Best Green Leaf Option To Use To Replace Bread.with

Best green leaf option to use to replace bread.with

Green Banana Flour

Organic Green Banana Flour Recipe 10 Great Green Banana Flour Recipes

From around the web we have collected 10 wonderful new recipes for our new Let’s Do…Organic® Organic Green Banana Flour!


From healthfulpursuit
Banana Flour Waffles

“If you’re looking for the full benefits of resistant starch, definitely enjoy banana flour raw.

Best green leaf option to use to replace bread.with

If you’re looking to incorporate a clean high-carb flour if you’re practicing cyclical ketosis or are looking for a nut-free, grain-free flour alternative, heating is okay because you’re after more than JUST resistant starch.”



“To harness the flours nutritional benefits, it’s easy, just choose a wheat flour recipe and simply add 25-30% less banana flour than wheat flour, try a recipe from the Natural Evolution recipe page, or share the below recipe!

We were lucky enough to have this delicious date loaf made for us by Natural Evolutions lovely owners Rob and Krista Watkins – it disappeared off the plate faster than a cave man running from a t-rex!”

From Foodnetwork
Banana Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

“Unlike many other gluten-free flours made from grains, this option is produced from dried green bananas.

It has a high starch content, so it can be used as a thickening agent as well as for cooking and baking.”


From themerrymakersisters
Paleo Banana Flour Bread

“This totally awesome flour can replace any plain or self-raising flour (just make sure you add two tsp of baking soda if you want the self-raising kind).

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We had fun using our banana flour to give our paleo banana bread an extra nana-nutty flavour. So give this a try and say yes to your next slice of banana bread…cake…whatever you want to call it”


From clevercook
Banana Flour Chocolate Beetroot Cake

“Banana flour is traditionally made from green bananas which have been dried, then ground and often used as a gluten free replacement to wheat flour.

It has a very mild banana flavour  in its raw form and when cooked, a practically non-existent banana flavour; this surprised me.

Best green leaf option to use to replace bread.with

The texture is lighter than wheat flour and you need about 25% less volume in recipes, making it a good replacement for flour.”


Almond Flour Banana Bread

“For anyone trying to avoid wheat/grain products, this is for you!

A yummy, nutty bread that is wonderful for breakfast and snacks.”


From Ftness in an evolutionary direction
Perfect Plantain Flour Pancakes

“If you’re scratching your head and wondering, “What the heck is resistant starch?”, RS is simply a form of starch that, thanks to it’s particular molecular structure, can pass through your stomach and small intestine undigested.

When resistant starch (RS) hits your colon, it represents a nutritional bonanza to bacteria that call the lower digestive tract home.

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These bacteria break down RS and the result of this breakdown is generally positive for our gut and overall health.


From I Sugar Coat It
Banana Flour Pancakes & Berry Coconut Yogurt

“Banana flour is said to be packed with fibre, minerals and, of course, potassium and is gluten-free.

It is also a great source of a pre-biotic known as resistant starch (RS2), that feeds the good bacteria in the gut.

Best green leaf option to use to replace bread.with

It has been found to aid digestion and boost the immune system without negatively affecting blood sugar levels.


From PrimalHub
Banana Flour Angel Food Cake

“Have you tried baking with banana flour? I am amazed by how light and soft banana flour is.

Food Substitutions: Healthy Ingredient Alternatives

Made from green bananas (which don’t have much of a banana taste), banana flour is surprisingly versatile because, when baked, it really doesn’t taste like bananas! If you are hoping for a paleo cake that isn’t heavy or dense, this angel food cake is a recipe you really have to try.

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Served alone or sprinkled with fresh berries and a dollop of coconut whipped cream, this is a beautiful and delicious guilt-free dessert.


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