Best Looking Options Pubg

Best looking options pubg

Best looking options pubg

If you identify as a gaming addict then you must already be aware of PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds).

For those unfamiliar with the PUBG platform, it is quite a popular battle royale game developed by the PUBG Corporation in 2017. You may also find it strange to know that PUBG is the best-selling game of all time with more than 50 million followers.

PUBG can be played on several platforms such as PS4, Xbox-one, and PC.

Android and iOS device users can also enjoy a free-to-play version.

Worldwide, PUBG has more than 400 million players.

Best looking options pubg

This alone makes it one of the most widely played games of all time.

Yes, PUBG has attained global recognition, but we are going to be discussing something else. This article is going to be of immense benefit to players of PUBG who are seeking to improve their gaming experience on PC.

If you’re an adept player of PUBG on PC, then you should also be aware of the numerous PUBG launch options.

We are going to be looking at those launch options for PUBG and how they fit into the game.

PUBG players can leverage these PUBG launch settings to enjoy the game on a whole new level.

Get the Best PUBG Launch Options

These Player Unknown Battlegrounds launch options will definitely make you view the game from a different perspective.

Most PUBG players often ask questions about the launch options for PUBG in online game forums.

If you happen to be on this list, then you can rest assured that this article is going to answer your questions in precise detail.

Advanced Settings for PUBG

Brace yourself and pay attention.

Refresh Rate – refresh 144

This launch option is usually used to refresh your monitor.

The fun aspect of this launch option is that it works in tandem with your Hz size and the refresh rate of your monitor.

If your monitor operates at 165Hz, then this launch option will be set to “refresh 165”.

This is one of the best PUBG launch options you’ll come across as it is often seen as a stabilizer that steps down or up the refresh rate of your monitor.

You will be doing well to get this launch option as it ensures you enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Maximum RAM – maxMem 13000

This is also one of the best PUBG launch options you can have.

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This launch option works hand-in-hand with the RAM of your computer.

It allows you to allocate a specific RAM to the game.

If your computer comes with a 14GB RAM, then you would need to allocate 12GB to the game.

Note that the RAM value is always represented in MB, hence 12GB RAM will be 12000MB.

One sad thing that can impede a smooth gaming experience is having your computer freeze while on the battleground. As one of the required launch options PUBG has, this one keeps your computer out of the crash radar.

Plus, having this launch option gives your computer the required speed for the game.

Memory Allocation – Malloc=System

Rather than manually allocating particular memory space to the game, this launch option works by letting the computer pick and allocate memory space for the game.

Most expert gamers believe this to be better as the computer will pick the launch option best suited for it.

This launch option also syncs with some required PUBG launch settings.

If you’re skeptical about allocating memory space to the game, then you can leverage this launch option to do the dirty work.

This also keeps your computer and the game out of the freeze or crash radar.

Best looking options pubg

For a remarkable gaming experience, add this to your list of PUBG launch options.

Use All Available Cores –use all available cores

This is one of the best Player Unknown Battlegrounds launch options. This option allows the CPU to use all available cores to optimize the game’s performance.

Here is one of the best launch options for PUBG, thanks to its ability to position our PC to get the most out of the game.

This launch option also puts your PC in a good condition to handle all the
functions of the game simultaneously.

You can also leverage this option to align PUBG launch settings.

Expert PUBG players emphasize that this launch option is essential if you wish to enjoy a beautiful gaming experience.

Shader Model – sm4

If you’re particular about graphics for PUBG launch commands, then you will definitely enjoy this particular option.

This launch option changes the default Shader Model of the game which is Shader Model 5 to Shader Model 4.

This invariably means that the shading will be changed from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10.

No one will enjoy a game with substandard graphics and this launch option is poised at ensuring that you have interesting gaming experience.

It also ensures that the game runs smoother.

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If you wish to notch up the entire game’s graphics, then take advantage of this launch option.

Disable V-Sync

One common defect with most royale games is the tearing of the screen when the monitor has attained its refresh rate limit.

This is where this launch option comes in.

it works by disabling your vertical sync.

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It’s also imperative to use this launch option if you discover that your FPS dips are below 60.

This launch option is often used as a fallback plan in case the Refresh Rate option fails.

If you have Refresh Rate as one of your launch options for PUBG, then this item should also be on your list.

It is also one of the best PUBG launch options.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve implemented all the PUBG launch settings above, you should have a final string that looks like this; – refresh 154-maxMem=20000- malloc=system – USE ALL AVAILABLE CORES – sm4 -novsync.

Once you’ve gotten to this part, simply click “ok” and restart the Steam.

If you’ve tried this and you’re dissatisfied with the way PUBG is performing on your PC, then you can resort to editing the PUBG Engine.ini file.

Click here to learn how to edit the PUBG Engine.ini file.

The PUBG launch options above will ensure that you enjoy a remarkable gaming experience on your PC.

On the plus side, harnessing the PUBG launch commands places you and your team ahead of the competition.

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Best looking options pubg