Best Low Cost Living Options

Best low cost living options

Best low cost living options

North Carolina is consistently among the top 10 most populated states in the U.S. With excellent job opportunities and a number of outdoor attractions, the state is a huge draw for families, young couples and singles.

But higher population usually means higher living costs.

Don’t fear, though: Steep housing costs won't stop you from making a move to the great Tar Heel State. Why?

Alternative Housing Options: How do you want to live for the next 10 years?

Because we’ve gone ahead and found the 5 most affordable cities they have to offer. And we don’t just mean the cheapest places to live in North Carolina: These are places you will actually want to move to (not something in the middle of nowhere with no running water).

We considered a number of factors in composing this list, such as earning potential, quality of life, the city's cost of living compared to the national average, attractions and much more.

So pack your favorite powder blue (UNC) or red t-shirt (NC State) and check out the five most affordable cities in North Carolina.

Best low cost living options