Best Hostplus Investment Option Whirlpool

Best hostplus investment option whirlpool

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I departed from Australia permantly and I tried to get back my superannuation. I already posted all the required documents to them. I've been waiting for so long to get my money back, so I emailed them several times.

Best hostplus investment option whirlpool

I got no response from them, nothing. I think all emails are sent to the bin, they don't even care to read it.

So I tried to call them (waiting time at the customer service line is 17 mins) and finally a guy picked up the phone. He told me that the signal was bad, he cannot hear me and hang up my phone.

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After 17 mins waiting, he ca...Read more

nnot even bear with me for just 2 minutes. Overseas calls are expensive.They know that I am overseas and I am not returning to Australia so they think the money is now in their pocket.

Best hostplus investment option whirlpool

I am helpless. I am so frustrated with their bad customer service, they totally ignore emails of customers who is trying to claim their money. This company is a big scam.


I will make a complaint to ACCC as I already warned them several times but still no action taken. Stop stealing money from people who is paying admission fee to your company monthly. It's not cheap.

Best hostplus investment option whirlpool

And we're deserved a better service.