Best Diet Options At Outback

Best diet options at outback


Outback Steakhouse is famous for its greasy, deep-fried, sodium-filled, and sauce-smothered offerings.

Best diet options at outback

The Loaded Bloomin’ Onion blew diners’ minds when the nationwide chain released the item on their menu of appetizers; it joined cheese-stuffed quesadillas, deep-fried balls of mac and cheese, and other options laden with saturated fat and calories.

When faced with these greasy, meaty menu items, how is a person to eat healthy at these chain restaurants? It might surprise you, but really any order on the menu could be considered a healthy choice — so long as you actually want to eat the meal you ordered.

If you’re ordering something solely because it’s low-calorie or skimps on saturated fat, that might not be a healthy choice at all.

Best diet options at outback

When you deprive yourself of the foods you crave, you’re fueling a sense of deprivation and an unhealthy relationship with food that could later lead to yo-yo dieting, negative thoughts about your body, and binge eating behaviors.

Of course, if you are searching for items that fit a specific set of nutritional requirements because of a specific health condition, it could be important to know some specifics.

For instance, if you have high blood pressure, a high-sodium dish could be genuinely dangerous. A diabetic needs to be careful to avoid overloading on certain amounts of sugar.

But if you’re in perfect health and eat a variety of nutritious foods, this restaurant order is not going to make or break your health goals.

Best diet options at outback

Nowhere on the menu does it mandate you eat the entire order and gorge yourself until you feel sick; nowhere does it say you have to eat deep-fried and carb-heavy dishes for every meal afterwards. So while these are considered the least caloric items on the menu at Outback Steakhouse, ordering them for that purpose may not be the healthiest choice for you.

We also collected the unhealthiest Outback Steakhouse menu items.

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