Best Fitbit Blaze Cheap Options

Best fitbit blaze cheap options

I love the idea of tracking my steps and activity, but for many people (including myself), a fitness tracker can be as expensive as rent .

Best Fitbit Alternatives in 2020

There's gotta be some cheap Fitbit alternatives for tracking on a budget, right? Of course! However, it's important to decide what kind of features you want from a fitness tracker before you start searching — there are so many available, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which one will be best for you.

If you need help narrowing it down, first think about how much you want to spend.

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If you're looking to keep it simple, consider just a plain old pedometer. If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, you can get a tracker with plenty of bonus features. Do you want to track sleep?

Best fitbit blaze cheap options

Find one that would be comfortable on your wrist. If you're not concerned about sleep patterns, look into the clip-on models that you don't need to wear overnight.

Best fitbit blaze cheap options

Whatever your budget and desires are, there are plenty of options to fit your needs. Once you have an idea, here are some of the best affordable options to track your activity:

1. This Device Records Your Steps, Sleep, and More

TopBest Activity Tracker

Get on Amazon, $23

People really love that this tracker has a lot of the same features as the more expensive devices.

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You can record distance, steps, and sleep with it. It also has a vibration alarm clock, and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone where you can keep track of everything.

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You can even choose your color—it comes in black, blue, green, or pink.

2. A Fitness Tracker You Never Have To Charge

Misfit Wearables Flash

Get on Amazon, $30

Get on Walmart, $27

This fitness tracker looks a little like a watch.

This one also connects to an app, where it tracks sleep data, distance, steps, and allows you to set your activity goals for the day.

Best fitbit blaze cheap options

You can press the device's face and it'll flash how much activity you have left before you reach your goal. And if you don't want to hassle with charging your devices, this one comes with a replaceable battery instead.


Best Fitbit Blaze Bands in 2020

This Clip-On Tracker Can Act Like Your Own Personal Trainer

Jawbone Up Move Activity + Sleep Tracker With Clip

Get on Amazon, $9

Get on Walmart, $13

This clip-on activity tracker comes with an app that encourages you to achieve your goals, and even helps you best them! One user said, "The smart coach gives you challenges and goals and it makes it fun (for example: You've walked 110 football fields in the past three days!

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Let's try to beat this goal in the next three days! Are you in? - Click yes or no)." The app even notes milestones and lets you log your mood for the day. If you tend to need some positive reinforcement in your life, this could be perfect for you!


What is the best alternative to Fitbit Charge 2?

This Affordable Fitness Tracker Is Also Waterproof

Withings Go

Get on Amazon, $49

If you want the option of wearing an activity tracker on your wrist or as a clip-on, the Withings Go comes equipped with a removable band, which is usually an additional purchase for other options of its kind.

Plus, if you're a swimmer, this is an affordable option for you. It's waterproof and will keep tabs on your time in the pool. One user said, "This is the best fitness tracker I've used to date."


Find the perfect partner for your Fitbit Blaze

A Tracker That Makes A Fashion Statement

Amazfit Equator Activity And Sleep Tracker

Get on Amazon, $45

Get on Walmart, $53

This clean, lightweight Amazfit activity tracker looks like a bracelet.

It's beautifully designed and nobody will guess your jewelry is also keeping tabs on your sleep patterns or steps. You can even program it to vibrate when you receive a phone call. There's also an option to wear it as a necklace, and there are a few different wristbands that can fit your own personal style.

6. Get a Tracker That Reminds You To Get Moving

BlueWeigh Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Activity Tracker

Get on Amazon, $30

Get on Walmart, $21

Sometimes you have to be reminded to get up and move, which is exactly what this activity wristband does.

Best fitbit blaze cheap options

Connect to the tracker via Bluetooth and set a timer for every hour or so. The tracker will vibrate, so you know it's time to take a walk or a lap around the office.

The Best Cheap Activity Trackers

As one user said, "The wrist band is awesome. It fits all sizes instead of having to get a small or a large." According to the reviewer, the charge lasts long too.

7. Monitor Your Heart While You Track Your Steps

Fitness Tracker Gosund C6 Heart Rate Monitoring Fitness Watch

Get on Amazon, $30

A lot of the more affordable fitness trackers don't have heart rate monitors.

This one does. If you like to monitor your heart rate during high-intensity workouts, for instance, this could be for you.

Fitbit Charge 3 alternative: Garmin Vivosmart 4

One buyer said, "I really like this. I would recommend it over a more expensive brand any day. I bought it to easily check my heart rate and it's perfect in that regard. Keeping track of my steps is just the gravy on top." You can also use it as a silent alarm.


Best Fitbit at a glance:

Don't Worry About Charging This Tracker Every Few Days

Amazfit Arc Activity

Get on Amazon, $49

This fitness tracker is so sleek, people will think you paid more for it. The touchscreen display can show your heart rate, miles covered, and sleep patterns. You can use it as a silent alarm or you can get notifications from your phone. But, perhaps the best part about it is that the battery lasts for 20 days before you need to charge it.

One user said, "The battery life is pretty amazing being that I've had this tracker on for three days straight and it's showing 96 percent battery."


Fitbit comparison chart

If You Still Want A Fitbit, Try Their More Affordable Clip-On Option

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Get on Amazon, $127

If you still want to go for a Fitbit, this clip-on Fitbit is a lot more affordable than many of their other models. It's great for those who want to track their day-to-day movement, as it resets automatically at midnight. It comes in magenta, black, and lime, and is water-resistant and features a simple touchscreen to check progress or just the time!

Users love it for its convenience and for encouraging them to get out and move a little more.

10. If You're A High-Performance Athlete, Try Out A Classic Pedometer

Ozeri 4x3razor Pocket 3D Pedometer And Fitness Tracker

Get on Amazon, $15

Get on Walmart, $15

Before there was fitness trackers, there was the humble but classic pedometer, which tracked distance and steps without any apps at all.

Best fitbit blaze cheap options

This one, made for high-performance athletes who don't really think about reaching step goals, is a basic pedometer with a few more added features. Besides a timer and a step tracker, it also tracks step distances and speed. If you're training for a marathon or 5k, this might be the perfect option for you!

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