate it to ice water hash separation only.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to have a separate washing machine for the sole purpose of making cannabis extractions, so people tend to use their normal washing machines by turns – once for hash, and once for laundry.

It goes without saying that it’s a far cry from being a good idea, as you may end up with a less potent concentrate that will have a funny smell as a bonus.

Why is using a normal washing machine risky? Usually, you’re using many solvents for your laundry, and it may not be that easy to clean the whole machine thoroughly before making bubble hash. It’s best to invest in a dedicated equipment in order to avoid additional problems and ruining your household equipment.

Best mixer option for bubble hash