Best Iq Stock Option Strategy

Best iq stock option strategy

The Best Options Picking Service

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The Best Options Picking Service – Weekly Money Multiplier and links to other top stock alerts reviews


We have searched high and low.

Why crypto is a good investment object

We finally found the best options picking service that money can buy! It is called Weekly Money Multiplier by Jeff Bishop.

We also have a real treat for you – an exclusive Weekly Money Multiplier promo code for 20% OFF!

We have written many top stock alerts reviews that are run by millionaire stock traders.

But there is another way to make money in the market – a method that can return massive percentage gains.

Best iq stock option strategy

Options trading is a whole new level of risk/reward for traders – fortunes can be won and lost in absurd time frames.

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Best options brokers with low minimum deposit.

Please understand that we have experience with these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions that we may receive if you decide to buy something through our links.

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My favorite options picking service

Trading options contracts can result in massive 100%, 200% or even 300% gains on your investment in just days!

If you need help learning an options trading strategy that regularly makes subscribers 100%+ returns:


If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

This FREE WEBINAR is extremely popular with our readers!

Jeff Bishop runs the best options picking service in the world and you can learn some of his strategy for free!

All about a Millionaire Options Trader: Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop has been trading stocks and options for 20+ years.

He is a millionaire many times over, but he still loves to trade the markets.


Jeff Bishop founded (an options picking service that alerts option contract buys to subscribers) and (a site that offers many other programs that teach different styles of trading).

Jeff started out simply trading stocks.

He realized that he could make a lot more money if he used his deep understanding of the way stock prices moved to trade options.

Options Trading Strategies: A Guide for Beginners

You will see why this is a smart choice later on in this article!


Check out Jeff’s popular FREE eBook about his secret options trading strategy!



Jeff Bishop is SMART

Jeff Bishop has an IQ higher than 150!

This is the requirement for joining MENSA (the international high IQ society). Jeff has been a member of MENSA for most of his adult life.


Most entrepreneurs will agree that having a high IQ does not translate to entrepreneurial success. Success in the stock market does not directly correlate with IQ scores!


Warren Buffet once stated that you can sell any IQ points over 130! He believes that other character traits like resilience, emotional stability, good judgement, and discipline are much more important.

Best iq stock option strategy

I agree!

However, it is nice to know that Jeff is extremely smart when following his option picking service alerts. It gives you extra confidence in his trading ability.

Jeff is highly educated with a degree in economics and finance.


Again, it is probably debatable if this degree is particularly relevant to Jeff’s success. Sure, it has given him a good base knowledge, but do you think they taught him how to pick the best stocks and options contracts? Unlikely.

Jeff is married with 3 kids and lives in New Hampshire.

Best iq stock option strategy

He does not seem to be flashy or use his wealth to advertise his option picking service. Most real investors and traders know the value of money and tend to not waste it on things like Lambo’s and Rolex watches!


Jeff started trading stocks 20 years ago with just $2,000 and now he is a multi-millionaire.


Why trade options anyway?

Trading options is becoming more popular but still most traders just ignore this powerful trading method.

The Best Options Picking Service

This is probably because at first glance, options contracts are daunting and seem complex.


Like penny stocks, options have a reputation of being risky. But if you know what you are doing, the risk is manageable like any other form of investing or trading.


Here are the top reasons that you might want to consider learning to trade options:

  • Leverage enables much higher percentage return on investment
  • Useful for hedging on stock trades and other clever strategies
  • Properly managed they offer lower risk than stocks.

You can learn more about the benefits of options trading, the basics of getting started and Jeff’s secret strategy in his best-selling eBook.

It is FREE if you download it here.


The trick is being able to find the right options contracts to buy. This is where a good option picking service can really help you.


What is Jeff Bishops Option Picking Service: Weekly Money Multiplier

Jeff Bishop runs one of the best option picking services in the world called Weekly Money Multiplier.

Picking the right options contracts can be difficult and that is where Jeff comes in.

He is brilliant at finding the best option contracts to buy so that you don’t have to!


‘Mirror’ Jeff’s Option Trades

The great thing about the option picking service is that you can buy the same option contracts as Jeff, effectively mirroring his trades!


Copying Jeff’s trades is a great way to start making money quickly with options trading.

You will skip the part that most traders have to go through – losing half your account to mistakes!


There really is no better way to learn options trading than watching an expert like Jeff trade on a daily basis.


The option picking service gives you more than just alerts for what to buy. Here is what is included in the Weekly Money Multiplier:


  • Trade Alerts: When Jeff purchases an option contract, he sends you a text or email alert that tells you the exact contract he bought and why.
  • Options course: A great course that helps you get the basics of options trading and the more advanced strategy that Jeff uses.
  • Transparent live streaming of Jeff’s trading account: One of the biggest complaints by customers in other option picking services is that they are not sure if the mentor/guru is actually making the trades that they say they are.

    Jeff live streams his trading account so you can see everything he does, along with his audio commentary.

  • Training video lessons: This is where you will find all the intricate lessons presented by Jeff.

    He recommends using these videos to learn his strategy so that you will become an independent trader that doesn’t rely on his alerts.

  • Exclusive training sessions: learn from the experts with real trade analysis.


Are the trade alerts any good?

Yes, the alerts can be extremely profitable for subscribers to the option picking service.

The strategy that Jeff uses is a high risk, but high reward options trading strategy. Many of his subscribers report 100%+ gains in the first few weeks of joining the service. My trading mentor, Jason Bond, copies Jeff’s option alerts and even made $100,000 on one of them recently!

Here are a few examples of recent profitable trades that Jeff alerted to his subscribers.


  • $40,000 profit on UNG options trade.

    He eventually made 200% profit on this trade!

  • GWPH options trade.

    A weed stock that Jeff noticed was starting to top out.

    Find a qualified broker in less than a minute

    He purchased an options contract that made him 300% in just 11 days! He made over $92,000 profits in those 11 days!

    Best iq stock option strategy

    The stock price only fell about 5% in that time frame, but the option contract allowed a 300% return on investment. This is the power of options trading!



  • WTW calls trade.

    Jeff made over $30,000 from this option trade, almost 200% profit.

    5 Most Common Trading Strategies You Need to Know

    He was betting against the stock price with this option.


These are just 3 of Jeff’s recent trades.

He usually has one a week just like these ones! Subscribers can buy these contracts to copy him – many subscribers made money with the trades above.


3 Steps to Options Trading Success with Jeff Bishop

Here are the 3 steps that I recommend you follow if you want to get started trading options with Jeff Bishop.


  1. Download his popular free eBook called ‘Option Profit Accelerator’.

    Best iq stock option strategy

    Inside you will find how a small move in stock price can net you a huge profit with an options contract. Jeff’s inside secret strategy is revealed on page 37.

  2. Watch this free webinar to see if the Weekly Money Multiplier option picking service might be for you.
  3. Join Weekly Money Multiplier!

    Best home office lighting options

    If you need a 20% discount on a yearly subscription, go through this link and enter my exclusive coupon code: wwmdeal20


Jeff Bishop’s Option Picking Service – Conclusions

Jeff’s service is fantastic, with triple-digit gains being reported on trades every week.

Many top stock alerts reviews have been written about WMM and most of them are very good.

I hope you learned something from this review and good luck learning to trade options!




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Stock trading basics


Jeff Bishops Weekly Money Multiplier is in my opinion one of the best option picking services that you can buy.

I have written many top stock alert reviews. Jeff’s option trading service is one of the best.


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Best iq stock option strategy

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